Thursday, December 07, 2017

Drive More Safely

Today on Sakhisizwe we had a conversation with Alida Jones the founder of Drive More Safely Organisation that was establish after she lost her older son in a car accident.
During the conversation she told us how they train learner-drivers to obtain their driver licence and how they assist underprivileged people to obtain learners- and driver licence training, she also explain about the training programs that assist mothers and children to be street wise and offer road safety talks to corp-orates an organisation needs these services.

For more info contact:
Mobile: 081 3113 223

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The Adrian and Wisp Wonder Toy Initiative

Today on Sakhisizwe, Building the Nation we spoke with Nickey Jacobs from Cape Town Society for the Blind and Adrian Davids who came up with Adrian wonder toy initiative that is supported by (CTSB) Cape Town Society for the blind.the Initiative aims to bringing smiles to the children in the Melton Rose informal settlement Eerste River.

The initiator Adrian and his guide dog will be running a toy drive to encourage the public to donate second hand or news toys to the Christmas initiative.

The drop off box can be found in the foyer of Cape Town Society for the blind reception office, 45 Salt River Road, Salt River, this initiative started last week Friday 1st December 2017 and i will run until the 20th of December 2017.
The collected toys will be distributed to the Eerste River area on the 23rd December 2017 between 10am-12:00noon.

For More info on the initiative
Facebook: Wisp Wonder. ENDS/
Tell:  021 448 4302
Mobile: 078 718 7602

Monday, December 04, 2017

The Risks of premature births

Babies born too early are more vulnerable to long term health problems of brain, the lungs, hearing and vision and A baby born before 37-39 weeks of pregnancy is considered premature and  today on Sakhisizwe, Building the Nation, Bou Die Nasie we had Dr. Ricky Dippenaar a Certified Neonatologist,
Head of Department of Neonatology for Netcare Blaauwberg & Netcare N1 City Hospital.

We talked about the risks of premature birth, what parents need to know about premature babies and what they should do to sustain and maintain a health of premature babies, lastly we talked about how the parents should apply the proper health care of premature babies, the he also explain that it is important to know that in most of premmie births there is nothing a Mum could have done to prevent it but pregnant women should take care of themselves during pregnancy and get regular antenatal care at the recommended stages and manage weight gain.

For more info

E-mail   :

Friday, December 01, 2017

JP Robberts about his single Easy to love

It was such a delight to speak to JP Robberts which is a South African born, Namibian raised small town 27 year old. JP Robberts is a successful model, proud owner of a restaurant, currently still busy with pageants, done commercials and he will be launching his clothing line.   

After his 17 birthday he moved back to South Africa where he started building a brand for himself and few years of working on that he now have his first single out called Easy to love. The song was stimulated when he went through a heart break and felt that he will never be able to love again.

He is such a humble inspirational person that came from nothing and today he has it all by never giving up and being dedicated to striving towards success.

His biggest support structure would be his parents.

For more information check him on social media:

Facebook: JP Robberts
Twitter: @JP Robberts

                                                    By: Jasnine Roberts

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Dream Factory-Aspiring dreams

Aviwe Funani and Benny from Dream Factory Foundation speaking to us about empowering the youth through reaching for their dreams.

Dream Factory Foundation is a non profit organisation that assists young people between the ages of 13-25 years. The foundation began towards the end of 2011 and has over the years grown enormously whereby they have made a huge impact in the lives of communities through engaging with these youngsters.

They have a variety of programmes that equip the youth with various skill sets which they can apply in their every day lives.

They address unemployment, education and poverty.

For more information contact:

Social Handle: @dreamfactory
Tel: 021 802 0808

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

The Lung Institute- Lung Disease

We spoke to Associate Professor Richard Van Zyl-Smit from the Lung Institute who spoke to us about lung diseases. The Institute started off with the focus being on Asthma and COPD 15-16 years ago. They then expanded into the focus being on Tuberculoses and other chronic diseases whereby they look for guidelines and developments, off treatments for people with other diseases of the lungs.

The Lung Institute researches to seek ways to make peoples lungs better or provide them with the best treatment available. As in the South African context the biggest diseases that effect the lung is TB although you can get it outside the lung as well, secondly will be Asthma as it effects children and adults and lastly Emphysema being related to smoking is the most common and important, although  they are more rare but can cause disability for them.

If a cough last more then two weeks it will be a concern for the institute.
A few lifestyle tips would be: eating healthy and quit smoking.

For more information:

Website: (The National Asthma Education Programme)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Professor Nox Makunga

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Prof Nox Makunga her research focuses on the application of biotechnology to Cape medical flora, it follows a multidirectional approach combining biotechnology,ethnopharmacology and chemistry. she has received multiple awards for her research and has been very active in promoting science though public engagement.

For more info about her
Google  Nox makunga
Twitter: @noxthelion

Gay and Lesbian organisation

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Phiya from Gay and Lesbian network, according to Phiya their aim is to create a non-discriminatory, supportive and accepting society in which members of all communities are uplifted and developed.

for more information
Contact: 033 342 6165

by Wonke Mjwangu

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Uphawu organisation

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Mondeka from Uphawu organisation, Uphawu community development introducing or growing readership on children and youth and turn reading to a hobby, she also told us about her beautiful work she does that she donate school shoes for these kids.

For more information
Contact: 073 7424 861

by Wonke Mjwangu

Grassroot Soccer organisation

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Mike,Thandazwa and Yandisa from Grass root soccer organisation they were telling us about the organisation, that they are not a soccer team but they are organisation that deals with HIV and AIDS but they using soccer as weapon that they can change people's lives through soccer, because males do not want to go to the clinics.

for more information
Contact: 021 4265 154


by Wonke Mjwangu

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Long Cane rally

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke with Sedick  the forefront of educating businesses and scholars on how to work and interact with visually impaired and blind individuals. we also spoke about the long Cane Rally event that will take place on Saturday 28 October 2017 at Green Point Urban Park it starts at 10 am.The long cane rally became a major event on the annual calendar of people with sight impairment and will once again create awareness about blindness and blindness.

For more infomation
Contact:021 531 2028

by Wonke Mjwangu

Hamish van Wyk Dietitian and Diabetes Educator

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Hamish Van Wyk a registered dietitian and diabetes educator according to Hamish there is a big push to urge all South Africans and their families to adopt heathier eating behaviours. For half of South Africans classifies as overweight whereby 12% of men and 40% of women classify as obese, how to lose weight effectively is often debated.

for more information
Contact: 011 712 6087 or 072 697 6692

by Wonke Mjwangu 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Inspiring Lives, Changing Lives

We spoke to Lehlogonolo Manyama a 25 year old chemical engineer by profession, formal graduate student at CPUT and author. Her writing is spiritually influence. While she was at varsity she had a mental breakdown, which she speaks about in her book called Inspiring Lives, Changing Lives and that was the inspiration and motivation for her book. The book speaks about adjusting to a different lifestyle, whereby the company you keep, the place you stay and what you eat has an impact on your everyday health, but then being able to find yourself through all of the obstacles by admitting to yourself you need help and not to give up.

One of the Quotes speaks about: “Perspire to acquire your desire, do not retire even if your feel tired, but refire in order to acquire that desire which you admire”.

For more information contact:

WhatsApp: 076 534 0415

Social handles: @Lee_the_author11
By: Jasnine Roberts

Thuleka Duze the lady behind A&TG Ekasi from Gugulethu

On Sakhisizwe we spoke with Thuleka Duze from Gugulethu, she was telling us about A&TG EKASI, A&TG is a brand creation of handbags and apparel, it boast of an African print look and feel stylishly infused color and quality texture from around Africa, she also explained when she started to plot and plan what would sort to changing her life style completely, she did not forget to also tell us about Eyadini KK yard that was also born in May 2017 which is a father and daughter fuel business, it is based in Gugulethu NY10  no 32.

For more info contact Thuleka:
Mobile&Whatsapp: 083 515 44435
Twitter:A&TG EKASI
Instagram: A&TG EKASI

A moving and touching story of a rape victim

Today on our show we spoke with Sisanda Ncokazi from Khayelitsha, She recently self-published a book titled  Bunzima Ubomi which means (Life is Hard) the book reveals the trauma she suffered from the tender age of 10 years and the endless challenges she faced while growing up under the guidance of her grandmother and uncle, during our radio conversation she told us that the abuse occurred in Engcobo village in the Eastern Cape from 1992 until the end of 1996 and the motive she wrote the book was to find peace and healing and also encourage young women who goes through the same pain and loss to voice out about their unbearable situations.
The book talks about the girls who lives with their grandparents, but whose grandmother was also abusive to her.

For more info or maybe you would like to get the book contact her at.
Mobile: 061 398 3294
Whatsapp:071 8471 395

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Happy Africa Foundation

We spoke to Zandile and Ronel from The Happy Africa Foundation which is a foundation that focuses on Africa as a whole. They are committed to Educate, Enrich and Empower communities. Their flagship programme, The Girl Impact focuses on six pillars: Education, Health, Prevention of Early Pregnancy, Self Confidence, Income Generation and Safety programmes that empower young girls and her community. The Girl Impact program has been running for one year and has already made an enormous impact in the lives of 266 young girls in three different countries in Africa. The foundation currently has 25 projects running in 4 countries in Africa.

For more information contact:


Facebook: The Happy Africa Foundation
By: Jasnine Roberts

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Home of hope organisation

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Ashley from Home of hope organisation, the organisation deals with or give place of safety for children who were abandoned in dustbins to die, violently abused,raped,hungry and neglected due to poverty,infected with HIV and AIDS and those who were born bearing the effects of excessive drug and alcohol abuse by their mothers during pregnancy.

For more information
Contact:021 556 3573

by Wonke Mjwangu

Tuesday: Human Rights

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Paul Hooper from Homestead organisation in studio. According to homestead organisation no child should live on the street, their mission is to help boys between the ages of six and sixteen who are living on the streets to reconstruct their shattered lives by providing child centered caring projects and informed advocacy programs.

For more information
Contact: 083 8542  710

By Wonke Mjwangu

Monday, October 16, 2017

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Tereza Hough from National Osteoporosis Foundation Tereza was telling us about that they are the only non profit voluntary health organisation that is dedicated to promote lifelong bone to whole South Africa, they are really trying to helping people. 

For more information
Contact 021 9764 995
Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Anthea and Michelle from CANSA organisation they were telling us about the organisation  and who can be affected by cancer and the symptoms of cancer, they also mentioned that this is not only women that can be affected by cancer mans need to go to clinics when they see unusual things that are appearing to their bodies.

for more information
Contact: 021 689 5347

by Wonke Mjwangu

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

We spoke to Simphiwe, Nozi and Thandazwa from Mothers 2 Mothers which is an African Global base Non-Profit Organisation that unlock the potential of woman to eliminate mother to child’s transition and created healthy families.

They also train, employ and empower mothers living with HIV to provide social psycho support and health education to communities and they make sure that all the organisations clients are link to the right clinics.

Mothers 2 Mothers started 2001 in Cape Town with a treatment focus point; hence over the years they have grown with various programmes such as pre service and in service training. They work in 7 health facilities whereby 4 is based in Khayelitsha, 1 in Strand, 1 in Mfuleni and 1 in Delft.

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 466 9160
FaceBook: mothers2mothers

By: Jasnine Roberts

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Blessing from Oasis Association organisation, Blessing was probably was telling us about the organisation, when it was established and what work they do.

for more information
Contact: 021 671 2698

By Wonke Mjwangu
Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Antonio, Jamiela, Sandy and Deirdre from My child has Cancer, Deirdre is the founder of the organisation so she was telling us on how she started this organisation and how did she met her colleagues, they also told us about their good work that they do and on how they are willing to help people.

For more information
Contact:082 565 0060

by Wonke Mjwangu

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Thanduxolo Jobese from Liyakha South Africa he was telling us about his organisation on how did it come about and explaining more on how they help young people to become poets at the early stage

For more information
Contact: 078 166 7495

by Wonke Mjwangu

Monday, October 09, 2017

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Frano and Kira from Orbis Africa organisation, they were telling about their organisation and how did it come about, they also told us about their beautiful work they do

for more information

by Wonke mjwangu

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Julie Martin from Arthritis Foundation, they were telling us about their organisation and the way it come about and when was it established and were elaborating more about their beautiful work they are doing

For more information
Contact: 078 944 9569

by Wonke Mjwangu
Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Pazisa and Karen Borochowitz from DementiaSA at 12:30 they were telling us about their organisation and how did it come about, and they were elaborating more about the symptoms of demontia on how can you notice that you have this sickness or desease

For more information
 Pazisa 083 981 7192
Karen 083 264 8000

By Wonke Mjwangu

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

On Tuesday 03 October 2017 at 13:00 on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Ronell Jordaan from Ikamva Labantu organisation. Ikamva Labantu is an organisation that is committed in creating sustainable socio-economic change, in Cape Town's township communities.

For more information
\Contact: 021 461 8338

By Wonke Mjwangu 
On Tuesday 03 October 2017 at 12:30 on Sakhi Sizwe we spoke to Marilyn May from Atlantic Hope organisation.Atlantic Hope is a temporary, emergency placement site for babies who do not have healthy home environments in which to live.Atlantic Hope is founded on the principle that every child should have the best possible start in life.

For more information
Contact: 021 988 3279

By Wonke Mjwangu
On Tuesday 3 October 2017 at 13:30  on Sakhi Sizwe we spoke to Anga, Tshepho, Kuhle and Joshua from Realistic organisation.They were telling us about the beautiful work that the organisation is doing on changing people's life on drug abuse.

For more information:
Contact: 021 633 1800
By Wonke Mjwangu

Monday, October 02, 2017

On Monday 2 October 2017 at 13:00 on Sakhi Sizwe we spoke to Trevor Pols from Same Foundation Trevor was telling us about their beautiful work they do as an organisation.

For more information:
Email: Trevor Pols

By Wonke Mjwangu
On Monday 02 October 2017 at 12:30 on Sakhi Sizwe we spoke to Dr. Samantha Brooks is a chartered member of the British Psychological society, and is currently a Lecturer at the department of Psychiatry, University of Cape Town South Africa.

for more information:
Contact: 078 944 9569

By Wonke Mjwangu

Thursday, September 28, 2017

We spoke to Kurt Minnaar from Dreamer Education and Marie Vogts from Young Blood Africa Arts and Culture Development about there Vanguard A month where math meets art  initiative that will be using art as a form of teaching Mathematics in schools that makes learning fun and enjoyable.

The focus of Young Blood Africa Arts and Culture Development is to bring the arts and business sector together and to provide artists with a platform to develop from, providing them with training and necessary business skills too become self-sustainable.

Dreamer Education exists to bridge the ever-widening gap between teachers and students. Through the creation of innovative educational resources and training, Dreamer Education seeks to creatively change the way students receive and comprehend academic content while equipping teachers with the necessary tools to cater for the student.

The Vanguard A month where math meets art initiative will take place on the 5 October 2017 at 17:00pm at Young Blood Africa Arts and Culture Development at 70- 74 Bree Street Cape Town. Free entry and expect to be dazzled and blow away.

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 424 0074
@KurtMinnaar @JasnineRoberts @YoungBloodArts 

                                      By: Jasnine Roberts

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

On wednesday 27 October 2017 we spoke to Hilda from Ukukhanya organisation, Ukukhanya is a non profit organisation establihed to give a free service to victims of abuse. Ukukhanya caters to all kinds of abuse including domestic violence, bullying and xenophobia.

For more information:
Contact: 082 875 53046

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

On tuesday 26 September 2017 on Sakhi Sizwe we spoke to Lynette Maart national director at Black Sash, Blash Sash is working towards the realisation of socio- economic rights, as outlined in the SA constitution 1996, with emphasis on social security and social protection for the most vulnerable particularly women and children.

For more information:
contact: 083 628 3425
On tuesday 26 September 2017 at 12:30 on Sakhi Sizwe we spoke with Nelisiwe Nomadwayi. She was telling us about Sozo foundation that is based in the impoverished Cape flats community of Vrygrond, Cape Town. with a vision to see the community of Vrygrond living with dignity, purpose and hope.

For information:
Telephone: 021 825 5529

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

We spoke to Keri Stroebel motivational speaker and founder of power women project about the grand high tea that will be taking place at cape town society for the blind will be brightening its grand spring high tea on the 07th of October 2017 by asking its patrons to wear a touch of green which symbolizes not only the season but that of new life, growth, hope and prosperity.

For more information:
Date: Saturday 07 October 2017 14:30 for 15:00
Vanue: Upper east side Hotel 31Brickfield road, woodstock
Dress code: Smart casual with a splash of green
Booking: Tickets cost R300 per person or R2 700 for a table of to book.

By Wonke Mjwangu
We spoke to Phelisa Sikwata a young poet from Mfuleni. Phelisa fell inlove with writing at the age of 14 and she’s always thought of her writing of being both a gift and curse, reason being a gift is when it comes to her expressing the truth and a curse when it wakes her up ha ha ha, she also feels there is never a good time to write, as when it comes to you that is the best time to write. In 2016 she joined CYPHER (Cape Youth Poetry Hub for Expression and Rhythm) She’s featured on two Cypher productions Ndikhululeni and Imbewu Yesini. In 2017 she was part of the top four of the Cape Youth Poetry Slam which availed the opportunity to go to San Francisco and USA.

Phelisa draws her inspiration from black woman as she wants to share stories of black woman in South Africa. She shared the poem FemeSide which is based on all the violence against woman and children in our country, but she didn’t stop there she ended off with Ready To Love.

For more information reach out to her via Facebook: Phelisa Sikwata

By: Jasnine Roberts
On wednesday on Sakhi sizwe we spoke to Rees Mann from SAMSOSA organisation that provide a support structure for non-offending male survivors of sexual abuse and rape. He also told us about the wonderful work they do in assisting males who have been the victims of sexual abuse.

For more information:
 you go to their website or call him on 083 3852141 or 0718809918

By Wonke Mjwangu

Wednesday on 20 September 2017

on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Bomikazi also as know as Bomi G, Pam and Nikita from Nyanga, Bomi G was born in eastern cape but she  currently lives in Nyanga and she is the founder of Amantungwa Designers that express their culture diverse through isiXhosa clothing. Her love for designing started when she was very young. Her mother was still at school hence she was struggling a lot with clothes so in her spare time she used to sketch the type of clothes she would imagine herself designing one day and today she is making a reality of it.

on the 30 september 2017 they have an event in langa the event called Booth they are inviting all types of arts, and on 7th of October 2017 they have launch in PE with Bambeka ngentanjana events.

For more information:
 you can go to her facebook page at Bomikazi Genda page called Amantungwa
designers or visit mamasita every end of the month.

by Wonke Mjwangu


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Our last interview for today we had Matthew from Triangle Project they are a non profit human rights  organisation offering professional services to ensure the full realisation of constitutional and human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons, their partners and families. Matthew was telling about the organisation and the great work they do as an organisation.

Tell: 021 712 6699

Today on Sakhisizwe we focused on anything that"s gender related we had Tina from womensnet on the show telling us about their organisation. they are a feminist organisation that works to advance gender equality and justice in South Africa, through the use of technology. for more information please contact womensnet or visit their website


Contact: 0217828816

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Today on Sakhisizwe we had Julia, Jacky and Andiswa from  MOT South Africa organisation, they were telling us about the wonderful work they do as an organisation such as life skills development among youth,conscious life choices that will enable youth to develop their full potential, they also told us how MOT SA became a safe and warm place which youngsters can learn about self confidence and believing in themselves. the most interesting part is where Jackie the MOT SA beneficiary told us how the organisation changed her life and made her take solid decisions in life.

if you are willing to be part of MOT South Africa organisation
Tell:021 696 6610

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Our last item for the day was an interview with Marketing Co-ordinator from Afrika Tikkun, Shirley Tshwale as well as Kaydo who spoke about the READY TO WORK campaign. Afrika Tikkun is a child and youth development NGO with a vision of developing today's youth to become tomorrow's productive citizens through a Cradle to Career model that empowers young people from the age of 2-35 years old.

\For more information visit or email

Our second interview for the day was a telephonic interview with Donna from the Pasco Foundation. The foundation is a voluntary, non-profit organisation established with the aim to address the basic needs of those in poor socio-economic communities and to educate individuals on how to create a healthier, sustainable life.

For those willing to donate to the foundation, or volunteer your time to assist, you can contact the foundation via email on or visit

Today, we spoke to Siba, Zukho, Michelle and co-founder, Asanda Vekho who told us about their upcoming event, Khayalitsha Fashion Week, which takes place on the 9th and 10th of September 2017. This is an opportunity where local designers can showcase their work and talents. The event takes place at the Isivivana Centre just behind Khayalitsha Mall from 12PM-6PM.
R30 and VIP at R60.
At the door, R40 for general tickets and R80 for VIP tickets.

For more information contact:
0788 709 388 or 073 617 9193.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Today we spoke with Leigh Brown the Founder and the director of Seed organisation, she was telling us about the wonderful work they do for youth and young adult as well as their programs such as Seeding Future this program is a six month skills training course that equip township youth with climate resilience skills to harness opportunities in green economy.

The organisation also run out door class room, the out door class room program provide resource-scarce schools with an enriching space for schools goers to learn about environment and engage with core school curriculum, the organisation also train on how to use the outdoor space teachers for an enriching learning experience.
For more info
Liegh Brown
Mobile: 082 335 4110
Tell: 021 671 6912

Friday, August 04, 2017

We spoke to M.J.Li 2016 Legends of Kungfu World Martial Arts Championships. He has four gold medals under his belt.

M.J.Li took us back on a journey of hard work to get where he is today, he has been busy visiting schools across the Western Cape and South Africa, delivering motivational talks, doing kungfu demos at schools sharing his humble story with youth of him having been a youngster who grew up in Mitchell’s Plain, trained locally and then went on to train across China.

On the 5 August 2017, he presents the first ever Western Cape Schools Kungfu Tournament at Rocklands High School Hall, tickets goes for R25.00 and the event starts at 9am.

For more information contact:

081 711 1211

021 838 1535

By: Jasnine Roberts

Friday, July 28, 2017

We spoke to Warren Lodge about Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) which is a registered non-profit organisation that addresses hunger in young learners and students attending primary, secondary and special needs schools as well as Orphaned & Vulnerable Children Centres (OVCs), Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDs) and Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges (TVETS) in the Western Province.
 PSFA’s main aims are to reduce short term hunger, enhance children’s ability to learn through school feeding and increase school attendance.

PSFA will be having there annual fun walk event on the 27 August 2017, at Green Point Cricket Grounds. The aim of this initiative is to raise funds to enable PSFA to feed underprivileged learners at schools.

The cost of the event is R50.00 where by people can enter for a 10KM walk which starts a 7:30 am and a 5KM walk at 8:00 am. R50.00 enables PSFA to provide for 20 school going learners a healthy cooked meal.

For more information contact:


                           By: Jasnine Roberts

Thursday, June 29, 2017

On Sakhisizwe we had Deirdré Taylor from the organisation My Child Has Cancer Trust, a support group for families with children who are struggling with cancer.
Deirdré told us about the importance of creating a network of mutual support and solidarity amongst families who have experienced or are experienced similar circumstances in order to help them cope better with the difficult reality they are facing.
For instance, the organisation provides support through informative sessions, offering help with everyday life business – such as groceries, picking up the other siblings from school – advice and emotional support.

                                            By: Giulia Monteleone

Tuesday, June 06, 2017




MOBILE: 076 125 5686

Monday, June 05, 2017

On sakhisizwe we had an interview with Luke Steenkamp and Fiona Mccurdie from Groote Schuur Hospital they were telling us about organ donor how one can become an organ donor,what is needed to a person who want to be an organ donor, what are the requirement and why it is so important to become an organ donor and they also rectify the lies and misconception that our communities had about organ donor.

For more info
Toll free line:0800 2266 11

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sakhisizwe today had a discussion about child protection week with Simone Sanger from child line, she was speaking on the traumatic experience a child goes through after being abused and the consequences a child could encounter once she experience any kind of abuse, Titus Petersen from SAPS  was speaking about the role government plays in analyzing cases of cyber bullying, sexting and pornography and how they deal with such, Maureen Ben a social worker from D.C.S was speaking on behalf of correctional service and how they evaluate a child that has been abuse and how the society should do to fight child abuse in our communities.

If you want to get involve in the work they do you contact them to the following info.

Child line: 08000 55 555
D.C.S: Mr David 021 700 1109

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

On Sakhisizwe today we also spoke with Nomvuyo and Thandi from mamelani organisation that work with young people and women from marginalized  communities in the western cape, enabling them to improve their lives through active change.

They were telling us about their program called Wellness program  that share essential health information.

For more info:
Nomvuyo Mbele
Today on Sakhisizwe we had Nozuko Conjwa and Pauline Perez from Nonceba Family Counselling organisation in Khayelitsha, they were speaking about the wonderful work they do for children who has been the victims of sexual abuse in khayelitsha as well as the programs they offer for those children such as, The Victim Support Services that provide assistance, intervention, and counselling for children under the age of 18 who have been sexually abuse, physically abuse or neglected and Abuse Prevention Education Program that intend to make children safer by making them and the community aware of how abuse can happen and how to deal with it when it happens.

For more info contact:
Tell: 021364 0135
We spoke to Tineke Ganz Malan from Down Syndrome Association Western Cape, which is 40 years of age.

This organisation got started by a group of parents who realise that they need to do something to assist there children to develop. One of the fathers travelled a lot, and when he went on his trips he use to collect as much information as possible.

 Tineke explains: “Down Syndrome is not a disorder you suffer from, you get born with Down syndrome disorder meaning it is a genetic condition, that sits in your genes and not something passed down from parents, you are literally born with an extra piece of genetic material on the 21 chromosome and that extra material causes developmental delay and the features that goes with down syndrome, which means there development is more slower, they find things more difficult to handle and get tired more easily ect.”   

They do have programmes that they run which expanded over the years. As circumstance are not always easy, where by the disorder do not always become the biggest problem, but what you will be putting on the table, hence Down Syndrome Association Western Cape does outreach programmes and support groups in the communities to assist parents to start with their children from an early age.

Tineke explains further: “just because they are Down syndrome one should not feel sorry for them, and they can still have a healthy lifestyle, meaning they can work and do things for themselves, but only needs to be kept an eye on. The only sad part is they will always be depended the older they get, they can not live on there own.”

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 919 8233

BY: Jasnine Roberts

Monday, May 22, 2017

We spoke to Leana Olivier from Farrsa, which is a non profit organisation that does research on Fatal Alcohol Syndrome related issues.

Fatal Alcohol Syndrome is when a mother consumes alcohol while pregnant, and the alcohol is a poisonous substance to the developing cells of the unborn babies, which can cause brain damage or birth defects in the babies.  

They do awareness programmes in the Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and the Free State.

Once in an area they do a prevalence study to identify how big the problem of fatal alcohol syndrome is. To determine whether there is a problem and then the awareness work follows, to make the public more aware of the syndrome and not point fingers to the mothers and put more strain on them during there pregnancy.

There flag programme is called a healthy mother a healthy baby. The aim behind this programme is to provide assistance to all females with education.

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 686 2646


Thursday, May 18, 2017

We did an outside broadcast today at Verde Hotel, Cape Town from 12:00-15:00. Promoting co- operative governance and collaboration through a multi stakeholder’s service hub in Philippi, Cape Town end of project conference.

The conference was in partnership with Cordaid , Community Connections and the Philipp Community. Cesvi Foundation hosted a ground breaking multi-stakeholder engagement conference to mark the end of a European Union Funded project.

The conference seeks to bring together stakeholders, which include citizens, community action groups and local authorities who have vested interest in addressing issues of domestic violence against women, children and youth related interventions.

For the past two years, European Union funded Cesvi and its partners to implement a project whose specific and overall objectives are improving service delivery for women, children and youth in informal settlements in Cape Town through active citizenship co- ordination and multi- stakeholders engagement, as a contribution to the improvement of capacity and provision of social services and development oriented services for the poor at a wider level respectively.

The conference covered critical issues such as:
-         A best practice approach for a building a hub focused on the delivery of integrated domestic violence services, including lessons learnt and outcomes achieved.
-         Institutionalising cooperation and collaboration.
-         Multi-stakeholder meetings as a form of engagement among Civil Society Organisations, Community Action Groups, Citizens and Local Authorities.
-         Lessons learnt about the Domestic Violence strategy and the model of engagement conceived through these meetings.
-         Financial support to 3rd parties mechanism for building multi-stakeholders collaboration.

#Lets stop turning a blind eye to violence.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We spoke to Jacky Dunn and Gereen Van Rensburg from Child Welfare South Africa.

Child Welfare South Africa is a non profit and one of the organisations that work to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children in South Africa, they started in 1924.  Child Welfare South Africa is an umbrella body with a National Office and 9 Provincial Offices; they represent 164 child welfare organisations across the Province, where they work to address the need of theses children in communities.

Every day thousands of children are abused, sexually exploited, trafficked, abandoned and some go without food or shelter. Children do not have enough people protecting them.

Hence two of there flagship programmes are Isolabantwana (keep eyes on the children) and 4 our children project (child at risk). They have many other projects, they are pleading with the public to help support the work they do by keeping there children safe.

If you would like to assist or donate to Child Welfare South Africa contact:

Twitter: @childwelfare_sa
Facebook: Child Welfare South Africa
Tel: 072 448 8953 / 078 893 9571

By: Jasnine Roberts

Friday, May 12, 2017

Today on Sakhisizwe we had V2V a group of fresh and talented rappers who's radiate in the dusty streets of cape town telling how they meet as the group, their music career and what transformation they want to bring through their music.

Their work are available in their facebook page.

contac details

FaceBook Page: V2V PHAM
Mobile: 084 737 2508

Thursday, May 11, 2017

We spoke to Pat Lindegren from Action on Elder Abuse. This organisation has been in existence from 1998, where it originally started as a helpline for older people or any member of society to call in to report elder abuse, it was then know as HEAL which stood for Help of Elder Abuse Line.
After all these years it still exist but, in 2002 they have expanded to include training on elder abuse, such as what it is and to be able to identify when they see it, hence the name Action on Elder Abuse was born.

They also do lobbing and advocacy, as well as provide information to people that want to know more about elderly persons.

Heal has a toll free number, but only if you are using a landline, if a cellphone is used leave your number and they’ll return your call. Heal is operational 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Pat gives examples of elder abuse and the effect drug abuse has on the older generation. Pat also explains the law that protect older persons and the amount of trouble you as an individual can get into if you turn a blind eye to abuse of a elderly person.  

Let’s stop abusing our older generation as they were after all the ones who fought for what we have today. Respect our elderly, think of it this way we all gone get old so put yourselves in there shoes. They are any thing but a burden and more of a blessing.

For more information contact:

Toll Free: 0800 00 30 81

By: Jasnine Roberts

Sakhisizwe also spoke with Michelle Bagley from Amy Biehl Foundation she was telling us about the huge inadequacies in the schools in which they work, she also talked about impact of the programs does in the creative side of the child's brain.

If you want to get in touch with Amy Biehl Foundation you are welcome to do so.

Contact details
Tell: 021 447 1690
mobile: 073 557 2004

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke with Delphin Maloba from African Legend organisation, he was telling us about educational and skills development programs they offer for children from previous disadvantage areas, the motive for that they saw a need for such programs and children and youth with poor reading and writing during their child hood are more likely to drop out of school so as the organisation they needed to come up with a new concept of terminating what young bloods are experiencing.

If you want to be involve in this initiative you are more than welcome

contact details
Mobile: 083 416 3583

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Today we spoke to Clement Papy Nkuzi Programme Director, Bridgetti Mashabane and Zuki from Cesvi Foundation and accompanied with them was Mufaro Magidi from Mosaic.

Cesvi Foundation is a non profit organisation which has two main programmes focusing environmental management about building resilience in communities and the other one is a social protection programme which focuses more on the Woman, Children and the Youth.

Mosaic is a 23year old non profit organisation and focuses mostly on gender based violence and offering support services and counselling to woman who are affected by gender based violence and over the years they are now working with male interventions.  

These two organisations come together and are fighting for the same cause, hence there new project has been established Right Fora for Change. The project comes as realization to be able to see those violent free communities and being able to document theses stories.  To elaborate further it will be a photo voice project where children will go in there communities to document there stories. The projected is aimed at the disadvantage communities. The project will be use as an preventative measure.

For more information contact:

TEL: 021 374 0800

TEL: 021 761 7585

By: Jasnine Roberts

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Children have rights too.

We spoke to Vivian Zilo the founder of Iliso Care Society and a few of the students and facilitators in the programme. Iliso Care Society is a non profit organisation that was established in 2005, with the aim to fight poverty and unemployment, as there were various problems in the society. Mama Zilo’s inspiration was the fact that she felt pregnant at a young age and lost some of her siblings, hence she wanted to guide the youth to not make the same mistake and take their lives for granted. She also wanted to educate people and help them to not be afraid to enclose their HIV status and ask for help and how to deal with various issues that effect us in our daily lives.

Iliso Care Society runs various programmes, eg where they provide skills to the community, meals on wheels to feed the communities that are hungry, after school programmes and arts programmes ect.  They identify what is needed in the community and then seek a way to fill the gap, by partnering with stakeholders.

They also assist the students to identify what it is that they want to achieve in life, and which subjects to take in order to pursue theses career paths. Some of the learners shared their stories with us how these programmes have made a positive impact in there lives.  

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 360 8283   


By: Jasnine Roberts