Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday -Human Rights _ "I , AFRIKANER"

Today we had a very interesting guest Annalet Steenkamp , Director\Camera director\Co-producer of the film I AFRIKANER an award winning documentary.


Nearly 20 years after South Africa's democracy, I, Afrikaner: an intimate family saga filmed over a near decade. It's the story of four generations and their response to an ever-changing inner and outer landscape.

Filmed over 9 years, I, AFRIKANER, is a challenging and intimate portrait of a filmmaker’s family trapped in an unsolvable conflict.

Set in rural South Africa where land is a highly contentious issue and violence against white farmers is endemic, the film journeys into how four generations deal with change in a post Apartheid era. Her grandmother, who leaves the farm after an attack; her brother and sister-in-law as they push forward with the traditional Afrikaner dream of farming commercial land; and her young niece, whose post-Apartheid upbringing and views are tested when tragedy comes to the farm.For more information please visit
 www.gotrolley.com .