Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gender Issues - Women all around Africa unite!!

Yesterday I also spoke to Vainola Makan (R2K),Nomaceno(R2K), Mary Tal ( World Wide Women) Wendy Pekeur ( Ubuntu Women’s Movement ) Natalie as well as Tilda.

“Women in
Africa Conversation”   

Women in Africa will be coming together in a dialogue to commemorate Africa Day on Sunday 24th May at Salt River Community House.            
The purpose of the dialogue amongst other things is:
To bring Women from Africa together to share their experiences with respect to living on the continent as women; 
To amplify the voices of women with respect to speaking out against all forms of violence and discrimination on the continent.
To create a safe space for women to share their experience of living in South Africa to distinguish and celebrate what we have in common: and
To discuss how we can build relationships and solidarity with respect to each other's struggles. 

Context and Rationale:
The dialogue happens at the backdrop of violence, poverty and socio-economic inequalities escalating in our countries on the continent. African women and their families living in South Africa are being at risk of what is called xenophobic violence. During the Xenophobic violence that flares up in South Africa intermittently and again recently, many reasons are sited for what is happening and many actions are taken by different actors to show their dissociation with the violence. Some are blaming the contestation for scarce resources, others attribute it to the country’s violent past, inadequate service delivery and the influence of micro politics in townships, involvement and complicity of local authority members in contractor conflicts for economic and political reasons, failure of early warning and prevention mechanisms regarding community-based violence; and also local residents claims that foreigners took jobs opportunities away from local south Africans and they accept lower wages, foreigners do not participate in the struggle for better wages and working conditions. We will create safe spaces for women both local and migrant, including refugees and asylum seekers to confront issues affecting them as women; these will include unemployment, poverty, intergenerational abuse, and the burden of poverty on women and how to seek solutions for the improvement of the status of women.

Reasons for the attacks differ range from some blaming the contestation for scarce resources, others attribute it to the country’s violent past, inadequate service delivery and the influence of micro politics in townships, involvement and complicity of local authority members in contractor conflicts for economic and political reasons, failure of early warning and prevention mechanisms regarding community-based violence; and also local residents claims that foreigners took jobs opportunities away from local South Africans and they accept lower wages, foreigners do not participate in the struggle for better wages and working conditions.

The event assert that when the women voices are being heard and come out stronger in these difficult times, solutions would be found that is lasting and workable to take everybody on the continent forward in our question for peace and fight for the quality and human rights for each person on the continent.

This event will be a mixture of cultural exchange, talking together, listening to each other, educating and learning from each other and strategising together to build a strong sisterhood in the face of many challenges that the women have in common.  
Please contact Vainola Makan from Right to Know Campaign at 0620144969 or Mary Tal at World Wide Women at and Wendy Pekeur from Ubuntu Women's Movement       


Gender Issues - MAMA MARIKANA

Yesterday I was joined in studio by the amazing Aliki. Aliki Saragas completed her undergraduate Bachelor of Arts Dramatic Arts degree cum laude, at the University of the Witwatersrand, majoring in screenwriting and film studies. At Wits she was chosen as one of two students to be a part of the North South South Exchange Programme with students from South African film institutions, NAFTI (Ghana) and Arcada (Finland), to produce two documentaries, one in South Africa, Jozi: No Brakes and one in Finland, Tyttärelleni Taika Kukalle (To My Daughter Taika Kuka), where she lived on exchange for three months. It was here that she realised her passion for telling real stories.

About Mama Marikana her current project:

Mama Marikana is a documentary film that gives voice to the Women of Marikana: the widows, mothers, sisters and community members who were left behind and forgotten by society and the media after the massacre and their struggle to move from a space of oppression to a space of empowerment.

Mama Marikana takes a look behind the miners’ narrative and follows the stories of five Marikana women: Primrose Nokulunga Sonti and Thumeka Magwangqana, leaders in Sikhala Sonke the Marikana Women’s group, Evelyn Seipati Mmeka a God-fearing mother of the community and Zameka Nungu, widow of the slain Jackson “Ace” Lehopa on the mountain.

The documentary tracks how these strong women try to move from a space of deep oppression to empowerment. They provide a powerful voice to the women of the community through strength, agency and protest, as they continue to struggle with the pain the massacre left behind, through a never-ending commission and debilitating mineworker strike. It tracks their struggle and fight from the 16th August 2012, the day of the Marikana massacre, to the 16th August 2014 and shows the growth of the Marikana Women’s Group, Sikhala Sonke, and a rise into parliament, personal sacrifices for the community and the empowerment of a victim. But will things change? After two years of being mothers to Marikana, is there hope for a better future? Or will the space be forever stained with blood, forever forgotten.

The Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts (GIPCA) in association with UCT’s Centre for Film and Media Studies will present Mama Marikana by documentary filmmaker Aliki Saragas on Wednesday, 20 May at 18:00. This free screening will be followed by a discussion with the filmmaker.

Director/Producer: Aliki Saragas
Director of Photography: Andreas Georghiou
Sound Recordist: Ying-Poi De Lacy
Co-Producer: Tessa Scott
Co-Producer: Leonie Erasmus

Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday - Health Matters

The month of May brings awareness on a lot of important things and part of those things is the Anti-tobacco Campaign Month.Today I spoke to Magdalene Seguin From CANSA about the eKick Butt Programme.

CANSA's eKick Butt programme is a unique online smoking cessation programme. Through a series of emails, surveys and downloads, we will guide you and mentor you as you quit smoking and non-smoking becomes a lifelong habit, not merely the time interval between two cigarettes. This programme supplies a series of handy tools - tried and tested - to help you quit for good.

It's really very simple to get started. Just complete the sign-up form and you will automatically be enrolled in CANSA's eKick Butt programme. FOR FREE. You can unsubscribe at any point, but we trust you will find the series useful enough to stick it out with us. And if you find it helpful, we ask you to pass this information on to your smoking buddies.
Once you've signed up, there remains one more step to activate your email series. Go to your email inbox. You will find an email from us there with instructions and a link in it. Click on the link to confirm that you are indeed the owner of the email address. That's all.

Quitting tobacco may seem like a big challenge, but we trust that your journey to new health and unbelievable freedom from addiction will be lot easier with the help of a few online friends. Not to mention that unforgettable drill sergeant, Sergeant Kick Butt.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Friday - Arts and Culture - #enkosimama

Today I was joined in studio by the ever amazing spoken word artist Christy Van Zyl also known as FossilSoul member of  Radikal Xpressions. Radikal Xpression is a Cape Town based conscious arts (poetry, hip hop and music) movement that mobilizes young radical artists, organizes them (as its resident performers) and promotes their talent through art sessions, shows and productions. Our aim is to use art as a tool for personal development, education, socio-political commentary and building communities. The vision behind the existence of this movement is to ultimately become a registered international Arts Company that grooms, manages and administers young African artists. Thus, creating a progressive afro-centrism awareness in the international arts industry and facilitating artistic growth in the African continent. 

Today our conversations were around the show that’s coming up this weekend on the 10th May 2015 named #enkosimama.
Ziqu Pro-Found Ndabezitha
Christie van Zyl
Nompumelelo FoFa Mamqwathi
Sinazo Blaq-Chic Matyhopho Peter

“As the name of the show suggests (which, translated to English means #ThanksMom), my aim is for us to come together with mothers on this day and have a great time rekindling some lovely memories that people have had with their mothers. The artists I am working with have all experienced loss of their mothers, so have I, and I think it is a very interesting turn to look at, especially because they are people who still feel such a tight connection to their moms. A mother’s love is just something out of this world and it definitely transcends beyond this world. While we look at this, we also don’t forget that in some cases, our mothers are our aunts and grandmothers as well, and we are celebrating all of this love.” – says Ziphozakhe, who is producing the work. 

 See you there!!!!!!!
 See you there!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Thursday - Labour - LUMKANI

Today i spoke to Paul Mesarcik from LUMKANI .Lumkani is a social enterprise that seeks to address the challenge of shack/slum fires in urban informal settlements in South Africa and across the globe. Lumkani aims to create social impact by increasing the safety and security of people living in informal settlements with technology-based early-warning systems

Their aims are to create social impact by increasing the safety and security of people living in informal settlements with technology-based early-warning systems. Lumkani is committed to continual innovation and inclusive design practices that are driven by testing and end-user feedback.

Lumkani seeks to promote business and social practices that respect people, ensure sustainability and create value.

Currently busy with the #LetsStopFire campaign ,Lumkani is a tech start-up and social enterprise with one vision: to minimize the loss of life and property caused by fires in slums in South Africa and across the globe. We have engineered the world's first networked heat-detector designed specifically for a slum/informal settlement environment. 

With your contribution, we will distribute 3 000 of our detectors to some of South Africa's most high fire-risk households. Your funds will make 3 000 informal homes a safer place to live - the positive spill-over effects of this protection on individuals, community and our society, are profound.

And this is just the beginning!

Your contribution will be a significant step on our journey to be in every fire-risk home in our country, our continent and the WORLD! 
Slum fires are a global challenge. Below we have included info graphics that highlight the scale of this challenge.

Within two weeks of distributing our first detectors in December 2014, we prevented two dangerous fires from spreading which would have ended in significant damage to the community. To date we have sold and distributed 1 200 devices to households across Cape Town.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Wednesday - Gender issues - Mothers Unite

Today i spoke to Gerry Gordon from Mothers Unite  Mothers unite is a registered non-profit organization that focuses on the well-being of children. They operate in Seawinds, Lavender Hill, an area predominantly characterized by unemployment, poverty, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, substance addiction and gang-related crime.

Mothers Unite is different from other organisations. It started within the heart of a mother living in the community of Lavender Hill. Its goal is to meet the needs of the child in a holistic manner.

We understand that mothers play a huge part in the lives of our children. So many mothers raise their children single handily amidst the challenges of crime. Mothers Unite wants to help children achieve their potential and make a difference in the lives of our child community members.

The children we work with are disadvantaged, vulnerable and have a very poor self esteem. Even though many of the children are restrained by poverty, crime, gangsterism and drugs, they are extremely talented. If we as parents, an organisation and the larger community can provide a medium whereby children can explore, express and showcase their talent, we may be able to help them build up them self  and help them to believe in and work towards their own dreams and goals. We may indeed discover that they have much more to offer than what is visible to the eye at present.
Mothers Unite understands that we must be the voice and ambassadors of the child.

Mothers Unite is the heart of a mother displayed in an organisation.If you would like to donate anything or volunteer even if its for a day please call Gerry on 082 825 0511.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Tuesday - Human Rights - Forward with education!!!

I was also joined in studio by three learners Sade Jones , Pulane Mshaba and Nikkita Matthee accompanied by their mentor Mr Hudsonburg from Primrose Park Primary School. Primrose Park School are the previous winners (2014) of a educational competition called Growsmart.  

Two hundred participating schools are selected by the Western Cape Education Department. Each school is represented by a team of three learners in Grades 4, 5 and 6. They have to spell words, give definitions and construct sentences for points. Each year, different learners are chosen to represent their schools in the Growsmart competition. Learners who have already competed in Growsmart may not compete again in another year. The teams are seated on a stage, facing the quizmaster, judges, scorekeepers and an audience. Each team has a Mentor who guides them and helps them prepare for the competition.

There are three levels to the Growsmart competition. All schools compete in Level 1 and the winners of each round advance to Level 2. Eight winners of Level 2 advance to the Semi-Final, of which five will advance to the Final which will be held on the 5th of September, three days before the United Nations' International Literacy Day. We don't want to interrupt schooling, so all competition rounds are held on Saturdays. On a typical Saturday there will be five competition rounds, with five schools competing against each other in each round. 


The words used in the competition are selected from specially designed Growsmart newspapers. The content of the newspapers is aligned to the curriculum and is approved by the Western Cape Education Department. The participating schools receive Growsmart newspapers for each level of the competition (each learner in Grades 4, 5 and 6 receives the newspapers). Teachers use the newspapers in their daily reading sessions for reading practice and dictionary work, and to help contestants prepare for the competition.

All schools receive the first edition of the Growsmart newspaper to prepare for the first part of the competition: Level 1. This level runs over eight Saturdays. There are five competition rounds on a Saturday, with five schools competing in each round. The winner of each round advances to the next level.

All schools receive the second edition of the Growsmart newspaper. The forty teams remaining in the competition use the first and the second editions to prepare for Level 2. This level works similarly to the previous level, with the winning schools from each round advancing to the Semi-Final.

All schools receive the third edition of the Growsmart newspaper. The eight surviving teams have to study all three editions to prepare for the Final. The round is divided into Semi-final and Final rounds to determine the winning team, as well as the second and third places.

Five teams will compete to determine the winning team.

Tuesday - Human Rights - NewKidz on the block!!!

On today's show i spoke to  Hilda one of the founding members of an amazing NGO called the Newkidz. Newkidz is an organization that was formed in 2007 after a group of friends from Cape Town (in South Africa) saw a need at a Children’s Home for abandoned and orphaned children in one of the local communities called Mfuleni, just north of Cape Town. 

After volunteering their time on weekends over a period of 6 months they could not turn their backs and walk away from the obvious needs that these children had without getting radically involved.

So now they do extreme makeovers of Children’s Homes to create awareness and support for orphans, destitute and vulnerable children in South Africa. they make every effort to try and get children who find themselves in these circumstances integrated into loving family homes.

Part of their mission is to - To help establish loving homes for orphaned, vulnerable and destitute children in South Africa. By building sustainable child support networks in communities and linking them with foster families and children’s homes.

The interview could have lasted for hours they way Hilda spoke passionately about this great initiative that they are doing but unfortunately the show much go on. But for more information on how to volunteer or donate or even if you would like them to come and assist you in your community you more than welcome to call Hilda on 079 875 5745. 

Monday, May 04, 2015

Monday - Jessica Fourie - On Sleeping disorder!!!!

Today we spoke to Jessica Fourie from Fourie Associates about sleeping disorder : Sleep problems, including snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, sleep deprivation, and restless legs syndrome, are common. Good sleep is necessary for optimal heath and can affect hormone levels.

She went on to elaborate that we should try by all means to switch our tv \ laptop \ or anything along those lines 2 hours before we go to sleep. Having a lamp and reading before bed if you cant seem to fall asleep is always a good idea. 

For more information please call 021 551 2798.