Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Malifa Foundation-Thursday_Labour Day

Happy Thursday to everyone-in today's show i spoke to a young inspiring women from Paarl ,Nozuko Nkani. The Malifa Foundation is a newly established foundation in Paarl it caters for  children that are disable. The foundations aims to establish a space were children with disability can receive educational programs passively stretching medical attention. Part of their focus is to treat these children to respect and dignity that they deserve as well as play and give them unconditional love that the deserve. Nozuko is a young that is very passionate about helping children with disability in her community , she adds that the motivation behind her work is that people mistreat children with disability and to her that is heartbreaking.

If you would like to contribute in making Malifa Foundation a warm welcoming home for children with disabilities please do contact her on 078 694 1235 or simply call Bush Radio ask for Lazola Solani on 021 1448 5450.