Friday, May 29, 2009

29 May - Arts, Culture and Environment

In today’s show, we heard from Keith McKintosh – Artistic Coordinator and the Director of Outreach Planning at the Cape Town City Ballet. Every year the Cape Town City Ballet hosts an annual Open day where dance enthusiasts and young performers can visit the company. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the City Ballet and the UCT’s School Of Dance, the Open Day tomorrow May 30th is going all out and providing a rare behind the scenes look into a life of a dancer and many more events. The Open Day is taking place at UCT’s School of Dance in Rosebank between 10am and 3pm. For more information visit or call them on (021) 650 2400 or (021) 650 4672.

Talking e -waste with EnviroSense

We were also joined Instudio by Susanne Dittke - an Environmental Consultant for EnviroSense, an environmental consultancy organization. You have heard of recycling and reusing paper, plastic and even glass. But did you know that we can now recycle all our electronic waste or e-waste that is all broken, discarded and old electrical devices and components. Countries and companies are recognizing that there is a need for setting up e-waste recycling plants because of the possible health and environmental problems. Recently, Hewlett Packard and the E-waste Association of South Africa or “eWasa” started a pilot plant here in Maitland, Cape Town and just a few days ago announced the success in recycling and in also creating job opportunities for people. Susanne explained more about the importance of e-waste recycling. To learn more about e-waste recycling you can contact Envirosense on (021) 706 9829 or email Susanne at For more information and news regarding e-waste you can also visit eWasa at

Arts update - Nigel Vermaas

We also heard from Nigel Vermaas with this week Arts update.

Jazzart presents Danscape

We closed off with an interview with Jackie Manyaapelo and Gordan Adrise - from Jazzart. We spoke about Jazzart’s annual Danscape season at the Artscape Theatre this month with a cast of brilliant young dancers presenting a variety-packed showcase of dance. This year many of Cape Town’s top dance schools and companies will be performing alongside the next generation of Young Adult Training & Job Creation Programme trainees as they debut in their first official Jazzart production Danscape at the Artscape Theatre for a limited season started from yesterday May 28 until Sunday May 31st. Tickets costs only R50, or R20 for block bookings of more than 20 people. For more information call them on (021) 410 9848 or email at:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

28 May - Labour ,Real Dreams

We were also joined Instudio by John Makofane – from the Triple Trust Organisation. The organisation acts as a market development facilitator and designs and manages projects that will enable poor communities to meaningfully participate in markets. They are inviting unemployed youth to be part of the Samsung Real Dreams Programme. The programme aims to increase their chance of being employed by providing life skills, job specific training and job placement. In order to apply you must be between the ages of 18 and 25, have grade 12 and be unemployed for 6months. Reside in previously disadvantage community on the Cape Flats and must be able to pay R100 commitment fee. For more information visit or call (021) 689 6000. Closing date for applying is tomorrow the 29th of May.

South Africa in a recession

We closed off the show with an interview with Malcolm Damon – Director at the Economic Justice Network. It has been reported that South Africa's gross domestic product contracted sharply in the first quarter as manufacturers and mining companies slashed output and jobs, pushing Africa's largest economy into recession for the first time since 1992. According to experts, the economy had contracted by 1.8 percent in the last quarter of 2008. The two consecutive quarterly contractions put South Africa in its first recession in 17 years. Statistics SA says the main drags on the economy were manufacturing, down 3.3 percentage points, and mining, down 1.7 percentage points. The government warned that we would likely see another contraction in the second quarter before the economy begins to recover in the second half. Mr Damon explain more about the recession and what it means for an ordinary person on the street. If you want to find out more about the Economic Justice Network you can visit or contact (021) 424 9563.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27 May - Gender - Women's Health Fair 2009

Today we heard from Sharon Messina - Health Teams Officer at Women on Farms Project. We will be talking about an event they will be hosting this coming Saturday in commemorating the International Day of Action for Women’s Health. During the 1987 Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights members’ meeting in Costa Rica, 28 May was declared the International Day of Action for Women's Health. 28 May has since become widely known and celebrated around the world by women’s and health groups. In 1999, it was officially acknowledged by the government of South Africa. In the 1990s, the Calls for Action mostly addressed issues related to maternal mortality and morbidity. Since the late 1990s, the topics have been broadened to cover issues like health services, trade agreements, health sector reforms and AIDS. Sharon explained more on the activities they have planned like Grants Information, VCT, head and neck massage and many more. The event will be hosted at Wagenmakersvalley Primary in Wellington between 10 – 3PM. If you want more information about this event or Women on Farms Project in general you can contact their offices (021) 887 2960 or visit

Some good news for women’s football!!!

We also heard from Fran Hilton-Smith - Banyana Banyana team manager. There’s some good news for women’s football. South Africa has been chosen as the venue for the 2010 Women’s African Cup of Nations. South Africa’s national women’s football team known as Banyana Banyana also recently won a friendly match against Namibia last week. Clearly women’s sport has come a long way from the big gender inequalities that existed some years ago. To know more about the Banyana Banyana team you can visit the South African Football Association website at

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

26 May - Human Rights

In today’s show, we spoke to Zola Pahlana – Chairperson of the Gugulethu Community Education Forum. The forum aims to widen community participation, identify and address community needs, and create long term network relationships which promote education within the Gugulethu community. Mr Pahlana explained more. On Thursday the 28th of May they will be having a consultative meeting at ID Mkhize Secondary School at 6PM. For more information please contact him on (021) 633 6459 or Nosipho Singiswa on 078 362 5203.

Hope in Motion

We also spoke to Zelda Mycroft - CEO of the Chaeli campaign. This organisation’s mission is to mobilise the minds and bodies of children with disabilities and to normalise society through advocacy and education programmes and events. They run six different programmes including providing custom-made assistive devices, therapies, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and communication facilitation and also support special needs children in mainstream schools. The thread that runs through all their programmes and events is the importance of inclusion and diversity in society, of all living with disability. For more information call the Chaeli campaign at 0861 242 353 or visit their website at

Realistic - Integrating young ex - prisoners into society

We also heard from Ncamile Madikane – Founder and Coordinator of Realistic. This is a Gugulethu based NGO that works with young ex-prisoners who are on parole and others who are classified as youth at risk. Their aim is to integrate these young people back into the community Mr Madikane explained more on what they do. For more information, you can contact their offices on (021) 633 1800.

Consumer Protection Bill - A South African first

We closed off the show with an interview with Lyndon Johnson – Assistant Director of Consumer Protection at the Office of the Consumer Protector. One basic human right that we sometimes forget is consumer rights. In April the now Deputy-President Kgalema Motlanthe signed into law the Consumer Protection Bill. This act will bring in general consumer protection laws and empower consumers, the first of its kind here in South Africa. Some of the provisions include demanding refunds for goods of inferior quality and cancelling contracts. Mr Johnson joined us to talk about this act and its effects on the community. To know more about your consumer rights and about the Consumer Protection Act you can call the Provincial Consumer Affairs Offices in Cape Town at 0800 007 081 or email The Department of Trade and Industry also has an extensive section on consumer protection and the Act on their website

Monday, May 25, 2009

25 May - Health , Bipolar Awareness

In today’s show, we spoke to Jay Barnes – convener of the Western Cape Bipolar Support Association. We spoke about Bipolar disorder and bipolar Awareness day that takes place tomorrow the 26th of May 2009. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mood disorder characterised by extreme shifts in mood, energy and functioning. This is much less common than Major Depressive Disorder and Dysthymia, and only 2% of the population is affected over a lifetime. Males and females are affected equally. As bipolar disorder disrupts a person’s life and relationships, psychotherapy can help people regain control and re-establish relationships with others. Support should extend to the family and support structures to help all involved come to terms with the illness. Support groups offer a valuable opportunity to people to meet other people with bipolar disorder and to learn more about the disorder and how to live with it. The Western Cape Bipolar Association can be contacted for a list of support groups in the country on 082 855 3180 or go to

Cornea transplant

We closed off the show with an interview I had with Dr Hubrecht Brodey – an Ophthalmologist from the Cape Eye Hospital and Sharon Munnik from the Eye Bank. We were talking about cornea transplant. The Eye Bank is a registered non-profit organisation, authorised by the Department of Health to obtain and distribute eye tissue to Surgeons for transplant purposes in order to restore or improve the sight of persons who are blind or partially blind. The Eye Bank would like to encourage all South Africans to consider becoming a donor and thereby give the gift of sight and improve the lives of the thousands who are waiting for a corneal graft. The need for donor corneas is never satisfied as new patients are continuously being added to the waiting list. So if you would like to donate or for more information contact the Eye Bank on (021) 447 5151 or visit Dr Brodey is available on (021) 948 6333 or visit

Friday, May 22, 2009

22 May - Arts, Culture and Environment

In today’s show, we heard from Frank Oberholzer – from the Office of the European Union. We were talking about the European Union Film Festival which is opening at the V&A Waterfront Cinema Nouveau tonight. This year’s EU Film Festival is about borders – from the political, religious and socio economic barriers. Thirteen titles from across the EU will be featured at this year’s festival, including the Academy Award nominated (Best Foreign Language Film, 2008) and multi-award-winning Katyn (Poland), as well as La France (France), winner of the prestigious Prix Jean Vigo for Best Feature Film in 2007. Frank explained more on what to expect. Tickets can be collected at the venue an hour before each show time (Mondays-Sundays only at 17h30 and 20h00). Remember entrance to the Festival is free.

Big Band Jazz Festival - Ann Baar

We were also joined instdudio by Ann Baar – Organiser of the Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival. The annual Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival is here again. It kicked off yesterday with some performances by bands like the Wynberg Boys’ Jazz Band and Beau Soleil Music Centre and will continue today and tomorrow. The Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival 2009 is being held at the Baxter Concert Hall from yesterday the 21st to 23rd of May. Tickets are 60 Rand for the general public and 35 Rand for students and seniors. They can be purchased over the phone at 083 915 8000 or online at

weekly Arts update

We also heard from Nigel Vermaas with this week Arts update.

Biodiversity week - Clifford Dorse

We closed off with an interview with Clifford Dorse - Biodiversity Coordinator from the Biodiversity Management Branch of the Environmental Resource Management Department of the City of Cape Town. When we talk about the environment, a term that often comes up is biodiversity. Basically it is like a doctor for our surroundings. It lets us know how healthy our environment is by measuring the different types of plants and animals in an area. And this past week people around the world have been celebrating Biodiversity Week to recognize and encourage variety in flora and fauna. Mr Dorse explained more about biodiversity in general and in our communities. To learn more about the Biodiversity Branch or about biodiversity in general you can visit , email them at alternatively contact them on (021) 487 2319.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

21 May - Labour, Men on the side of the road

In today’s show, we were joined Instudio by Mark Tinker - from Men on the Side of the Road. MSR is a non-profit organisation that seeks to bridge the gap between the growing economy and unemployed men with low skills. We were talking about their latest marketing campaign. The intention is to create awareness amongst the local community of the challenges faced by unemployed people and the services we offer to our members and the general public. If you want to find out more about the campaign or register with the organisation, call (021) 448 9000 or visit if you interested in employing a worker you could also call 0861 worker (0861 967537).

Abuse of sick leave

We also heard from Roger Brown – an attorney at Labour protect. We were talking about the abuse of sick leave. It is reported that the abuse of sick leave in South Africa is widespread, and is estimated to be as high as 33% of recorded sickness absence. According to Maureen Smith, a freelance writer - Sick leave is a necessary benefit for all employees. If an employer didn’t offer sick leave, they would accelerate health problems and the spread of illness, thereby lowering productivity and morale but in spite of the pressure for perfect attendance to improve customer service and efficiency, employees need equitable sick leave programs for security and overall high performance. However, some organizations suffer from sick leave abuse, and sick leave abuse translates into lost money. The South African Chamber of Commerce (SACOB) estimates that sickness absence directly costs South Africa 12 billion rand per year. Mr Brown explained more on some of the contributing factors and steps that employers can take in fighting this trend. For more information on Labour protect contact (021) 421 8631 or visit

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

20 May - Gender

In today’s show, we played an interview I did with Phumzile Nywagi and Zukile Ngqashe – from Khululeka Men’s Support Group. This is a support group for HIV-positive men who are on antiretroviral (ARVs) treatment. Their aim is to promote gender equality and use their platform to fight for a transformation of male sexuality in ways that ensure that women have more control over negotiating sexual relationships. They do this through its exclusive support for men, believing that if men are able to open up to each other in the all-male support group, then they will be more likely to reflect on and reconsider their own ideas about masculinity and sexuality. For more information about the Support Group you can contact uBhuti Phumzile at 072 577 1989

Homosexuality knows no borders

We also heard Musa Ngubane – from Triangle Project. We spoke about the International Day Against Homophobia which was commemorated last week Sunday and the theme this year was “Homosexuality knows no borders”. The proposed goal for the 2009 campaign is to make the general public and more specifically, ethno-cultural communities of all backgrounds, more aware of gay and lesbian issues, and sexual diversity. While southern Africa is home to many lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and trans-sexuals, it is said that very few countries are accepting of same-sex relationships, Musa explained more on some of the challenges that lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and trans-sexuals still face in this country. For more information about Triangle Project you can contact them on (021) 448 3812 or visit alternatively go to

SWEAT calling for legalisation of sex work - Vivian Lalloo

We closed off the show with an interview with Vivian Lalloo, an advocacy coordinator from Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Task Force or SWEAT, which is a non-profit organization that focuses on the rights of sex workers. Since South Africa became the final choice for the FIFA World Cup 2010, questions about improving and upgrading the security situation have come up, Last year an ANC MP George Lekgetho suggested decriminalisation of prostitution to provide protection to sex workers. But just yesterday acting NPA head Advocate Mokotedi Mpshe expressed his concern at a meeting saying that this law might harm South African moral values. For more information on SWEAT and their work in helping sex workers you can visit their website or you can call them at 021-448-7875.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

19 May - Human Rights

In today's show we spoke to Brett Anderson - from Positive Heroes. Positive Heroes have launched a campaign that aims to educate people that life is not over when you’re HIV positive. They use HIV positive people as role models and profile them in various ways. Brett who is a positive hero explained more about the campaign and the impact it has on life own life. For more information on this initiative, go to

Special rating areas - Gerhard Ras

We also heard from Councillor Gerhard Ras - Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services. We were talking about the new Draft By- Law for establishing Special Rates Area’s. Cllr Ras has stated that in its current format the SRA By-Law cannot be passed as it does not take into consideration the protection or provision for protection of the financially vulnerable residents to-be-declared Special Rates Areas who might be financially affluent to afford the impact of the additional rates levies imposed by SRA’s. He explained more on this issue. For more information, call him on (021) 400 1384.

The Adonis Musati project - Gayle Mc Walter

We closed off the show with an interview with Gayle Mc Walter a volunteer coordinator at the Adonis Musati Project. This organisation was named after a young Zimbabwean who died of starvation on the streets of Cape Town while waiting to get his asylum papers. This organisation formed at the end of 2007 in order to ensure that no refugee died of starvation ever again in Cape Town. All Adonis Musati Project committee members are volunteers with other full time jobs and commitments. All storage facilities, places of distribution, telephone and computer facilities, and transport costs have been provided by the volunteers themselves at no cost to the organisation. Even a large amount of the funding has come from the volunteers themselves. Some large and small donations from caring individuals and groups have been of enormous assistance and have gone directly to the refugees themselves. If anyone wants to contribute to this organisation you can contact Gayle or the Adonis Musati Project at 021 712 2713 or 082 902 8781 or visit their website at

Monday, May 18, 2009

Prevent diseases by immunisation

In today’s show, we spoke to Sylvia Mguga – Klipfontein Health Promotion Officer. We were focusing on the importance of Immunisation. The public is urged to help ensure that all children are immunised against childhood vaccine preventable diseases. In South Africa, children are routinely immunised against the following diseases: Tuberculosis, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (whooping cough), Polio, Measles, Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib) and Hepatitis B. Childhood immunisation is provided free of charge at all public health facilities. For more information contact her on (021) 633 2010, 083 392 3373 or send a fax to (021) 633 2050.

Manage allergies - Natalie Williams, a Molecular Geneticist

And we also heard from Natalie Williams – A Molecular Geneticist from Molecular Diagnostic Services, Wellness Division. We were talking about the ImuPro test. This is a food intolerance test; basically they take a sample of your blood and look for IgG antibodies to see if your body is producing an immune response to foods. With ImuPro your blood is analysed for IgG antibodies against a list of foods. Once identified, these foods must be strictly avoided for a certain period of time but Natalie explained more. For more information visit or contact (031) 267 2700.

Talks about possible cancer cure - Professor Winston Hide

We closed off the show with an interview with Professor Winston Hide - Visiting Professor of Bioinformatics. We were talking about a study that might produce a possible cancer cure. It is reported that researchers at UWC’s South African National Bioinformatics Institute (SANBI) form part of a team of scientists from Japan, Australia, Europe and the USA that have discovered the genetic instructions cells use to switch from immature growing cells to fully mature organs. The project has utilised in-depth sequencing technologies and invented novel bioinformatics methods to discover the key factors that underlie genome-wide changes in gene expression that occur during cell development. The study of cell growth is intimately linked to the need to understand what goes wrong when we get cancer but Professor Hide explained more. For more information this work has been published in the top international Journal Nature Genetics as an advance online publication:

Friday, May 15, 2009

15 May - Arts, Culture and Environment. Aleshia Solomons

In today’s show, we heard from Aleshia Solomons. She is a Cape Music Institute student and an aspiring vocalist. Now Aleshia may be young, but she has performed with some of South Africa’s greatest musicians, such as Judith Sephuma and Jonathan Buttler. Aleshia spoke to me about her dreams of becoming a singer and the challenges faced as a young artist. You can get in contact with Aleshia via Face Book or call her on 078 340 8143.

Month of Peoples' Photography

I also spoke to Rozzano. He joined me on the show today to tell me more about the Month of Peoples’ Photography (MOPP). Today is the last day to see the exhibition at the Gugulethu Library, it will be moved to the Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre Library from next week. We spoke about Month of Peoples’ Photography that is celebrating its 5th year of existence. MOPP will be hosting a fund raiser at the Assembly in Town on May 30. Entry is only R10, so bring your friends along. If you want to find out more about this exhibition, you can visit

On the Surface, pottery exhibition

Nigel Vermaas joined us for his weekly arts update.
And we closed off the show with an interview with Mervyn Gers – a Ceramicist. We were talking about his first solo exhibition titled “On the Surface” opening this coming Tuesday the 5th of May at Rust en Vrede in Durbanville. The exhibition will run until the 28th of May. For more information go to or you can send him an email to

14 May - Labour. Mobile Marketing

In today’s show, we were joined on the line by Dave Duarte - Course Director at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business. With a view to giving local marketers the best in new information and know-how within the emerging realm of Mobile Marketing, the UCT Graduate School of Business has teamed up with the prestigious IE Business School in Spain to offer a comprehensive three-day course on the topic. Dave told us more about the course and how mobile marketing in emerging. For more information about the course, call Mario Pearce on (021) 406 1268 or SMS ‘Mobile’ to 31497 alternatively go to

Institute of Estate Agents

We also heard from Irvin Neethling – Chairperson at the Western Cape Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa. The Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa encourages the highest standards in real estate practice. Its continuous aim is that its members be respected and trusted by all. Irvin explained more about other objectives and services they provide. For more information, contact their offices on (021) 531 3180 or

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 May - Gender. Family Strengths Expo

In today’s show, we were joined on the line by Lionel Arnolds - from the department of Social Development. We were talking about the Family Strengths Expo. In celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family the department of Social Development in collaboration with other government departments and civil society will be hosting a 3 day Family Strengths Expo in Belhar Indoor Sports Complex. He explained more about the objectives of the expo. For more information about the Expo contact him on (021) 483 5601 or Nomfundo Nabela on (021) 483 4016 or Charles Harris on (021) 483 4538.

Sikhula Sonke

We also heard from Mdebuka Mthwazi from Sikhula Sonke. The organisation focuses on early child development and trains parents as well as child care practitioners from Khayelitsha to better understand their roles as care givers. Many men underestimate the necessity for a strongly-involved male parenting role. Doing a good job as a parent is one of the most self-satisfying accomplishments. We spoke about the role of a father and the importance of having a strong male figure in a child’s life. Thank you Mdebuka for shedding some light on what Sikhula Sonke does. It is no only an admirable, but also vital service that you offer. If you would like to find out more, you can call them on (021) 467 1163 or visit their website

Zille's all-male cabinet criticised.

We closed off the show with an interview with Yvette Abrahams - Commissioner from the Commission on Gender Equality. After last weeks announcement that 5 out of the 9 Provinces have female premiers, there was a lot of positivity that women were being recognised in South African politics. But Western Cape Premier Helen Zille’s all-male cabinet has caused an up-roar from various factions. According to the tripartite alliance, the male-dominated executive council announced by the Premier was a "disgrace" and a slap in the face of women. Commissioner Abrahams joined us to discuss this issue, unfortunately our efforts to have the Premier on the show failed; DA spokesperson Ross Van de Linde indicated that this topic is not open for discussion. For more information about the commission of gender equality call (021) 426 4080 or go to

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

12 May - Human Rights. Heartlines Youth Mentoring Programme

In today’s show, we spoke to Desiree Dathini – from the Heartlines Youth Mentoring Programme. Mentoring means to use one's influence to offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of a young person. It means making an emotional investment in a young person's life by initiating regular contact, and being someone that a young person can trust and respect. For more information on this initiative, please call the Heartlines Mentor Helpline on 0860 636 833 or send an email to or send a sms to 33250.

SASSA speeds up service delivery

We also spoke to Ibrahiem Ryland - District Senior Manager for the Metropole West area from the South African Social Security Agency, better known as SASSA. SASSA is tasked by the Department of Social Development with enhancing the quality of service delivery by ensuring the accessibility of social grants to those who qualify for them across South Africa. There has been a lot of talk about poor service delivery and long queues at SASSA pay points. But the organisation has come up with ways to speed up service delivery. We spoke about the improvements made to combat this problem. For more information call 0800 60 1011 or visit To report fraudulent activity, call (021) 469 0200.

Small Claims Court

We also heard from Penny Roberts - from the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. This is the umbrella body under which the small claims court is found. When people dispute over a small, yet substantial amount of money, the matter should be taken up with the small claims court. We spoke about the basic court procedure and how people can go about making a claim. For more information, call (021) 462 5470/1 or visit

International Family Day

We closed off the show with an interview with Didi Englebrecht from FAMSA. FAMSA’s vision is to actively participate in the protection and preservation of family life. FAMSA believes that the family is the main role player for the nurturing of healthy and sound ethics and behavioural and social values. We spoke about the International Day of the Family which is on Friday and its importance. If you want to find out more about this day you can call FAMSA on (021) 447 7951 or visit

Monday, May 11, 2009

11 May - Health. Occupational Therapy

We were joined on the line by Roshan Galvan - Senior lecturer in Occupational Therapy at the University of Cape Town. We were talking about Occupational therapy. This week is the Occupational Therapy Awareness Week. Occupational therapists are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. The goal of occupational therapy is to assist the client to achieve a maximum level of function and independence in all spheres of life, namely work, social functioning, personal care and leisure activities. Occupational therapy looks at the client holistically addressing his physical, psychological and functional needs. Conditions that can be treated by Occupational Therapists include: Burns Amputations of limbs, Spinal cord injuries. Any injuries to the hand, Neurological conditions: Stroke, Head injuries, Parkinson’s disease, Psychiatric conditions etc. For more on Occupational Therapy you can contact the Occupational Therapy Dept at the University of Cape Town (021) 406 6041 or the Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa at (011) 482 1000 alternatively you can visit


We played an interview Cindy Witten had with Dr Brian Sarembock - a Rheumatologist as well as specialist physician operating at the Christian Barnard Memorial hospital in Cape Town. Lupus is an auto immune disorder that attacks the body. This means that the body’s defense system would break down its own tissues, blood cells and organs. Black and Asian women are more likely to get Lupus and they are 8 times more likely to get it than men. For more information about Lupus you can contact (021) 422 2450 alternatively you can visit

Nutritional Prevention of Disease

We also heard from Dr ND Burman – a Specialist Physician. We spoke about Nutritional Prevention of disease. It is reported that there are several diseases and disorders that can be treated effectively by watching our diets. According to a report of a joint WHO/FAO expert consultation on Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases, Nutrition is coming to the fore as a major modifiable determinant of chronic disease, with scientific evidence increasingly supporting the view that alterations in diet have strong effects, both positive and negative, on health throughout life. The report further states that most importantly, dietary adjustments may not only influence present health, but may determine whether or not an individual will develop such diseases as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes much later in life. Dr Burman, the expert explained more on Nutritional Prevention of disease. For more information he is available on (021) 671 7797 or 083 629 9160.

Nurses Day

We closed off the show with an interview with Mercia Jay – she is a nurse turned case manager. Nurses play an important role in the wellbeing of our communities. But still their expertise is so undervalued. We spoke about the importance of the trade as well as Mercia’s new role as a case manager. For more information call (021) 680 7779.

Friday, May 08, 2009

08 May - Arts and Culture. Tour d' Afrique

In today’s show, we heard from Allan Ben – one of the riders of the Tour d’Afrique Bicycle Race and Expedition. Tour d’Afrique Ltd. is a Toronto based company named for its flagship cycling expedition/ race that annually crosses the African continent from Cairo to Cape Town. Allan explained more about Tour d’Afrique. After four months of cycling across Africa, riders of the 2009 Tour d'Afrique Bicycle Race and Expedition will cross the official Finish Line at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town tomorrow the 9th of May, around 14:00PM. For more information visit or call Theresa Brown on 084 353 1975 for further details.

MXO and 5th Floor

We were also joined by Mxo and Hip Hop Group 5th Floor. SA’s legend and talented musician MXO will be delivering a live performance of his past and new album “MXFUNK” tomorrow night at Catu together with 5th Floor featuring DJ Reiko from 8PM. 5th Floor has launched their second album, titled “SEX AND REVOLUTION”. Catu is at the cnr of Burg and Hout Street closer to Greenmarket Square.

We also heard from Nigel Vermaas for this week Arts update. We closed off the show with an interview with Amkelwa Kappanen – from This is a project about Clan names and our heritage. It aims to celebrate the spirit of the fore mothers and fore fathers but she explained more about this project. For more information go to

Thursday, May 07, 2009

07 May - Labour. CPUT PR students seek sponsorship

In today’s show, we were joined Instudio by Thandi Ndlungwana. She is a CPUT Public Relations Management student. Every year CPUT holds an open day where exhibitions are displayed to show case different career options. This year the open day will be held at the Bellville campus from the 14th till the 16th of May. We spoke about the PR students’ role in the open day and the multimedia technology course that they will be exhibiting. If you are able to assist her in any way you can send her an e-mail on:

Labour Research Service

We heard from Edward Cottle – Project leader at the Labour Research Service. The Labour Research Service is a non-profit labour service organisation that continues to specialise in research, dialogue-building and developmental projects with the broad aim of strengthening civil society and a particular focus on the world of work. We spoke about the LRS, what they do and the role of labour movement in this era. For more information, call (021) 447 1677 or email

Public Health Doctors strike

We heard from Professor Mac Lukhele – from the South African Medical Association. We were talking about the strike by public health doctors at 26 hospitals, which is entering its third week. The public health doctors are striking for pay increases of up to 50% as well as for better working conditions. It is reported that most of the striking doctors are juniors and interns - who earn about R6000 a month after taxes and often have to work 200 hours of overtime a month just to survive and help pay off their student loans but Professor Lukhele explained more. We tried to get the government side of things but the department of Health’s spokesperson Fidel Hadebe said they are unable to be part of this discussion because they are currently busy with a press conference but will try to send a press statement.

Paarl Print Factory fires

We closed off the show with an interview with Julian Dirk - representative of the Chemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Worker’s Union or CEPPAWU and Nico Groblaar – Human Resource Manager at Paarl Print. We were talking about the Paarl Print factory fire that claimed the lives of 12 workers and left about five workers hospitalised with very serious injuries. It has been reported that an independent health and safety investigation into the fire is still ongoing.On Saturday CEPPAWU and other unions will host a memorial service in Paarl meanwhile Paarl Print has set up a Family Trust Fund for the Financial Care of the seriously injured and victims of immediate families to contribute or for more information contact (021) 870 3800.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

06 May - Gender

In today’s show, we were joined on the line by Glen De Swart – Psycho-Social Manager at Health4Men. This new HIV prevention and Health Care services for men was launched about two months ago. They provide free HIV tests, CD4 counts, sexual transmitted infection screening and counselling. Glen explained more about other services that they provide. If you want more information contact the Ivan Toms Centre for Men's Health on (021) 447 2844.

We closed off the show with an interview with Vainola Makan – from Gender Education and Training Network. It has been reported that 5 out of the 9 provinces will be run by women, as 5 females will be sworn in to take up Premier Positions. According to research done by Gender Links, South Africa has soared from 17th to 3rd place in the global ranking of women in parliament following the 22nd of April elections that saw an 11% increase in women’s representation in the national assembly from 34% to 45%. This is the largest increase since the first democratic elections in 1994 in which women’s representation jumped. At provincial level, women’s representation increased from 30% to 43%. In this male dominated field, we will be speaking about the role of women in Politics. For more information about GETNET go to or contact (021) 697 5355.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

05 May - Human Rights

Today we heard from Mandisi Njoli – from Youth4Change. Youth for Change is a community driven project that deals with all matters of youth development. They have managed to collect youth that were involved in all criminal activities such as gangsterism, drug abuse, possession of dangerous weapons as well as girls that are involved in teenage pregnancy, alcohol abuse as well as selling their bodies for money and have changed them to using all their talents for positive deeds but the two gentlemen explained more the organisation. For more information about you can contact Zwelitsha on 073 287 8299, Mandisi on 072 314 8064 or Wongikhaya on 078 710 9705 alternatively visit

We also heard from Warno Steenkamp and Penny Roberts - From the Masters Court. We were talking about Wills and Estate. A will is a document executed by a person that disposes of his/her property after his/her death. It generally names a personal representative to administer the estate but what happens if the person dies and has left no will well my two experts explained more about the importance of writing down a will and when or where should it be filed. For more information you can contact the department of Justice and Constitutional Development on (021) 410 8329 alternatively go to

We closed off the show with an interview with Jumbo Adams and Andrew Le Roux – from the Independent Community Action Network or ICAN. This is a community based organisation in Tafelsig, Mitchell's Plain. They say participatory democracy is a necessary in order to achieve freedom for all but last month they vowed not to vote during the national elections, they explained more about the reasoning behind that decision. For more information about ICAN contact Jumbo on 084 839 0976 or Andrew on 079 826 3941 or 071 518 6684.
PICS: Cindy Witten

Monday, May 04, 2009

04 May - Health

In today’s show, we were joined on the line by Dr Ivan Bromfield - who is the City of Cape Town’s Director of Health. He spoke to us about swine fever. Cases of swine flu, which has killed people in Mexico, have been confirmed around the world. With experts scrambling to develop a vaccine, there is concern at the potential for a pandemic affecting millions of people. In South Africa which is reported to be the first African state to report suspected cases of the flu (two women who had recently returned from Mexico) has mobilised outbreak response teams in all provinces. Dr Bromfield explained more about the contingency plans they have in place. If you would like more information contact your nearest clinic or hospital.

We also heard from Professor Colin Green - a British surgeon and member of Physicians for Human Rights who will be in SA for a brief visit from 2 -6 May. He will be giving talks about his work and experience in Palestine, specifically Gaza and the West Bank over the last 25 years.. He helped start the first medical school in Palestine in 1999, and will be opening a telemedicine facility in Ramallah on 11 May. We spoke about the work Professor Green does. For more information call (021) 487 9021.

We also heard from Dr Peter De Jong a gynecologist we were talking about Endometriosis. It is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is also found elsewhere in the body, mainly in the abdominal cavity. The most common symptom of endometriosis is pelvic pain. The pain is often with menstruation, however a woman with endometriosis may also experience pain at other times during her monthly cycle. Another symptoms is infertility, and some women with endometriosis also experience severe fatigue. Endometriosis can affect women from all walks of life ranging from adolescence to post-menopause, and be so painful as to render a woman or girl unable to go about her normal routine. March is International Endometriosis Awareness Month in honour of all those affected by the disease. For more information go to or contact him on (021) 422 3290 he is based at Chris Bernard Memorial Hospital.

We closed off the show with an interview with Professor Robin Green – Professor of Paediatric Pulmonology at the University of Pretoria. We were talking about Asthma. Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world, affecting more than 300 million people world-wide. Asthma is characterized by symptoms such as breathlessness, wheezing, chest tightness and coughing. However, asthma experts do know that with proper treatment most asthma patients can achieve good control of their disease. This year’s World Asthma Day theme is “You Can Control Asthma”. In South Africa, the National Asthma Education Campaign collaborates with an international body and is tasked with the responsibility to disseminate globally accepted asthma treatment guidelines and implement asthma related patient education. For more information visit your nearest hospital or clinic alternatively go to or

Friday, May 01, 2009

01 May - Arts, Culture & Environment ( Worker's Day)

On this Public holiday we were joined on the line by Mirjam Asmal-Dik - Managing Director at CAPE Africa Platform. We were talking about Cape Town’s second biennale exhibition of contemporary African Culture that will open tomorrow the 2nd of May till the 21st of June 2009. The exhibition aims to culturally connect Cape Town, South Africa, Africa and the diaspora by creating a ground-breaking contemporary African art event - rooted in the local but global in impact. Titled Convergence, this year’s exhibition is about life today: the people, the connections and networks they make up. They will present exhibitions, public interactions and interventions that reimagine the city of Cape Town as an activated, participatory project space, focusing how we move and engage with each other. Exhibition sites traverse the socio-economic and geographic divides of Cape Town, and include the Metrorail Station, the city centre, Langa and Khayelitsha, as well as moving exhibitions on taxis. For more details about the exhibition, venues, artists and events visit and the local press, alternatively contact (021) 461 2325.

We were also joined on the line by Bryan Rostron – an author of an investigative novel entitled Black Petals. What makes this book different is that it is the first of its kind to be written by a South African author. We were talking about the book as well as Bryan’s career as an author. The book is available in all the reputable book stores and it costs about R 169.00. For more information go to

We also heard from Nigel Vermaas with this week Arts update.