Thursday, October 29, 2015

Labour - Thursday - Sinebongo Food Gardening KwaLanga

Today we were broadcasting live in Cape Town South Africa in  township called KwaLanga in zone 10. Mam Sindiswa together with his son hosted us at Sinebongo Food Gardening , Sinebongo( We are Proud) was born in 2004 after Mam Sindiswa saw the need to bring to together the elderly  people in the community of Langa for them to have something to do during the day. Now they are able to give the elderly a space where they are able to sit and talk about some of the issues they have back at home and help encourage each other on their health. When we got there (Bush Radio team) they welcomed up with a song followed by another . It was heart warming. See some pictures below

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday - Human Rights - Social Grants deductions in South Africa

We spoke to Vainola Makan organizer for the Western Cape for Rights2Know.The group together with Black Sash with their "Hands off our Grants" campaign and other supporting NGOs  will lead a protest marches in Johannesburg and Cape Town on Thursday over the issue of the unlawful deductions for social grant.They demand to know when and if the beneficiaries will be paid back what belongs to them. For more information please visit their website or

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Wednesday - Gender - transgender people in South Africa

After i read an article about a young south african transgender woman that got discriminated against in local a healthcare facility .I felt the need to address issues of being transgender in the new South Africa.
Though in 2003 Alteration of Sex Description Act that says “any person whose sexual characteristics have been altered by surgical or medical treatment or by evolvement through natural development resulting in gender reassignment, or any person who is intersexed” may apply for sex description to be altered on the birth register. Transgender people still face difficulty. I spoke to Katlego from Gender DynamiX who elaborated on the challenges of being transgender in South Africa.