Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Today we spoke spoke to Zandisile Nojilana and Fezile Mgwelana founders of Hustle Gang-Cpt. Hustle Gang-Cpt is a Non Profit initiative that was started in March 2016 with a purpose to benefit the underprivileged communities. The main aim is to get as much youth involve in charity work in order to work to decreasing the high rate of unemployment and change the mind set of how people think to better their futures.

 Hustle Gang-Cpt will be having an event for the elderly people today at Sizamile Old Age Home, as elderly folks needs to feel loved as well and this is there way of showing appreciation to our elderly people.

For more information or to get involve contact:

FaceBook: Hustle Gang-Cpt

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

We spoke to Craig from the Sea Rescue around safety this festive season. Sea Rescue has been around since 1967 it is a volunteer based organisation, but are highly skilled. They have 37 stations around the country and are on duties 24 hours a day around the year.  

The key message if you are pulled by a rip current, just stay calm till the sea be comes calmer and then just keep moving your arms and legs and scream and draw attention towards someone to help you, hence it is important to learn more about rip current.

For more information contact:


Dail 112 from your cellphone.

Today we spoke to Sharon Cox from Triangle Project which is a non profit organisation that fights for the rights of the LGBTIQ Group. They’ve been around for 40 years and existed in different forms in the past.

Triangle is an organisation that works towards a society that is free of discrimination and predigests against LGBTIQ, hence spaces such as Triangle should be created.

The services provided at Triangle are Health and support services, Community engagement and empowerment and Research, advocacy and policy programme.

For more information contact:

Tel: 081 257 6693
Helpline: 021 712 6699
Twitter: @TriangleOrg

Facebook: Triangle Project 

By: Jasnine Roberts

Friday, December 09, 2016


Today we spoke to Franklin Esau aka Frank E a facilitator/ life coach at the Smiling One Foundation about his new single released called Chucks featuring with Toya G and Mack.

Frank E is a Hip Hop artist originally from Elsies River that has used music as something where he can express himself in, hence music has become apart of him, he has learned a lot of things through music as to what you are exposed to in the everyday life. Music has become a tool on to pull him back from all the challenges that have presented themselves through out his life.

The inspiration behind the song Chucks is how he used to grow up, as chucks will always trend, it is about the community and how you need to take it back to where you came from. He then asked Toya G and Mack that is part of the youth that he has been grooming to collaborate with him. The song was created in the CMD, where he found Rocks Delton from UCT who documented his life story and shot the music video of the song chucks, as it is featured in Michell’s Plain, Belhar, Elsies River and Ocean View.

For more information contact:


Facebook: Frank E


We spoke to Colleen and Charmaine from Good Hope Foundation. Good Hope Foundation is a non profit organisation that is passionate about the development of the communities, and decreasing the high rate of drug abuse, poverty ect. They have  been in existence for 17 years and serves towards lot of projects that is for operation feeding schemes.

They look for where the biggest need lays and this festive season they looking at putting some smiles and joy in the lives different communities.

They are seeking the help of everyone to give back to the community in order to make the festive season special to those who are under privileged.

They will have a few events taking place: 

9 December: Good Hope Foundation will be at Tygerberg Hospital putting up Christmas Trimmings for cancer suffering patients.

13 December: They will be at Millicent Gunt   

15 December: At Bonteheuwel at the old age home.

16 December: It will be a family day at Vygieskraal.

23 December: There will be a 3 course meal.

Do get involved, for more information contact: 

Tel: 021 696 6133
Facebook: Good Hope Foundation

Wednesday, December 07, 2016


Today we spoke to Naeemah Simons the Author of the book called I Am A Survivor.

Naeemah is a Social Auxiliary Worker that discovered the passion for writing in high school. She felt she need to debrief herself in some way and that’s how the idea to start writing I am a survivor came about. Naeemah bestow her writing as a gift, as it is exhaling to her, it is an opportunity to connect with people and tell their stories.

I am a survivor is a non fiction book, that speaks about real life situations such as abuse, rape, drug misuse, teenage pregnancy ect. The moral of the book is that everyone is a survivor regardless of your situation / circumstances.

The cover of the book symbolizes: black is the cocoon that everyone is in with all the challenges that you face, the negativity in your life. And the butterfly is the positivism in your life and the day you break free.

The book is an easy read.

For more information or to get in touch contact:

Tel: 074 195 4317
Facebook: I am a survivor

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Every Tuesday Sakhisizwe focuses on any thing related to Human Rights and Today we spoke with Abigel Sheridan the founder of Chic Mamas do care organisation telling us about the Exclusive Fashion Exchange parties where they sell donated no longer wanted garments from boutique to designer labels, and they also do swapping of clothes in a party atmosphere.

Just to tell you more about Chic Mamas do care organisation, the organisation is made up by Mama's who are concerned about the children of South Africa and their future, they created a chic, fun and ethical way of fundraising, to support education and educational projects in under privileged areas of this beautiful country.

For more Information Contact:
Abigel Sheridan
FaceBook: Chic Mamas Do Care
Mobile: 0837159308.

By Donald Puza.