Thursday, April 17, 2014

Labour - Social Development hosts Community Imbizo in Heideveld

In today's show, we spoke to Dr Vuyelwa Nhlapo - CEO of the National Development Agency about the Social Development Community Imbizo in Heideveld. The event was held under the banner of the Department’s Project Mikondzo - a service delivery improvement initiative aimed at improving access to the Department and its entities’ (The South African Social Security Agency and the National Development Agency) services. For further information go to

Transport & Public Works MEC signs MOU with South African National Small Bus Operators Council in the Western Cape

Siphesihle Dube - Spokesperson for the Minister of Transport and Public Works joined us on the line. The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the South African National Small Bus Operators Council in the Western Cape. The intention of the MOU is: To serve as a guideline which will govern the relationship between the Department and SANSBOC-WC, this would enable the department to give the necessary assistance and attention aimed at creating an enabling environment for the bus operators to provide a quality service that will allow for economic self-sustainability.
- To support, encourage and promote the constructive involvement of the SBOs into the main stream formal bus industry and related services in South Africa, specifically the Western Cape.
- To establish structures that will enable the Department (inclusive of all provincial and local governmental structures) and SANSBOC-WC to develop and implement shared strategies for advancing the role of the SBOs as an integral part of the overall provision of public transport in the Western Cape.

46 South Africans to be part of the YALI Washington Fellowship

We closed off with Jane Carpenter-Rock - Assistant Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Consulate. We were talking about the Young African Leadership Initiative Washington Fellowship. The U.S. Embassy has announced that 46 South Africans have been invited to participate in the first ever YALI Washington Fellowship. The South African recipients were selected from almost 4,000 applicants and represent an extraordinary, diverse group of leaders already making important contributions in entrepreneurship, public administration, and community service in their communities. For more information on YALI go to  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gender - Young Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Leadership Project

In today’s show we spoke to Dr Barbara Boswell - Project Officer for the Young Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Leadership Project at the African Gender Institute. They recently hosted more than 40 students and lecturers from the Universities of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Eduardo Mondlane in Mozambique, Wits University and the University of Cape Town in a three-day workshop. The workshop’s aim was to build capacity in the areas of sexual and reproductive health rights education, action research and feminist leadership. For more information about the Young Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Leadership Project go to

Sonke Gender Justice Network promotes "Healthy Relationships"

Patrick Godana – Sonke Gender Justice Network Government and Media Liaison Manager was Instudio talk about "Healthy Relationships". Over the next couple of months Bush Radio together with Sonke Gender Justice, is going to look at the role that fathers can play in the lives of their partners, children and in the reduction of HIV and AIDS. The programme is brought to you by MenCare. MenCare is a global campaign to promote men’s involvement as equitable, responsive and non-violent fathers and caregivers. For further information you can contact Patrick on (021) 423 7088 or send an email to

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Human Rights - Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa to host a National People’s Convention

In today's short, we were joined by Faiez Kirsten and Jan Lowveld – From the Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa. We were talking about the National People’s Convention of Southern Africa they will be hosting on the 29th of April. They are looking for volunteers to facilitate home video screenings and discussion groups on April 29th  2014 in all areas on the following subjects:
1. Bank fraud
2. Common Law
3. Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa
They meet every Tuesday at Alive Café at 11 Atlantic Road in Muizenberg. Further information send an email to or alternatively go to  

Mayibuye Archives Centre is hosting Langa/Sharpeville Exhibition

We also spoke to Lubabalo Mgqatsa – UWC Library Science student and co-organiser of the Langa/Sharpeville Exhibition. We spoke about the Langa/Sharpeville Exhibition hosted by UWC Mayibuye Archives Centre and Robben Island Museum Collection. The exhibition aims to tell a story through artefacts such as pictures, newspaper clippings, video clips and any memorabilia associated with the event. It will be up till the end of May. For more information go to or contact the Centre on (021) 959 3526.

The South African Constitution guarantees to everyone the right of access to health care services, however despite the fact that the government has taken important initiatives in the health sector many South Africans still do not enjoy affordable and adequate access to health care facilities. The health sector provides many urgent challenges to government and civil society. On the Health segment of SAKHISIZWE Bush Radio is rising to the challenge and creating awareness around (to mention a few of our program coverage), HIV/Aids, Immunisation, Acute Childhood illnesses, Cervical Cancer and other poverty related diseases like tuberculosis and cholera.


Human rights are given clear prominence in the Constitution. Among the rights stipulated are those of equality, freedom of expression and association, political and property rights, housing, healthcare, education, access to information and access to courts. Do you know what your rights are, whether they have been violated and would you know what course of action is open to you if in fact they have been violated ? Every Tuesday we seek to inform and empower you about your rights, whether you have been treated unfairly at you place of work, because of your gender or the language that you speak.


The Gender show on Sakhisizwe while it acts in the interest of women, also serves to incorporate and address issues that pertain to men. We look at gender issues in a holistic manner serving not only to provide women with contact details of organisations that would assist them if they find themselves in a negative situation but also delve into why men are abusive and what the effects of their abuse are on their families and themselves as men, husbands and fathers. We also pay particular attention to the most disadvantaged, poverty stricken women ie domestic workers, farmworkers. The overall message of the show is that gender equality starts at home and that we need to value girls and women.


One of South Africa’s major challenges is the grave unemployment situation – in a survey that was conducted in 1995 out of 14.4 million economically active adults, 4.2 million were unemployed. Unemployment is higher among the black population and women are most affected at 65%. The Labour show on Sakhisizwe aims to play a significant role in addressing unemployment and poverty by providing pertinent information around the following issues: Domestic workers and their rights, maternity benefits, unfair dismissal BEE and UIf to mention a few.


South Africa is a cultural melting pot, full of different ingredients and flavours - Get a taste of this tasty dish on Sakhisizwe’s Arts, Culture and Environment show on Friday from township ballet to African Opera, with a dash of jukskei, kwaito and much, much more. We will also focus on our abundant wildlife wonders and world acknowledged heritage sites.

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