Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Young, woman and making a difference.

Rizqah Cato is a woman who does as much as she can to for various communities. She is passionate about lending a hand to those who are in need. She uses her social media platform not as a way of bragging but as a way of inspiring others to also do the little they can, with what they have and where they can.

Rizqah is currently collecting clothes and donating them to an orphanage, the clothes mostly come from her own wardrobe or her children's, that they no longer need.

She also recently helped out in Phumlani, a township in Cape Town, during and after the fires that destroyed many people's homes and left a few traumatized.

She is currently working on building her social media accounts to attract a higher following, it is 2019 and social media plays a vital part in incoming generating too; but not just for that, Rizqah wants to be able to inspire and motivate other people to help out in their communities.

Rizqah Cato
Rizqah also touched on how cyber bullying is real and the way she gets through it is by speaking openly with her family about it and they build her up and she self-motivates. Also, focusing on why she does what she does builds her up.

To get involved with some of the work she is doing then follow her on the below platforms:

Facebook: Rizqah Cato
Instagram: rizqahcato_official

I think that a very important part of our job is prevention

We had Dr Corn'e Smith, a dentist. She qualified at the University of Pretoria in 2005. She has special interests in Orthodontics, Full cosmetic reconstructions, and Aesthetic dentistry.
Dr Corn'e has over 10 year's experience in doing full reconstructions for people with extended dental trauma or decay and she also has for treating kids and adults with extreme anxiety.

According to Dr Corn'e "The most people come to us  for regular check-up so it's our responsibility as dentist to look at there teeth and to look for any cavities when you are experiencing problems and to see how we can potentially treat and also prevent any further damage. I think that a very important part of our job is prevention".

The advise that she give is to do a check-up at least every year and to go to the oral hygienist every 6 months. Some people even go for check-up every 6 months that's great if you wanna do that, but at least once a year.

When you go to the dentist for a check-up , they always take x-rays and they look at your teeth to see if there are any cavities starting. They can prevent from forming and that can really only happen in the span of 12 months so if you go for a checkup every 12 months they should be able to pick up things before it becomes a big problem.

When they look at the effects that are Dental Health actually has a nasty stomach ulcer or overall health then there's so many different things that can come into play there's actually some statistics that show that dental health is directly related to people with cardiovascular disease so you can actually increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack if you don't take care of your teeth.

For more information, you can contact them on: 
Website: https://www.cornesmith.co.za
Email: info@cornesmith.co.za
Tel: 021 671 1504

A versatile and inventive vocalist and composer

We Nicky Schrire , vocalist, composer and educator.

Nicky Schrire is a versatile and inventive vocalist and composer whose work has earned her comparisons to artists like Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, and Esperanza Spalding. She has performed in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, London, Dublin and South Africa, with musicians ranging from Abdullah Ibrahim, Arno Carstens, and Sibongile Khumalo, to Grammy-nominated pianists Gerald Clayton and Gil Goldstein.

"I was a child that always played music in the house, in the car. I watch a lot of musical videos, TCM movie and my mother was incredibly encouraging of her children learning about different art forms . Hence we can play the music ; I just switch from musicals, but the decision to study it came about, because I loved it and I never really considered studying anything else and my parents were very supportive" Nicky Schire.

She received her Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of Cape Town and her Masters Degree from New York's Manhattan School of Music where she studied with Peter Eldridge, Theo Bleckmann and Dave Liebman. She released three critically acclaimed jazz albums-2012's "Freedom Flight", 2013's "Space and Time", and the 2014 EP "To The Spring"-which earned her comparisons to songwriters like Joan Baez, Becca Stevens, and Mary Chapin Carpenter. With this encouragement, and her jazz stylings borrowing more and more from the folk genre, she recorded a singer-songwriter EP entitled "An Education".

Nicky is also an educator with over ten years of teaching experience in various contexts including private vocal instruction, workshops and master classes. She was a lecturer at the University of Cape Town in the Jazz Department for three years (2016, 2017, 2018), during which time she taught improvisation, jazz ear training, jazz ensemble, music business skills, and gave private voice instruction.
According to her "Many people who are successful in the art and the music industry and they didn't all get there at the same way and so I don't necessarily diminish someone who is getting a constant income from their music and doing really well, but they don't have a full educational degree. I don't think it's necessary for everyone, but personally it has been absolutely invaluable and it is allowed me to explore different colours and it's allowed me to play with people and to kind of hold my own. I know how to prepare I know how to perform I mean I'm still learning everyday. I get okay with people who are better than me and it makes me a better musician and performer so personally I think education is a great thing but there are other ways to get the foreshore".

For more information, you can contact them on: 
Website: www.nickyschrire.com

Monday, August 19, 2019

Owning your sexual experience.

It is women's month and one of our goals is to represent women and some of the issues they are facing.

One of the issues is women not being "allowed" to own their sexuality and be sexual beings, which is why we felt that it was significant to speak to sexologist and sex coach Nicole.

Sexology is the scientific study of human sexuality, including human sexual interests, behaviors, and functions. Then there is the sexologist that will then give you advice and coaching, which is what Nicole does.

sadly though, in South Africa sexology is not taught.

We asked Nicole how important self-pleasuring is and she said that, even though she would not say every women should as a rule but she highly advises it as how can you truly know what you would like your partner to do if you don't know what you like.

It is important to have conversations with your partner about sex so that you can say what you like and do not like and also be comfortable enough to speak about your health status. With being comfortable to have conversation about sex then you will also be able to introduce intimacy devices and explore your sexuality.

We do need to move into a part as society where women are able to express themselves sexually. Intimacy is for both those involved, men and women.

To contact Nicole and find out more then you can go to https://permissionresource.com or email nicole@permissionresource.com.

Friday, August 16, 2019

ORIBI Village is launching a 4-month entrepreneurship program for social entrepreneurs

We had Spokazi Tati from Oribi Village, an innovative movement that promotes and supports local social entrepreneurs based in Cape Town and its surrounding townships, driven by social and environmental responsibility.
ORIBI VILLAGE’s mission is to enable and connect ideas and individual actions to ignite a collective movement towards social and environmental changes.

They are an  incubation program throughout the whole year.They have different programs ,they started last year around mid-August and only had their first intake of social entrepreneurs in September they are launching their third quarter for off applications that carry what's happening now . The concept behind that was really to promote the lifetime of a ruby and constantly goes with the community and grows up habitat the moment it basically Crescent dies with the other relief that it goes with and it's also I think it's native to Southern Africa or Africa in general so that's with them from that's also one of the missions .

ORIBI Village is launching a 4-month entrepreneurship program for social entrepreneurs and future change makers working in the tourism industry.The training is free of charge and will take place at Oribi Village (19 Park Road, Gardens) and the deadline to apply is on August 19th.

They offer a co-working space in the heart of Cape Town, a collaborative and tailored workshops, personalized follow-up and support, mentorship provided by a team of dedicated experts, access to a wide network of entrepreneurs, corporate and investors, a free access to ORIBI weekly events.
The selection process will be held on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd and the program starts on September 5th.

For more information, you can contact them on:
Facebook: Oribi villgae
Instagram: Oribi village

All of their products are made in Mitchell's plain and Cape Town so they are empowering local development.

We had Shona Mcdonald the founder of Thursdayz. Thursdayz designs and manufactures lingerie and swimwear for females 'C cup and up. It was launched in December 2018. They are also currently running a crowdfunding.

"Basically we make lingerie and swimwear for women" and she started the brand because she couldn't find any bra's or somewhere that fit her properly that made her feel beautiful. And when she did, it was really  affordable and she felt really bad about herself so she thought if she is feeling this way there must be so many women feeling the same. She studied entrepreneurship and she started working on the brand slowly and she is really pleased to say that they launched their first collection in December and it's going really well and she is super excited about it and it's really beautiful.

All of their products are made in Mitchell's plain and Cape Town so they are empowering local development.

It is a dying skills as well so it's really important that they keep it alive or used to have a booming lingerie industry and its really you can't find people to make a skill with the skills anymore so they had to actually take somebody who is 77 years old now and encourage her to teach their team and she's been phenomenal.

And they are now making really high-quality products that arguably on international standards and then they crowdfunding, because she had a lot of woman approached her really excited about the thought of a brand that caters for them, but at the moment they only make 16 sizes. They are crowd funding to extend the size range because it's not big enough if you look around so many women have so many big boobs mean if that makes sense, but it's really difficult to find is bigger sizes in stores so it's difficult to restart up to be doing so much all at once .That's why the crowdfunding they putting the control back into the hands of the woman who need the product so if you are a lady with big boobs you can go onto their page and purchase look for thunderbirds and you can pre-order your size you can get cool t-shirts that are made their of recycled plastic.

She collaborated with Kevin Brown as well so even if you're a guy even if you have small boobs you can still support the campaign with a really cool reward. And about reward-based crowdfunding is that you guaranteed to get something in return so it's not like you just giving a donation and  hoping for the best for the company as like you get something.

Turning homes in to restaurants

Dine With started back in March 2015 in Khayelitsha. It is a platform bridges the gap between townships and cities through conversational dinners in different households in various communities.

Sivenathi Thonga came in to tell more about what Dine With is.

They started off as they wanted to raise funds for an NPO, HaveFun. Though they have moved away from that, Sivenathi mentioned that if you are looking to collaborated with them you can contact them and they will be more than happy to work something out.

They have progressed to having Dine With events in not only Khayelitsha but some other townships in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

How it works is that if you want to host a dinner in your home then you let them know and they will send an inspector to come take a look, this can be any kind of home from shack to a  double storey home.
Sivenathi Thonga

If you are looking to attend then you can go to their website, fill in your details and choose they day you would like dine on. They will send you a form, just to get a few details about your dietary requirements.

The fee is R350, this includes a meal and transport from and to the collection point. The transport is provided by taxi drivers, so they involve the community.

This is a networking and social learning opportunity, to have conversations with like minded people and get a feel of how other people live.

Website: https://dinewith.co.za/