Friday, March 16, 2018

Zoe Zana, Nwabisa Plaaitjies & Zizipho Quluba

As per usual we focussed on Arts and Culture on this Friday edition of Sakhisizwe. 

At 12:30 we had top four Idols SA 2013 finalist Zoe Zana in the studio to talk to us about her musical journey up until now. She also gave us some more insight on the production of her debut single 'Bulletproof' before blessing us with a beautiful live performance. 

Contact Details: 

After Nigel Vermaas' Arts Update we interviewed 24 year old Nwabisa Plaaitjies, who is the director of '23 years, A Month and 7 Days'. This Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards nominee took us through her creative proces and gave an insight on her play which you can go view at the Baxter Flipside untill the 24th of March. Lead actor Zizipho Quluba also joined us to speak about her experiences throughout the whole proces up until now.

Tickets cost R49 if you buy before end of the day on Friday 16 March; R100, R50 for students and R70 for block bookings. Booking is through Webtickets on 085 111 0005, online at or at selected Pick n Pay stores.

By Laurens Driessen

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

CSVR & Unleashing Pain The Changing Gears

As we're halfway through the workweek we had two interesting interviews lined up for you on today's edition of Sakhisizwe.

First we spoke to Annah Moyo-Kupeta from the Centre For The Study Of Violence & Reconciliation. Which is a multi-disciplinary institute involved in research, policy formation, community interventions, service delivery and training on the prevention and reconciliation of violent incidents.
She told us about the work they are doing as an organisation and how they are currently collaborating with various organisations throughout the continent of Africa. This to further improve the state of transitional justice in Africa.

Contact Details:

Phone: 011 403 5650
Twitter: @_CSVR

At 1:30 we had a chat with Nonzukiso Dibela, author of the book 'Unleashing Pain The Changing Gears'. In this book she speaks about her experience with rape at the age of 8 and how this changed and shaped her life. Nonzukiso took us through the writing proces and how this helped her to cope with her past experiences. Finally she also stressed how important it is for people going through the same thing to talk about this and not just keep quiet.

People wanting to buy the book can contact her on the following number:

Phone/Whatsapp: 073 570 2014


By Laurens Driessen

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Happy Hearts FC & Community Chest

On this edition of Sakhisizwe we spoke to Andisani Makapela from Happy Hearts FC based in Langa. He is the development officer and informed us about the work they are doing for the children through their organisation.
Happy Hearts (2016) uses soccer and netball to reach out to children in Langa and guide them in their development and education. In other words, it's much more than just a sportsclub and everyone willing to show dedication to the club is welcome without any other requirements.

Contact Details:

Phone: 063 282 5341

After the news at 1 we had an interview with Lorenzo Davids, CEO at Community Chest Western Cape.
Community Chest is an organisation which focusses on improving the lives of all South Africans by mobilising the caring power of communities, business and government to advance the common good. As they are celebrating their 90th birthday this year Lorenzo told us about their vision for the near future, in which they want to fight inequality on a more structural level.

Contact Details:

Phone: 021 487 1500


By Laurens Driessen

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Project Playground & 2018 BRICS Summit

Today on Sakhisizwe we first spoke to Thembinkosi from Project Playground based in Langa. This is a non-profit organisation working towards increasing the life of children and youth in South Africa through meaningful skill sets.
Thembinkosi also told us about the free event they are having on the 23rd of March in Langa. International organisations will be present aswell as workers from the community of Langa to provide an international exchange. Everyone is more than welcome to attend this event.

Contact Details:

Facebook: Project Playground - South Africa
Phone: 021 633 1111

At 1pm we had an interview with Nelson Kgwete, who's a spokesperson for The Departement of International Relations and Coorperation. He spoke to us about the 10th annual BRICS summit as it will be held in South Africa this year. Other BRIC countries are Brazil, Russia, India and China.
This year they will be focussing on involving more African countries into the economic and political partnerships.

Contact Details:

Phone: 021 464 3700

By Laurens Driessen

Monday, March 05, 2018

Paediatric Surge Awareness Month.

Dr. Caroline Zabiegaj –Zwick Paediatric Surgeon spoke to us about Paediatric Surge awareness month.

Paediatric Surgeon is a specialist who looks after children who needs surgery or who has undergone a surgery, and this include foetuses, infants, children, adolescents and young adults. You consult a paediatric surgeon when there is a congenital abnormality or need a surgery of any kind. 

Dr. Caroline say’s “I am passionate about children and it is important to be passionate about children and to get on the level of the children to win their trust”.

For more information contact:

Email: reception@
Tel: 021 000 2353

By: Jasnine Roberts

How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Short Tips to Keep You in Tip Top Health (

Anyone will tell you that nothing is more important than your health, and staying healthy should be your #1 priority. These little tips, tricks, and pieces of advice should help you and those around you to stay healthy.

1.     If you feel like eating but are not sure if you’re really hungry, ask yourself if you’d like to have an apple. If the answer is ‘no’, you’re most likely bored rather than hungry.
2. Exercising before going to bed makes your muscles burn more calories during the night.
3. Crying releases excess stress hormones and is scientifically proven to ease mental strain.
4. A mid-day nap improves your memory and reduces the chances of developing heart diseases.
5. If you’re feeling anxious and stressed, eat a melon. Melons help relieve anxiety and stress, plus they boost your metabolism.
6. Start learning a new language or how to play an instrument. These actions help slow down the brain’s aging process.
7. While driving, chew mint or cinnamon-flavored gum. It has been proven to reduce feelings of frustration by 25%, increase your vigilance by 30%, and makes the drive feel 30% shorter.
8. You can ‘program’ your brain to be happy in a simple way: think of three things you’re grateful for every day. Do this for 21 days and you’ll notice the change.
9. Skipping a meal can cause you to gain weight. Your body thinks you’re going through a famine, which causes it to work in energy-saving mode and makes burning calories more difficult.
10. Listening to music regularly is said to reduce the chances of developing a brain tumor.
11. Drink two cups of cold water before a meal, as this boosts metabolism by up to 30%.
12. If you suffer from headaches or mental stress, lie down next to a wall with your legs elevated and leaning against the wall at a 90-degree angle. Maintain this position for 5 minutes.
13. Running for half an hour a day will help you reduce 0.5kg (1 lb) of fat a week.
14. Drinking a lot of water during the day helps you sleep better at night.
15. Women who walk for an hour each day reduce their chances of getting breast cancer by 15%.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

On Sakhisizwe we spoke to Professor Michael Herbst Health Specialist at Cansa(Cancer Association of South Africa) about Colorectal Cancer.

Colorectal Cancer also known as Colon or Rectum cancer is a small growth of tissue that starts in the lining and grows into a centre of the colon or rectum. Early detection signs and symptoms will change in bowel habits, including diarrhoea, constipation, rectal bleeding or blood in the stool, persistent abdominal discomfort eg: cramps, gas or pain, a feeling that the bowel doesn’t empty completely, weakness or unexplained weight loss.   

Lifestyle factors that contribute to increased risk of colorectal cancer are the way you eat: Junk food, Red meat, Alcohol, Smoking and Diet. Avoid this by limiting your alcohol intake, quite smoking, add colour in your fruit and veg’s, be active by doing exercise, taking a walk and not sitting whole day in front of a device and stick to white meat.

This is mostly common in the age group from 30-40, as 1 in 75 men will be at risk and 1 in 135 women and this does not mean children can’t be affected.

For more information contact:
Tel : 0800 22 66 22

By: Jasnine Roberts