Thursday, October 27, 2016

Positive Change- Sakhisizwe Building A Nation/ Bou Die Nasie


I spoke to Bianca Van Rooi CSI Coordinator of My Earth Community. My Earth Community is a CSI (Cooperate Social Investments) initiative of Temo Consulting run in urban and rural sectors. Keisie Youth Summer Festival is one of the initiatives that take place in the Keisie Valley which is a small town just outside Montague.

Keisie Youth Summer Festival will take place the 17 December 2016 just outside Montague.

Through the cooperative they plan on making improvements to the physical environment, to bring employment opportunities through government tenders and to provide after-school care, Literacy and learning centre and development programmes for the children.

You can get involve to donate a shoe box which consist of Toiletries, stationery, clothing item, toy and something sweet or by just volunteering.

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 424 9296
FB: My Earth Community

Twitter: @Myearthcommunity

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Gender quality should not matter whether you are male or female, everyone should have equal opportunity that should be equity- Sakhisizwe Building The Nation- Bou Die Nasie.   

I spoke to Carryn Rensie from Mosaic. Mosaic started in 1993 and is an organisation that works with domestic abuse and sexual violence. The organisation was established by a single social worker who saw the need to assist women who were victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Mosaic works hand in hand with other organisations that fights for the same cause and offer programmes such as Social Service, Court Support, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Training & Development and Engaging Men and Boys and all there services is provided free of charge.

Mosaic helps to reunite the whole family and not just the females. As men also goes through abuse, but just goes unreported.

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 761 7585

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Changing Lives…


Health Care, Food, Water and Social Security.

I spoke to Estee Du Toit from Pebbles Projects. Pebbles Projects is 12years in the making and the project was started off to focus on FASD, but than realise children in the Winelands Farming communities are not just affected by FASD but have special needs in general.

Pebbles Project has a 5 pillar programme, education, health, communities, nutrition and protection.

If you want to get involve simply go on there website and make a difference in a child’s life.

The 29 October 2016, Pebbles Project will be having a community netball and soccer day for the whole family.

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 865 1000 / 082 924 3550

Making A Contribution To Refugee Well-Being, Self-Reliance And Social Cohesion- Sakhisizwe Building The Nation-Bou Die Nasie

Today I spoke to Mr.B and Magandela Mbali from Aresta (Agency for Refugee Education, Skills Training and Advocacy).
ARESTA provides education and skills training to refugees, asylum seekers and South Africans, helping them develop their own strengths in order for them to become self-reliant.

Aresta has a new programme in place HIV/AIDS, where they provide free counselling and assistance to health care to assist refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. The service is offered free for testing and counselling, however you need to pre book for testing.

ARESTA will be having a Soccer Tournament the 29 October 2016, at 9:00 at the Mfuleni Stadium.

For more information contact:

Address: 3 Beverley Street, Athlone CBD, 7764.
Tel: 021 696 5764
       081 004 8787
       073 586 1512

       071 183 8918

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I spoke to Gavin Moffat from Man Kind Project.

Man Kind Project started 30 years ago; however it was established in South Africa in 1998. It is global organisation that conducts challenging and rewarding programmes for men, meaning Man Kind Project helps men to become better fathers, husbands and uncles and just better human beings.

For more information contact:

Facebook: MKP South Africa
Tel : 086 001 7411  

 Let change start with you

I spoke to Victoria Senjosingwe from Western Cape Albinism & Hypo-Pigment Foundation about the challenges that people with an Albinism encounter.

Western Cape Albinism & Hypo-Pigment Foundation is a platform to raising awareness about albinism and building self esteem.

Albinism is an inherited condition, where a person is unable to produce melanin (colouring of the skin, hair and eyes) lack of pigment. There are different kinds of albinism conditions.

Ocular Albinism affects the eyes and is much less common.
Oculocutaneous Albinism affects the skin, hair and eyes, this is more common.

People with Albinism need to take precaution to avoid damage to their skin by avoiding the sun during 9:00am to 16:00pm, due to their skin being sensitivity people with Albinism may develop sores on their skin that could lead to skin cancer.

On the 25th of October 2016, Western Cape Albinism & Hypo-Pigment Foundation will be having an event at Lookout Hill in Khayelitsha.  

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 361 0960
      072 498 6622
Facebook: Western Cape Albinism & Hypo-Pigment Foundation


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I spoke to Christina Nomdo from Rapcan.
Rapcan started in 1989 and strives for a society where adults take responsibility for the safety of children, where children participating in the realization of their rights and are able to achieve their full potential.

RAPCAN (Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) is a registered Non-profit Company, Non-profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Rapcan stands for Resource Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. Their main aims are to focus on prevention, to prevent something from happening or after it have happened. Work with high risked communities.

Programmes offered at Rapcan:
Child Participation
Children Are Precious
Today’s Children Tomorrow’s Parents
Child Witness Project
Positive Discipline

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 712 2330