Wednesday, April 17, 2019


WeCanChangeOurWorld is an online media and news platform to showcase, connect and communicate all social and environmental development, with the view to facilitate and optimize collaboration between the stakeholders: Government, Businesses, NGO's / NPO's and Service Providers for the greater good for everyone.

We spoke to Cheryl Harper, Founder of WeCanChangeOurWorlg regarding her organisation.

10 years ago, WeCanChangeOurWorld was born out of the need to create a bridge between corporate funds which wanted to put their money into development and the non governmental organisations which needed funding to operate efficiently.

The growth of the organisation has been amazing through all these years: over 1500 NGO's were registered and helped to receive funding. Many success stories have been published to showcase the great work that we do.

"We would like to see two main social changes in our country: we would like the Government to support more when it comes to early child development regarding good nutrition for the first 4 years of a child's-life and particular attention must be on the education sector too" said Cheryl.

The different services that we provide

For more information contact:
landline: 021 448 5828

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Friday, April 05, 2019

Education Platform Project

Sex, penis, vagina..... are words considered almost as the ''N'' or the ''F'' word. It is just taboo to talk about sex in our so-called society. You have to literally lower your voice to say sex.

For you, we brought Nicole, she is a Sex Coach and a Sexologist so we can talk about her educational platform project regarding sex education.

As we said before, talking about sex is still taboo and for reasons that we don't know, South Africa does not offer a sexology qualification to people. (by the way , Nicole studied in the USA).

While talking about sex is sacrilege, over 3000 young girls from the age of 10-14 years-old were pregnant last year only and if you see how the number of  young people getting infected by HIV/AIDS, you can only conclude that it is imperative to educate people about sex.

Nicole created an Education Platform Project with the aims to make sex education as just accessible as pornography; a 9 years-old child in our country has access to porn and to give parents tools to use when talking about sex to their children.

There is nothing to be ashamed of when not only enjoying sex or talking about it she said.

Support the Education Platform Project and let's educate each other.

                                     By: Panphil Tshisumpa 

The Social Behavior Change Campaign

We all agree with the saying "Youth, hope of tomorrow" but we don't have a deep look on what they are facing on a daily basis and we don't provide most of the time, or possible solutions to them.

In our country, adolescents in general and female adolescents particularly endure a lot: from teen pregnancy to substances-abuse to frequent rape etc.. But one of the main scourge, we have to point fingers at is HIV.

Among the young population between the age of 10-19 years-old, there are 320'000 new infected with HIV: a number that gives a parent a chill effect.

Getty Machimane from the Department of Health, joined us on the phone to help the community to find some possible solutions to tackle this terrible phenomenon.

The Department of Health has the mission of improving health status through the prevention of illnesses and the promotion of healthy lifestyles and to consistently improve the healthcare delivery system by focusing on access, equity, efficiency, quality and sustainability.

Education is very crucial when it comes to the fight of HIV or any sex related sicknesses and it should always start with the family/parents at home. You as a parent, not only you lead by example, but you educate your child, there are consequences when you are sexually active. Later on, education will continue at schools...said Machimane.

The Social Behavior Change Campaign was launched by the Department of Health to educate young female adolescent of the risks they would encounter when having sex and to inform them of the existence of Pre Exposure Proxalatif when you had unprotected sex.
The Campaign wants to empower girls by keeping them in schools first and later on to help them find employment.

For more information contact:
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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Time to Thrive

Women in general and young girls particularly suffer from many social injustices imposed to them by a  macho society: rape, gender based violence, inequality, to name only those three are what women go through on a daily basis.

We received Tessa Whyatt from Time to Thrive Leadership to talk about how they empower young women.

Through their programs called Time to Thrive, they educate, they give a platform to young women to know that nothing is stopping them to be better, to excel in life, to stay in school. They want young females to know that a woman's life is not limited to be a wife or mother in the kitchen: women can have big dreams and turn them into reality.

They provide life skills, self skills and leadership skills to women in order for them to equipped and face the daily challenges that they might encounter.

One of the main issues, they are facing is funding. They want you to help them to keep on helping our young women.

For more information contact:
Web: thrive leadership/timetothrive
Tel: 084 980 5319

                                       By: Panphil Tshisumpa

Ocean Breeze Youth Empowerment

Our youths are living with many harms on a daily basis: teens pregnancy, HIV,  high rate of suicide, unemployment, gangsterism.. and one of the biggest curse is substance abuse. In fact, 80% of SA's male youth deaths are alcohol related and drug consumption according to SANCA Drug Awareness. It is estimated to be twice the world norm and The SA National Youth Risk Behaviour Survey adds that 15% of pupils admitted to using over-the-counter drugs to get high: 11.5% of pupils had tried at least one drug such as heroin, mandrax, tik, dagga...

The abuse of all forms of drugs is a huge problem that needs urgent attention. Hence, organisations such as Ocean Breeze Youth Empowerment want to assist with anti-substance abuse.

Mujahied Ebrahim and Pushana Gordon, both from Ocean Breeze Youth Empowerment came to us to talk about this epidemic our communities are faced with.

Not only does young people use drugs a lot, but many of them overdosed as well, it is imperative to help them, to raise awareness among them about the mortal dangers of drug consumption by creating platforms where the youth can be educated, places where they can be counselled in order to know what are the real reasons why young people turn to drugs.

On Saturday, 30th March 2019, Ocean Breeze had one of many hikes, they want us to be apart of it. IT is free and you don't need a special outfit for it, as you can hike bare foot.

For more information contact:
Facebook: ocean breeze youth empowerment
Instagram: obyouthempowermnet
Tel: 074 218 8424

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Friday, March 29, 2019

The Centre for Early Childhood Development

The Centre for Early Childhood Development (CECD) opened its doors in 1994. They are a national resource centre providing training, support and advice in the field of early childhood development. The focus of their work is on improving the education and care of children from disadvantaged communities.

Education is a constitutional right hence, every one is entitled to receive it especially from the grass root age but unfortunately, people don't focused enough on it, when it come to childhood development and the government not only is not committed to it, but not enough money is allocated to the intellect growth of children.
In two decades, 60 organisations dealing with childhood development  have closed. It's truly a crisis

For 25 years, CECD teachers creche-owners, young leaders, babysitters, parents tools of how to educate children properly regarding nutrition, puzzle construction, recyclable materials, how to deal with finances and personals...

The Centre for Early Childhood Development is turning 25 years-old very soon so they will have a conference under the theme of "Young Leaders for Children" on the 1 October 2019. Attendees will get tools to become great leaders for children, they will learn the management skills to run an organisation...

For more information contact:
Conference web:
Tel: 021 683 2420

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A real plague that strikes terror in the Country, an evil that we don't want to name, but we have to: Cancer. A malady that does not discriminate, every one is reachable when it comes to it. In fact, Cancer is South Africa's biggest killer, it causes more deaths than HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria combined according to Discovery Health Medical Scheme.

Do you know the old saying that goes:"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". If yes, organisations such as PinkDRive has been contributing meaningfully towards preventing, from succumbing to breast, cervical, prostate and testicular cancer.

PinkDrive is a health sector non-governmental organisation, founded in 2009 by Ms. Noelene Kotschan, on the premise that early detection will help prolong a life.

In the studio, we spoke to Dr. Parker who is the founder of the BIG Walk and Megan Davids from PinkDrive.

Early detection is truly the key to help prolonging a life hence, PinkDrive educates and raises awareness in men and women of the community to get checked and see if they have cancer.

Men get yourselves checked for prostate and breast cancer, women for breast cancer through a mammogram.

For this time around, PinkDrive is the beneficiary of The Cape Town Big Walk.
The Big Walk was founded in 2000 to raise funds to help worthy organisations that affect the communities.

The Big Walk will be on the 7 of April, a 10KM and 5KM a WALk plus a 8KM of FUN RUN. Sigh up for such a good cause. On that day, free checking will be done by PinkDrive to every signer.

For more information contact:
Big Walk-Tel: 021 637 1607
PinkDrive-Tel: 021 697 5650

                                             By: Panphil Tshisumpa