Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday - Gender Related issues- Faces and Phases a book by Zanele Muholi

Today marks yet another highlight to Sakhisizwe as we had an interesting interview with Zanele Muholi.
Zanele Muholi is a photographer and visual activist who affirms and celebrates the multiplicity of human identity and sexuality. Representing the black female body in an honest and compelling way, her intimate portrayal of love reveals beauty and tenderness, and asserts the joy of close relationship with radical and liberating energy.

Zanele has played a significant role in creating awareness on the rights of the LGBTI community in this new democracy , she specifically focuses on the black lesbian in South Africa as they are the people who inspire her to continue doing her amazing works. Now today's interview also focused on the book launch of  a long awaited book called Faces and Phases. Faces and Phases portraits were created between 2013 and 2014 and form part of an expanding archive of lesbian , gay , bisexual, and transgender(LGBT) community in South Africa. Zanele's integrity and affinity with those she photographs establishes deep trust and creates dignified visual statements.  

Zanele continued to explain that the compilation of  this book has been a journey that's still continuing as long as black lesbians in South Africa  are being victims of brutality and hate crime. She adds that in 2006 she was inspired by a young black lesbian women and each year young lesbians are murdered  and those are the stories she documents.

For more information visit her blog and find more of her work.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday- Human Rights -Know your consumer rights!!!

On today show i had an interesting interview with Buyile Nopote from Consumer Protection speaking to us about the rights of consumers. Now we needed to understand the term consumer what does it mean in simple terms. Buyile went to explain that when we say consumer we simply mean a person that goes to the shop\store to buy something and it can be anything that you are purchasing.  Bad quality products , broken promises and contract foul-ups are just some of the problems faced regularly by consumers. But the rights of South African consumes are protected by law , which means they can be demanded redress . These are some of the rights that we as consumers are suppose to know.
An understandable, credit agreement in plain language.
A quote pre-agreement statement, binding for five days.
Adverting and marketing which contain all the information in the cost of credit.
Limited credit sales whilst you are at work or at home.
Feedback as to why a credit application was unsuccessful.
 For more information about these rights and more of them , please visit 
011 554 2600

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Malifa Foundation-Thursday_Labour Day

Happy Thursday to everyone-in today's show i spoke to a young inspiring women from Paarl ,Nozuko Nkani. The Malifa Foundation is a newly established foundation in Paarl it caters for  children that are disable. The foundations aims to establish a space were children with disability can receive educational programs passively stretching medical attention. Part of their focus is to treat these children to respect and dignity that they deserve as well as play and give them unconditional love that the deserve. Nozuko is a young that is very passionate about helping children with disability in her community , she adds that the motivation behind her work is that people mistreat children with disability and to her that is heartbreaking.

If you would like to contribute in making Malifa Foundation a warm welcoming home for children with disabilities please do contact her on 078 694 1235 or simply call Bush Radio ask for Lazola Solani on 021 1448 5450. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday-Arts and Culture-Theatre

On today's show i looked at the UHM production staged at Artscape , director Koleka Patuma came to speak to us more about itHere's a bit of background about the production as well as the team .

The Papercut Collective, a theatre-making group consisting of the University of Cape Town Drama Department's 2014 graduating class of Theatre Making students, will present their award-winning production, UHM, at the Artscape Arena this December. Facilitated by the UCT Drama Department and the Little Theatre, UHM was originally created for the 2014 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Its run at the festival earned UHM the Best Student Writing Award.
Directed by Koleka Putuma and written by Alex McCarthy and Callum Tilbury, UHM is a madscape collision between history and the present, the unconscious and the real world. The historical figures of Queen Victoria (Kathleen Stephens), Cecil John Rhodes (Callum Tilbury) and Sol Plaatje (Jason Jacobs) go to battle over the soul of Coceka (Sive Gubangxa), a young black woman living in contemporary South Africa, much to the dismay of her boyfriend, Tony (Alex McCarthy).
UHM explores the English language and its history of colonialism, which has left a string of problems in its wake. With South Africa still in a state of questioning limbo while her people try to decipher the grey areas between race, language, and culture, UHM combines a theatrical exploration of these issues with a highly entertaining story. The production is designed by Jason Jacobs and Kathleen Stephens.
UHM runs at the Artscape Arena from 3 - 13 December 2014 and bookings can be made through Computicket
It closes tomorrow evening please do go and see it !

Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday-Arts and Culture-Poetry with Music.

Today's show consisted of nothing but good music and poetry , complimenting  all that the message that was spread was positive and up-lifting in the community. In studio with me today i was joined in studio by a young inspirational group called Anointed Youth Movement.  They come from Nyanga , a township that they claim has been nothing but support in their group and has also contributed to making Anointed Youth Movement the group that it is today. The Movement was formed in 2013 within the movement they do drama,dance and of-corse  music and poetry. They sing acapella and i must say they are very good at what they do. Their sound is different and unique.
Thanks to all the members that made it in studio.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday-ACTIVATE Exchange! Leadership skills to our young people!

On todays show i spoke to  the Communications Manager at the ACTIVATE Exchange program-Nelisa Ngqulana.  ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.They have an event on the 29th November 2014, the hashtag will be #ACTIVATE!Exchange 
Where:YMCA Athlone,Dr Abdurahman Avenue,Kewton,Athlone 
When:29th NOvemnber 2014 ,10am-2pm
 - See more at:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday-Gender-16 Days of activism ..lets make it 365 days of activism.

Today's show was dedicated to celebrating 16 days of activism against women and children. The 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children is an international campaign. It takes place every year from 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) to 10 December (International Human Rights Day). The period includes Universal Children’s Day and World AIDS Day.
During this time, the South African Government runs a 16 Days of Activism Campaign to make people aware of the negative impact of violence on women and children and to act against abuse. We are firmly committed to lead a coordinated effort to sustain the campaign into its next decade.
Every year, government, civil-society organisations and the business sector work together to broaden the impact of the campaign. By supporting this campaign, thousands of South Africans have also helped to increase awareness of abuse and build support for victims and survivors of abuse.
On today's programme i spoke to Letichia Carelse from Childline , she spoke about the counseling that they offer to children who have been abused or experienced abuse in their households.  They mentioned that their services are free and that please dial the number 08000 55 555 for help.