Friday, November 29, 2019

Through her poetry people changed their perspective

Devonetia Amelia Michels is a young female that was born in Macassar but residing in Eerste River, Cape Town. She is a 19 years old and was adopted at the age of four by her aunt and uncle who she grew up with as her parents. Due to things that happened she had an identity crises, but she is grateful towards God for leading the way. As young as she is, with the world underneath her feet, she stands bold in whatever life throw at her. Writing and performing poetry has always been one of her greatest passions.

She started writing poetry in Grade 10, but it never evolved that it was a passion for her to write, she only noticed later that it was a talent and she can use her poetry to make something of herself. She says what inspired her is that it is relevant and relatable such as a certain situation or circumstances and than she feels to write about it. When she gets a introduction than you use it to write a poem. She does not write so that her words make sense, she freestyle. In school when she had to write an essay it turns into poetry and writes short stories and than turn them into poetry.

She could never really write long sentences but only poems. Last year she started to write a book but she did not complete it because she wrote short sentences but she wants to complete her book. She genuinely shares her life's turmoil, happiness and dreams through poetry as it gives healing to many unanswered questions. She learned where you come from does not say where you are going, but it is just a stepping stone to a brighter future. She believes through her poetry people changed their perspective that one can be successful from writing poetry. She uses criticism to improve her craft and art, she believes criticism makes you stronger as a person and an individual. She has a bilingual poetry book out right now and you can get your copy of this beautiful poetry book or would like to invite her to events to perform poetry, you can email

By: Ellouise Muller

Candida is found in the vaginal tracts of most women

Dr. Natalia Novikova Gynaecologist & Endoscopic spoke to us about Sexually Transmitted Infections, Genital Warts, Menstrual Disorders and Contraception. She chose to become a Gynaecologist in a field of medicine because she always wanted to help women. She is passionate about health more importantly women's health and she can help women. 

STDs is the same thing as STI it is sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infection. There are numbers of STD'S that are recognized and it starts with HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, chlamydia. STDs are transmitted through sex it could be skin to skin contact such as HPV, this virus causes wards so one does not have to have penetrative sex to acquire this virus and condoms does not protect against some HPV. Other
condoms can protect one against other mentioned STIs and STDs. If you wear a condom because one needs to be in contact with virginal fluid or semen to not receive the infection.  You will have symptoms that you have a STD or STI like itching, irregular discharge, unusual smelling, possibly pain. So you could have been exposed to these symptoms after having unprotected sex, and one has to have a check up through blood being drawn to see if one has the STIs or STDs. The risk involved is that one woman in 25 will not know they have these diseases and it should be treated to make sure it does not get worse. Most woman that are pregnant practice unprotected sex so they are at higher risk to get STDs or STIs. In terms of HIV you have to have a test very year as soon as you tested positive you will be looked off and will be treated. 

Candida is found in the vaginal tracts of most women. An overgrowth of it can lead to candidias of the vagina, also known as a yeast infection. Symptoms of vaginal candidias include redness, swelling, itching, painful intercourse and a thick, white discharge from the vagina. Itchiness can be related to very simple things such as yeast infection and yeast is very common. If you are stressed eat pasta, bread or anything that will raise your sugar levels. An inflammation in the vagina leaves a cottage cheese discharge sometimes green discharge or an itch and a lot of discomfort. You have to look after yourself, be fit and healthy and not to have a recurrent condition. An irregular period could be related to stress, pills, medicine, travelling. It could be hormonal disorders that lead to irregular bleeding, and could have an condition where a lining in the uterus can grow which cause a lot of pain when you have your periods. And leads to an examination and ultrasound to decide which treatment to take. Menstrual disorders can be caused by a lot of things, but can be managed such as sorting out lifestyle changes and stress levels or a contraceptive that can help as well. In terms of vaginal discharge it is normal, we all have discharge and if it is yellow and has a smell, go to the doctor or clinic to get treatment because you have an infection. 

By: Ellouise Muller

Help Elisabeth Sue fund her first album

Elisabeth Sue is an singer-songwriter, who is born and raised in Cape Town. Her passion for music began at a young age when she decided to join her school's youth choir. She learned on her own how to play varies instruments such as the guitar and started writing and composing her own music. Today music is a huge part of her life and who she is and she loves to collaborate with varies musicians.

Back in 2013 she won a battle of the bands competition with one of her own songs that she wrote, which was held at her High School. Elisabeth won her first opportunity to record at Platinum Studios. She auditioned for ''The Barnyard Theatre'' and declined her first Barnyard Offer in 2012. Elisabeth was scared to pursue her passion and enter the 09:00-17:00 working world, spending most of her hours rehearsing and writing music with various artists and spending most of her weekends performing at restaurants, etc. She would find a space where she could bring her music alive. She wants to share her passion and love for music she is asking you to consider sponsoring her with a personal or corporate to finalize the completion of her first album "If You Follow''. Elisabeth Sue is currently touring in Abu Dhabi and is busy promoting her music.

For more information: 

Email: or check her via Social Media elisabeth_sue_music

Seniors Programme at Ikamva Labantu

Lulama Sigansana is the current Programme Manager at Ikamva Labantu's Seniors Programme which supports vulnerable elderly throughout the Cape Metro pole. Lulama holds a Bachelor in Science Degree in Dietetics from the University of Western Cape. She started working in the communities in 1992 through the Department of Health in the area of nutrition and policy development and joined Ikamva Labantu in 2009 as the Health and Nutrition Manager.

Despite bearing the brunt of the struggle for freedom in South Africa, many older persons are still subject to widespread violation of their rights. Millions of senior citizens are living in abject poverty and experience isolation, abuse and neglect. This is exacerbated by weakened family ties, financial insecurity, limited mobility, and a lack of access to quality healthcare. Dire living conditions are the norm for many older persons who live in neighborhoods rife with crime and with limited access to basic services. Many are also unaware of their rights, and lack the resources or information to seek help when they need it. Despite this, many older persons still support large families on their pension of just R1,780 per month and are often the sole breadwinner in the household. Together with community leaders, they have a developed two community-based interventions that promote active and allow older persons to live with dignity. 

Five days a week, hundreds of senior citizens are provided transport to and from their clubs where they access a range of activities addressing health, nutrition and cognitive stimulation. Importantly, they are able to be among their peers in a social environment, away from the stress and isolation of their homes. Their senior members also have access to the emotional and physical support that heir field workers provide.

For more information contact: 

Tel: 021 461 8338

By: Ellouise Muller

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Africa Unite empowering youth in unity

Africa Unite was founded in 2001 in response to violence against asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in predominantly Black Township on the outskirts of Cape Town in the Western Cape. From the perspective of locals this included frustrations in relation to high levels of unemployment, a sense of abandonment and the absence of commitment by government towards local communities. In contrast, locals felt that  refugees from other African countries were living more successful lives. Although this was a misconception, it caused great resentment between local and migrant communities.  The outcome of this first session was the development of a platform for building channels of communication aimed at developing mutually supportive relationships between the two communities. This platform later became Africa Unite.

Since, Africa Unite (AU) has positioned itself as a human rights and youth empowering organisation that works with citizens, refugees and migrants to prevent conflicts, enhance social cohesion and promote social -economic development. Initially AU became an autonomous non-profit organisation in 2004 guided by the slogan 'Building Human Rights Communities'. In this regard, AU's programmatic focus lies in building human rights knowledge, skills, facilitating reciprocal learning exchanges with community-based and migrant-led structures.

Furthermore, create a platform for intercultural exchanges and dialogue between local, refugee and migrants communities in South Africa. In line with its updated strategic plan, AU put in place the following programmes:  Human Rights for Social Cohesion Programme; A capacity development programme for peer educators focusing on human rights, democratic governance and conflict prevention to bring transformation as a vehicle towards achieving social cohesion and the construction of human rights communities. Africa Unite School Club is a program designed to work with learners in underprivileged schools to create young leaders, who can think critically about their environment and make positive change providing holistic psycho-social support and after school and after- school care to children from different backgrounds infected or affected by HIV/AIDS including community, domestic, sexual and gender-based violence.

By: Ellouise Muller

A photographer from Macassar

Llowellyn Gelandt is a self-taught photographer from Macasssar. He has no formal taring or qualification in photography however he is currently studying to become a educator. His passion for photography started when he was 10 years-old, way back in 2005. He started taking pictures on a camera and the rest is history. He experiments with different photo editing software such as Adobe, Photoshop and started editing his families pictures. Due to school and his studies he went quite, however he always take pictures of landscapes, nature and things he find interesting on with his phone. 

Over a year ago he started taking pictures as a hobby and now he is a known photographer in his area Macassar. Llowellyn takes pictures of landscape and portraits. He likes capturing timeless moments and prefer taking pictures of someone when they are not posing, as this makes their emotion more raw and real. He still learn and acquire skills through Youtube and getting tips from established photographers that inspires him. Llowellyn believes anyone can be a photographer and one does not need to study photography or anything they are passionate about and love. They should just do what they love even if they did not study it and believe a career in photography is profitable and one can make money with the right support systems. He does not believe photography will die out, with smartphones becoming more advanced and nowadays anyone can take pictures from their phones, it will not have the same quality as a real professional camera.

For more information contact via facebook: Llowellyn Gelandt

By: Ellouise Muller

Strategies in the fight against HIV and AIDS

The City of Cape Town Health Department has partnered with the NPO ANOVA a Health Institute since June 2019 to focus their Strategies in the fight against HIV and AIDS. If hey remain with their current strategies they plan to not only change the trajectory of HIV but the disease from keeping growing at an alarming rate, the disease will outrun the response. In 2017 the ANOVA Institute currently had 36.9 million people living with HIV globally, in South Africa they have 7.7 million people living with HIV. With an accelerated approach called APACE (accelerated program achievement) to Control of the epidemic which is the HIV epidemic, they have change their approach to HIV, by actively looking for those living with HIV, testing sites within the communities, with additional testers in the health facilities, additional trained professional nurses to commence ART for patients who requires it, various methods of collections of chronic medicine through quick pick up clubs, outside of clinic clubs in the community, welcoming back clients who left their treatment some time ago, restarting their ART, starting many people on ART.

ANOVA need to add 2 million people onto ART in South Africa to effectively stop the growth of this HIV virus amongst their population, with the City of Cape Town the ANOVA need to place 250 000 amongst their people. If everyone can get tested for HIV and get place on ART every person who requires ART, that means they will become vitally suppressed and not spread the disease any further.

Then ANOVA only need to keep all of their ART patients on treatment, by making it as easy as possible for them to get their treatment and remain on treatment, with as little impact on their working day and lives, that is so they can make it easy for people to pick up their other chronic medicines and ART from the same clinic at the same time,as that would make their lives much easier.

This is called Operationa Phathuma by the National Department of Health. ANOVA currently supported the City conducting 450 761 HIV tests of which 12 198 is HIV+ and started 16196 people on ART, however to make the necessary impact they need to start at least 4000 people onto ART per month.

For more information contact: www. / 021 761 8751 /