Wednesday, June 19, 2019

'2nd Chance' getting people back on the right track

We had Jarryd, Denzil and Blake from 2nd Chance today on the studio talking about his programmes, uplifiting youth and children from substance abuse. They offer free therapy sessions to get people back on the right track. Also companies can follow their courses. They don't offer regular talk sessions but offer sessions with horses or dance sessions. They all share from their personal histories and backgrounds. Interested? Click here.

"Quota would be a good idea", Leonard Macakathi from Commission for Gender Equality says.

Today we had Leonard Macakathi from the Commission for Gender Equality on the show. He spoke about his work as an education officer on the commission and on what has te be done in the nation. 

While South Africa is in the top twenty of best countries in regards to Gender Equality, the country has a lot of work concerning the Gender Payment Gap. Women in SA earn about 28% less then a man in the same job, that is one of the highest percentages in the world. Leonard said it would be a good idea to have quota, that is the fixed implemented percentage of how many women or men you have to have in parliament, the board of your company, ...

People that feel discriminated against based on their gender in their working, family, ... environment can always file a complaint with the commission. Their investigation is free of charge. More information here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Restoring the dignity of the homeless

On today’s show, we had Ian Zeary from The Hope Exchange. He spoke about the aim of the organisation, which is to assist the homeless population of Cape Town and restore their dignity. 

They center is open daily for showers and provides breakfast on a Wednesday and Thursday every week. They welcome adults from different walks of life. They provide services such as short-term accommodation, skills development and life-skills training.

Ian also shared with us some success stories, such as Andile's story. Andile came to Cape Town for economical reasons and found himself homeless. With the assistance of the organisation, he started off sweeping the streets and living at the short term accommodation, to being employed by Amazon and completely independent.

It's stories like these that motivate Ian to keep doing what he does.

If you're interested in finding out more information about The Hope Exchange or lend a hand you are welcome to contact them on 021 461 5508 and at

Monday, June 17, 2019

Mzansi Many Roots One Tree this Friday!

Today on the show we had some artists of Mzansi Many Rootse One Tree in our studio. Mzansi is a big production with some 40 artists from Cape Town area. They will be performing this Friday 21 June 2019 in Artscape at 19:30. The show offers everything: from jazz, over dance to hiphop. See video below for a little teaser! More information and tickets? Click here.

Cape Town's young documentary makers on Youth Day

Yesterday was Youth Day. Still, many youngsters still feel ignored by South African society. One of the initiatives to empower the youth is the free DOCI programme, that gives township youth the chance to make their own documentary under supervision of experienced filmmakers. I spoke with them about their movies, their dreams and how it is like to be young in the rainbow nation.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

"There are more woman in documentary making than in fiction"

Today Sara Gouveia was on our show talking about her path as a young female documentary maker. She also spoke about her newest film 'The Sound of Masks' and her previous work.

Sara was born in Lisbon, Portugal but has been living in Cape Town for 12 years now. Her work focuses on art. With 'Mama Goema', she won the aard for Best SA Documentary at the TriContinental Film Festival in 2011.

She also said that it is not always easy for women to get engaged in filmmaking. In documentary making there are a lot of female makers, maybe because for the themes you need more empathy, Sara said. Sara stressed the fact that she thinks it is goed to empower women in making films but that fixed quota may be not a good idea. She always choses the subject first, if women are in the lead that's good but she doesn't underlines it as something necessary.

The Sound of Masks is about a Mapiko dancer from northern Mozambique. It played yesterday at Labia for the first time in South Africa. It will be played also tomorrow evening. Check schedule out here.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Connecting youth day with handing out food to homeless in Observatory

Today on the show we welcomed Gladys Joyce from Angel Wings Cape Town, to speak about the holistic festival she is organising on Monday 17th of June.

Angel Wings Cape Town is there for the homeless people, handing out food and clothing to those who need it. Next Monday, Gladys and others will also be organising a holistic festival in Observatory. Entry is R5 and will be used for their projects. There will also be a food drive handing out food and clothes to the homeless in Observatory.

More information on here.