Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wensday-GENDER_Parkwood Women , Care and share.

I have found a new inspiration. On today's show i spoke to an inspirational women from Parkwood.Sandra Phillis is a 53 years women that runs a women empowerment support group out of her own pocket. In order for her to sustain the ladies that come for talks two days a week at her home she need to sell second hand clothes so they can at least have coffee and biscuits after each session.Ms Phillips started the support group for women last year and it has been a home for all ever since. She mentions that these women come at  her house to share their pain and hopefully find solutions to their problem , which in most cases are finance, abuse, as well as substance abuse at home.  She adds that they come together to share these issues as well as to encourage each other. What was so beautiful about the interview is that i asked the question , what inspires you to do this?  She basically had no words other than "it feels right to do this i really don't know why i do this".

However on the 27th September 2014 in Parkwood she planned an event for the women to celebrate Spring in style, she says that the event is all about these women dressing up and celebrating spring and celebrating them as women . She adds that she wants  them to feel beautiful on the day.Today is her birthday HAPPY BIRTH DAY Ms Phillips .

If you are inspired and would like to help out please call Bush Radio on 021 448 5450 or simply comment on this and i will contact you.

By:Lazola Solani 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday-Human Rights_LEAP Receives a new Project called- Learn English Audio!

TODAY is indeed Tuesday which means the programme focused on all things related to Human Right issues in South Africa.Now on today's show we spoke to Troy Martens- she was here to tell us more about the newly launched Learn English Audio project at LEAP .

LEAP is a project which seeks to empower teachers from remote and under resourced schools in nine African countries with tools to improve their English listening and speaking skills, while tremendously enhancing and supporting learners’ comprehension of oral and written language. This will be achieved through quality English learning materials on micro-SD cards delivered via solar powered MP3 players popularly known as ‘Life players’.Furthermore LEAP is an initiative aimed at improving low literacy and numeracy rates consistent with the findings of the Annual National Assessments which have identified gaps.

 Thanks to Angie Motshekga Minister of Basic Education as well as British High Commissioner to South Africa Judith Mcgregor. To get more information on this please visit Mother@bushradio.

By:Lazola Solani

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday -Health_ Heart Awareness month 2014

ALSO on the show today we had Gabriel Eskteen From the Heart and  Stroke Foundation to talk to us  about the Heart Awareness month . The Heart and Stroke foundation is offering free blood pressure test  during the month of September 2014.They are urging people to get tested to prevent heart attacks , they are also education people on all the heart diseases. South Africa has a high rate of high blood pressure and some people are not even aware of having heart diseases. Save your life before it is too late and visit The heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa.

Moday-Health-Hysterectomies are over prescribed by doctors

Hello everyone , on our show today we spoke to Dr Trudie Smith a Gynecologist  with regards to Hysterectomy being over prescribed by doctors . One of my questions was what exactly is Hysterectomy, she continued to explain that it is when you remove your womb to prevent any menstruation. Women that have heavy  menstrual blood flow tend to want to stop any kind of menstruation. She also mentioned that people should use Hysterectomy  only when its necessary.If you know that you have similar situation please visit to give you more information on the topic.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday -Human Rights _ "I , AFRIKANER"

Today we had a very interesting guest Annalet Steenkamp , Director\Camera director\Co-producer of the film I AFRIKANER an award winning documentary.


Nearly 20 years after South Africa's democracy, I, Afrikaner: an intimate family saga filmed over a near decade. It's the story of four generations and their response to an ever-changing inner and outer landscape.

Filmed over 9 years, I, AFRIKANER, is a challenging and intimate portrait of a filmmaker’s family trapped in an unsolvable conflict.

Set in rural South Africa where land is a highly contentious issue and violence against white farmers is endemic, the film journeys into how four generations deal with change in a post Apartheid era. Her grandmother, who leaves the farm after an attack; her brother and sister-in-law as they push forward with the traditional Afrikaner dream of farming commercial land; and her young niece, whose post-Apartheid upbringing and views are tested when tragedy comes to the farm.For more information please visit .

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday - Out of the Dark Ages

The Labia is one of the oldest cinemas in Cape Town. Ludi Kraus is the owner of the theatre, that has recently sourced crowd funding in order to finance the switchover form analogue to digital projectors. We called Ludi, as he has another crowd-funding project; this time friends of the Labia came to him suggesting to look for crowd-funding in order to give the theatre the makeover it needs (e.g. digital sound system and upgrading the interior). Ludi also told us that it is much needed as in some of the seats people need seat belts in order to be able to remain in the seat.  

Click here if you'd like to read more about the crowd-funding campaign.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday - #10dayspaternityleave

Financial Manager Henri Terblanche recently started a campaign that will see men being able to have a 10-day paternity leave. The non-for-profit organisation National Council of Provinces (NCOP) has acknowledged the petition and we spoke to Wessel van den Berg from the MenCare programme of NCOP. Wessel said that the 10-day paternity leave will helpthe relationship between the father and newborn, as both will have time to establish a bond. More importantly, Wessel said, is that it will relieve the mother, as the father would be able to help her out. He also told us about a recent case in which a same-sex male couple at UCT was only allowed 6 days leave between them. Wessel think it's great that there is a buzz for the matter now, but thinks that it will take a couple of years before a 10-day paternity leave will be enshrined in law.

There are countries in Scandinavia that have a very progressive policy when it comes to paternity leave. In Sweden for instance, men and women are allowed 60-days off each and then have the possibility of sharing 360 days amongst the mother and the father (source: Guardian, 2013).