Thursday, March 30, 2017

Today we spoke to Luncedo Lawrence Ntubuntu a committee member of Black Book Club. Black Book Club was founded in 2017 by three gentlemen. They had this idea to start a networking club for young black professionals hence Black Book club started.
“We want to uneducated Black people or African People to educate them on African literature, History and authorship”.

They made an impact in communities by doing a variety of initiatives such as monthly book drives or networking sessions where these books get distributed to communities and they also provide programmes about African literature and History to Grade10, 11 and 12 at the JL Zwane centre.
They will be having a book launch free of charge and live performances and also welcoming drinks served on Sunday 2nd April 2017 at 135 Albert Street Woodstock at 14:30.
There will also be an opportunity to purchase a signed copy of the authors book The Yearning by Mohale Mashigo.

For more information contact Luncedo Lawrence Ntubuntu : 061 2168 925/078 7456 054/078 7076 157 or email

                              By: Jasnine Roberts 

Monday, March 27, 2017


Today we spoke to Dr. Monique Marais who is a qualified Gastroenterologist, which is someone who specializes in gut of your stomach oesophagus, small bowel colon and liver diseases. This means they deal a lot with gastroenteritis, inflammatory bowel disease reflux disease and all types of liver disease.

We spoke about Norovirus, which is also known as a winter vomiting bug. Norovirus is a very common cause of gastroenteritis in both adults and children. It is a virus that antibiotics will not help for. It is a self limiting disease which last for up till six days, but only reveals it self on the 3rd day.

This virus is transmitted from person to person via food, physical touch hence hygiene is of utmost importance. Some symptoms of the virus are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, lost of taste, weakness, muscle aches, headaches and fever. And can effect all age groups, hence it is important if you suspect dehydration seek medical assistance. If left untreated it could get dangerous.

Some tips to prevent Norovirus are:
Follow a healthy diet, have enough fruit and veggies to get enough vitamins especially Vitamin C.  
Get enough sleep.
Was your hands as often as possible.

For more information the doctor advice google, before consulting a doctor.

                               By: Jasnine Roberts

Wednesday, March 15, 2017



Today we spoke to Bernedette Muthien elaborating on there past International Women's day event they had the 10 March 2017, at Oude Molen Eco Village, where issues where raised and a platform created to empower woman. The theme were "Be Bold For Change". Bernedette spoke to us more on the constitution as it is our fundamental right to know our rights.  

For more information contact:


By: Jasnine Roberts

Monday, March 13, 2017

Faseega Coetzee and John Lawrence from Genes To Success spreading awareness around World Down Syndrome Day.

Genes to success was started when Shaziah was only a few months old, when her parents were trying to figure out how to handle a baby with Down syndrome. Genes to success support, care and service to children and adults from all backgrounds that is down syndrome and Intellectual disabled. To empower parents, family and guardians who has children with Down syndrome and other Intellectual disabilities with skills and Information. Promoting the fact that people with Down syndrome and other Intellectual disabilities, have the right to live with Independence, dignity and security as valued citizens in society.

Genes to success will be hosting there 4th World Down Syndrome Awareness event on the 18 March 2017, at Bonteheuwel Community Centre. The event will start at 10:00am to 14:00pm.

The Theme will be WEAR ODD SOCKS.
We can get people talking about Down syndrome awareness if we all wear socks. . . BUT NOT JUST ANY SOCKS . . . Wear “mismatched” socks, or other brightly colored socks, long socks, printed socks, 1 sock . . . Maybe even 3 socks for 3 chromosomes. AND WHY STOP AT SOCKS? Wear your favorite Down syndrome awareness shirt. Join us in wearing something which people will ask you about so that you can tell them about WORLD

For more information contact:

Tel: Faseega 073 779 3357
        Shafiek 074 075 2401

By : Jasnine Roberts


We spoke to Ananda Nel director of Ikamva Labantu, which is a non governmental organisation that focuses more on developing work in the town ships. They spoke to us about the Nursing Surgery that was launched on the 8 March 2017 at Enkululekweni Wellness Centre in Khayelitsha.

Ananda states: “The Nursing Surgery is an old container that’s been reformed into what looks like a five star private hospital inside”.  She continues “what it means is that it provides quality health care at an affordable price to anyone that needs access to health care and the community has embrace this initiative”.

The Surgery runs from Monday-Friday and is a walk in sector that provides any service you would seek from your local GP.  The service ranges from as little as R20.00 – R200.00 max.

The Nursing Surgery is located at in H Section in Khayelitsha.

For more information contact:

Tel : 021 461 8338

By: Jasnine Roberts

Friday, March 03, 2017


Today we spoke to Delta The Leo an Hip Hop artist, Choreography and a two time hip hop role dance champion talking about her newest single Let It Be.

Dalta is mostly know for being in the dance scene and dancing and music goes together which is where she found her love for music. As growing up she was encourage to pursue rapping and just trying to fit in, but she’s always loved singing.

Delta explains: “at first in was just trying to fit in while growing up, hence music was always the fundamental. I’ve always loved singing growing up and just making noise, hence it was nothing foreign for me, it was just understanding what to do, when I’m on the micro phone, when I’m in the studio, because it is different when you speak and when you have to sing, it has to make sense you can’t just talk about the trees and the moon.”

Delta continues “I like more of what the West Africans are doing, because if you listen to the internationally sound it sounds more African as they trying to be more like us, hence it is very important for us to keep our sound very different and authentic.”

Let it be is a sounds that do not exclude anyone, where everyone can connect and enjoy and listen to music and feel good. When you listen to music you let it is and not feel forced to sing along or dance it is a personal choice, but let the feeling take over.

For more information contact:

Instagram: @delta_the_leo

Twitter: @DeltaTheLeo

By: Jasnine Roberts

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Today on Sakhisizwe we had an interview with the chair person of Free Gender organisation Velisa Jara, she was telling us about the phenomenal work that Free Gender do in protecting the Right of Lesbians in the town ships of cape flats, as you are sensible that lesbians and gays in our communities are called by names and brutally killed because of who they are, so Free Gender is there to fight such experiences and protect their Rights.

For More Info:
contact Funeka: 076 321 0276
Velisa Jara: 0783466557.

By Donald

We spoke to Dani Janks from Atlantic Hope a non profit organisation which is an emergency safety placement site for abandoned and vulnerable babies who do not have a healthy home to live in. They are founded on the principle that every child should have the possible start in life.

They also care for babies that are awaiting adoption. The organisation got started 6 and half years ago in a three room apartment. Once the babies are placed in the care of Atlantic Hope they get to be provided and cared for up until a year, times the baby’s gets to stay for longer.

For more information contact:


Tel: 021 434 8514

By: Jasnine Roberts

We spoke to Josephine Joseph from The Cape Flats Development Association (CAFDA), which is a non profit organisation that promote a range of social welfare and development programs and services that promote stable family and community life.

CAFDA was established in 1944 which makes them 72 years old. CAFDA started off as a distress organisation over the years they’ve moved from being a distress organisation to a development association. CAFDA is involved with various projects where the youth can get involve with. CAFDA also provide programmes to fight the battle of unemployment. CAFDA is for anyone school leavers everyone.

For more information:

Tel: 021 706 2050 

By: Jasnine Roberts


Today we spoke to Elroy Paulus National Advocacy Manager from Black Sash. Black Sash will be turning 62 this year in May as it was established in 1955. This organisation was started by a group of very concerned women called women of defense of the constitution league. Over years it grow and become member based federal organisation, hence new Black Sash organisations opened, as one on one advice giving. Black Sash got know through the work of social assistance.

Black Sash has three programmes in place: The advocacy, citizen based monitoring which is accompanied with health and education training and information.

Elroy spoke about the social grants “in February there was a contact that was established between a Cash Pay Masters and Sassa which enables anyone that gets a grant to go draw there money anywhere, hence the bank that was used were making deductions for airtime, funeral plans ect. Hence Sassa said from the 1 April 2017, when the five year contact ends they will be ready to in source the payment, which means there would not be any deductions made from Sassa beneficiaries”

30% of the population depends on grants, hence the question remains will Sassa be ready???

Black Sash will approach the Constitutional Courts to make sure that the conditions are met by the Constitutional Courts in order to protect confidential data of Sassa beneficiaries that the information is not traded, people have the full cash value of the grant and that there be time frames.

For more information contact:

Helpline: 072 663 3739   

By: Jasnine Roberts