Friday, March 03, 2017


Today we spoke to Delta The Leo an Hip Hop artist, Choreography and a two time hip hop role dance champion talking about her newest single Let It Be.

Dalta is mostly know for being in the dance scene and dancing and music goes together which is where she found her love for music. As growing up she was encourage to pursue rapping and just trying to fit in, but she’s always loved singing.

Delta explains: “at first in was just trying to fit in while growing up, hence music was always the fundamental. I’ve always loved singing growing up and just making noise, hence it was nothing foreign for me, it was just understanding what to do, when I’m on the micro phone, when I’m in the studio, because it is different when you speak and when you have to sing, it has to make sense you can’t just talk about the trees and the moon.”

Delta continues “I like more of what the West Africans are doing, because if you listen to the internationally sound it sounds more African as they trying to be more like us, hence it is very important for us to keep our sound very different and authentic.”

Let it be is a sounds that do not exclude anyone, where everyone can connect and enjoy and listen to music and feel good. When you listen to music you let it is and not feel forced to sing along or dance it is a personal choice, but let the feeling take over.

For more information contact:

Instagram: @delta_the_leo

Twitter: @DeltaTheLeo

By: Jasnine Roberts

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