Tuesday, May 31, 2011

31 May - Human Rights - COREMO doing it for the community

In today's show we were joined by Ben Londzi – From the Concerned Residence Movement. The Concerned Residence Movement or Coremo, focuses on human rights issues and operates among the downtrodden. It is an apolitical organization whose constituency is mainly those people who do not have access to basic facilities, illiterate, don’t have an advantage of interpreting even the fundamental human rights as enshrined to the Bill of Rights be it in the South African context or the Universal declaration of human rights. For more information about COREMO contact Bhut’ Ben on 072 927 1924 or Mr Tengwa on 083 594 3945 alternatively send an email to ablondzi@gmail.com / seemont@webmail.co.za

Monday, May 30, 2011

30 May - Health - Tomorrow is World No-Tobacco Day

In today’s show, we spoke to Dr Yussuf Saloojee – Executive Director at the National Council against Smoking. We were talking about the dangers of smoking. Tomorrow is the World No-Tobacco Day and the theme for this year is “The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control”. The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) is the world's foremost tobacco control instrument. The first treaty ever negotiated under the auspices of WHO, it represents a signal achievement in the advancement of public health. World No Tobacco Day 2011 will be designed to highlight the treaty's overall importance, to stress Parties' obligations under the treaty and to promote the essential role of the Conference of the Parties and WHO in supporting countries' efforts to meet those obligations. It is reported that in South Africa, more than 43 000 people die every year from diseases directly and indirectly related to tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke contains at least 4 000 chemicals of which many can cause cancer. Dr Saloojee explained more. For more information visit www.againstsmoking.co.za or contact their offices on (011) 725 1514 or the Quit Line on (011) 720 3145, alternatively go to www.who.int

Friday, May 27, 2011

27 May - Arts, Culture & Environment - TMNP kick starts shade tree-planting project

In today’s show, we spoke to Gavin Bell – Table Mountain National Park Area Manager. Table Mountain National Park staff and volunteers planted shade trees in the lower Tokai plantation as part of an environmental heritage project. The shade tree-planting project forms part of the Management Framework for Tokai and Cecilia plantations, which sets out the future vision for the rehabilitation and recreational use of these areas. According to Mr Bell several trial plantings were neccessary before a large scale public planting in June. People who are interested in taking part in the tree planting project can email their contact details to Wanika Rusthoi at wanika.rusthoi@sanparks.org or contact her on (021) 701 8692.

Don't miss SKAFTIEN Kaapstad in Gugulethu & Arts Update

We also heard from Paula Akugizibwe – Co-organiser of SKAFTIEN Kaapstad. SKAFTIEN is a recurring community-based meal that generates and democratically awards micro-grants for creative, experimental and innovative arts projects in Cape Town and Johannesburg. At each SKAFTIEN, attendees purchase a ticket for which they receive a meal, a ballot, and entertainment. The next SKAFTIEN will be on Sunday, the 29th of May from 3:00pm at the FAWU Hall in Gugulethu at the Vuyisile Dlamini Centre Cnr of NY1 and NY10. Tickets costs R60. Chef will be Unati Silinga and hosted by Mbali Vilakazi. Entertainment by Jazzart, Nosipho & Khanyi. Resident DJ’s will be Fong Kong Bantu Sound Systems (Ntone Edjabe and Boeta Gee of Chimurenga Mag). For more information contact Paula on 083 627 1317 or send an email to skaftien.org@gmail.com

Nigel was here for the Arts Update.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

24 May - Human Rights - Western Cape Street Children’s Forum tackles struggles of street children

In today's show we spoke to Sandra Morreira - Chairperson of the Western Cape Street Children’s Forum. The Western Cape Street Children’s Forum describes itself as a “high-impact network” representative of most of the professional Street Children Organisations in the province. The WCSCF exists to “effectively engage government, business and the wider community towards the provision of practical solutions” to alleviate the struggle of street children. Sandra explained more about some of the campaigns they are involved in like the "think before you give campaign”. For more information about the Western Cape Street Children’s Forum contact Sandra on (021) 419 9763.

Monday, May 23, 2011

23 May - Health - Thursday marks Bipolar Awareness Day

On Sakhisizwe today, we were joined by Jay Barnes – From the South African Depression and Anxiety Group. We were focusing on Bipolar disorder and bipolar Awareness day that takes place on the 26th of May 2011. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mood disorder characterised by extreme shifts in mood, energy and functioning. This is much less common than Major Depressive Disorder and Dysthymia, and only 2% of the population is affected over a lifetime. Males and females are affected equally. According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group, over 470 000 South Africans are living with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is also the fifth leading cause of disability worldwide. The bipolar awareness day event will take place at the Lentegeur Psychiatric Hospital on Thursday the 26th of May 2011, between 11AM - 13PM. For more information visit www.bipolarsa.org.za or send an email to info@bipolarsa.org.za alternativelty check www.sadag.org or call the SADAG Suicide Crisis Line on 0800 567 567 SMS 31393 or the SADAG Mental Health Line on (011) 262 6396 for more information.

Obesity is becoming a major problem in SA

We also heard from Lyle Barreiro – A Biokineticist from the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. We were talking about being overweight and obesity. The World Health Organisation defines being overweight and obesity as “abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health”. Being overweight and obesity are serious risk factors for various chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The WHO has acknowledged that what was previously only considered a problem in high income countries, overweight and obesity are now increasing significantly in low- and middle-income countries, especially in urban settings. For more information visit www.ssisa.com

Friday, May 20, 2011

20 May - Arts, Culture & Environment - Ride of Silence in full force tomorrow

In today’s show, we were joined by Ray Chaplin – Organiser of the Ride of Silence. The Ride of Silence is a free ride, hosted in cities worldwide, tomorrow morning they have organised a short 20km cycle through the streets of Cape Town in an effort to raise awareness for cyclist safety & remembering those who have have been killed or injured. They will start & finish at Mouille Point Lighthouse. For more information contact (021) 701 7150 or visit www.capetownbicyclemap.co.za

Cape Town Show in hibernation & Arts Update

We were also joined by Sid Sidwaba - Production Manager of the Cape Town Show. The Rainbow Experience presents the Cape Town show; this is a musical adventure chronicling the rich history of the fairest Cape. The show has been described as a “soulful, energetic and cultural celebration of our rainbow nation and the city's people, lives and heritage”. For more information go to www.capetownshow.co.za

We also heard from Nigel Vermaas with this week Arts update.

Schmid talks "BODY LANGUAGE"

We closed off with an interview with was GaĆ«tan Schmid – Comedian. We were talking about his one-man show called BODY LANGUAGE currently on at the Kalk Bay Theatre. According to a presser, underneath its irreverent and comical narrative, Body Language’s social message is of the ever increasing importance of human interaction and communication. The show is from Wednesdays till Saturdays at 20h30 and on Sunday 22nd of May at 20h00PM. Tickets cost R110 per person. The show is running until May 28th. For bookings call 073 220 5430 or for more information go to www.kbt.co.za

Thursday, May 19, 2011

19 May - Labour - Saamwerk doing it for the community

In today’s show, we heard from Wilma Williams –Co-ordinator and craft trainer at Saamwerk. “Saamwerk” is an Afrikaans word for working together. It is an NGO based in Mitchell’s Plain and aims to empower residents of the community through skills training and craft making. Saamwerk is also committed to addressing the economic hardship in the community. For more information contact her on 082 352 0724 or Charlotte on (021) 374 7815.

Strato Wear making waves

We also spoke to Maloti Mothobi – Founder and Creative Director of Strato Wear. STRATO is a South African slang name for street. She says the brand offers a distinct ‘sport meets fashion’ lifestyle experience. The signature style is characterized throughout with a play of contrasting colours and trims on clean silhouettes, combined with style lines that give a trendsetting stylish look. Maloti's shop is located at 19 Strand Street in Cape Town. For more information you can visit www.wearstrato.com or follow her on www.twitter.com @mastrato

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18 May - Gender - Election Update

In today’s show, we brought you live updates from different polling station throughout the city of Cape Town as you are aware that today is dee day as people vote in the local municipality elections. Our roving reporters are deployed all over ranging from Khayelitsha, Kensington, Belhar, to Plumstead to capture events as they unfold.

Same sex parenting is no different than any other form of parenting

We heard from Adele Grosse -Executive Director of Proud2B and Marit Jansen – a parent. We were talking about Same Sex Parenting. “Good Parenting does not depend on sexual orientation rather, it depends on a parent’s ability to create a loving and nurturing home, something both straight and gay parents can do.” This is the belief of Proud2B, a community development organization that provides a Family Preservation for Same Sex Parents programme. Adele explained more about the programme. For more information contact their offices on (021) 447 2282 or visit www.intouchparenting.co.za alternatively www.proud2b.org

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

17 May - Human Rights - Uyakathala - I care needs funding

In today's show we spoke to Eva Parker - Director of Uyakathala-I care. Uyakathala – I care is still in the planning stages but they planning to operate as a care giver based at the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women in Athlone. They will provide care and support for destitute mothers and children affected by HIV/Aids. Uyakathala will also offer counselling, provides shelter and skills development to these women and their children. Eva explained more about their quest for funding. For more information or to make donations you can contact her on 082 560 7907 or 082 849 7597.

Monday, May 16, 2011

12 May - Labour - get organised with Get Organised

In today’s show, we heard from Harri Marshall – from Get Organised. Get Organised is devoted to helping individuals and small businesses get organised. They say the benefits of this offering are a massive reduction in personal stress, increased productivity and more time to think clearly and relax. Harri explained more about their services. For more information visit www.getorganised.co.za

National Credit Regulator launches campaign as part of the NCR’s celebration of Workers Month

We spoke to Lebogang Selebi – Media Relations Officer at the National Credit Regulator. The National Credit Regulator was created to serve as the regulator of the South African credit industry and National Credit Act. The Credit Regulator has launched a campaign to encourage employers to invest in various workplace programmes that will benefit the both the organisation and the employees. This campaign is part of the NCR’s celebration of Workers Month, which is observed annually in May. Lebogang explained more. For more information you can contact their national office on 0860 627 627.

Today marks Nurses Day

We closed off the show with an interview with Asanda Fongqo – Spokesperson for the Democratic Nurses Organisation of South Africa or Denosa. Today is the 12th of May and we are celebrating Nurses Day. Nurses play a crucial role in the wellbeing of our communities. We were talking about the significance of nurses in the community. For more information you can contact DENOSA at (012) 343 2315 or visit www.denosa.org.za

11 May - Gender - Women for Afrika President shares the organisation's history

On Sakhisizwe today, we spoke to Anthea Swift - Women for Afrika President. Woman for Afrika is a non profit organization that offers educational opportunities for women to discover the power of who they are and encourages women to communicate this in their relationships, families, workplaces and communities. The organization is an outreach of Woman Within International (WWI). Anthea explained more about their services. If you want more information visit www.wfa.org.za

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 May - Human Rights - COPE's JC Krynauw tables his election plan

In today’s show, we spoke to JC Krynauw – Congress of the People mayoral candidate. According to analysts Cape Town is likely to be one of the most watched and hotly contested cities during the upcoming local government elections. It is reported that some political parties believe they will run away with the majority of votes. Thirty two political parties and many more independent candidates will battle for the city. JC explained more on what he is going to do differently if he gets the hot seat. For more information about COPE visit www.cope.za.org

Philanthropy Awards nominations now open

We closed off the show with an interview with Adrian Coetzee - Manager of Philanthropy Awards and Communications. Inyathelo – The South African Institute for Advancement is an NGO that seeks to “strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations to mobilise support and resources to build financially sustainable and purposeful organisations”. The organisation works towards this ideal by promoting and strengthening a philanthropic movement. This movement has gained leverage through Inyathelo’s annual Philanthropy Awards which takes place later this year. Adrian explained more on how you can go about submitting nominations for the awards. For more information you can contact (021) 465 6981 or visit www.inyathelo.org.za

Monday, May 09, 2011

09 May - Health - Highlighting the dangers of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

In today’s show, we were joined on the line by Professor Eric Bateman - Professor of Respiratory Medicine and director at the UCT Lung Institute. We were talking about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD. COPD is a progressive disease that decreases one‘s ability to breath with ease. It is also one of the most common lung disease. Smokers or people who have smoked are most susceptible to COPD. But, constant and long term exposure to air pollution, chemical fumes, or dust, also increases one’s risk of getting COPD. Professor Bateman explained more. For more information contact the UCT Lung Institute (021) 406 6850 or visit www.copd.co.za or you can contact the COPD Education Group by sending an email to info@copd.co.za

The Orthorexia debate continues

We closed off the show with an interview with Debbie Nash - Director of Montrose Manor. She spoke to us about orthorexia. Orthorexia, a term coined in the late ninties by an American alterntive medicine specialist, describes an unhealthy fixation with healthy eating. It is not recognised as an official medical term or condition, but is similar to several eating disorders, in the sense that severe weight loss is a symptom. According to an online publication, Psychology Today, the symptoms of this disorder also resemble obsessive compulsive disorder as sufferers “devote excessive attention to their own strict rules and often spend hours each day worrying about tomorrow's meals”. Debbie explained more. For more information contact Montrose Manor on (021) 797 9270 or visit www.montrosemanor.co.za

Friday, May 06, 2011

06 May - Arts, Culture & Environment - DWA launches Adopt-a-River Programme

In today’s show, we spoke to Pumeza Gasa – Lubelwana - Adopt-a-River Programme Director. The Adopt-a-River project is an initiative of the Water Affairs Department that aims to encourage the public to take charge of river systems in their areas, fight and prevent pollution. The department will launch the Adopt-a-River programme in the Black River tributary of the Greater Salt River and its Tributaries. The launch comes as a result of the alarming level of pollution in tributaries such as Black and Liesbeek rivers which run through central Cape Town and surrounding areas and poses serious health and environmental hazards to the community. For more information contact (021) 941 7100 or send her an email to lubelwanap@dwa.gov.za

Entries open for Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2011 & Arts Update

We also heard from Michelle Cooper – from Tafelberg. Tafelberg & Sanlam are calling on writers to enter the Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2011. They want a story in which hope plays a role. Manuscripts in any of the official languages will be accepted. Categories are: English, Afrikaans, Nguni-languages, Sotho-languages, Tshivenda, Xitsonga and SiSwati. In each category there are two prizes: Gold (R12 000 in cash and publication) and Silver (R6 000 in cash and publication). The deadline for entries is 30 June 2011. Unfortunately e-mail submissions are not allowed. The organizers request entrants to keep a copy of their entry. The names of the finalists will be announced before the end of 2011. The entry form and the competition rules are available at www.nb.co.za or contact Danita van Romburgh at NB Publishers for further enquiries on (021) 406 3412 or dvanromb@nb.co.za

Nigel was here for the Arts Update.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

05 May - Labour - Zanokhanyo continues empowering unemployed

On sakhisizwe today, we were joined by Linda Chonco – Project Manager at Zanokhanyo. Zanokhanyo is a project that offers support and guidance to the unemployed through training, the provision of resources that eventually lead to employment opportunities and encouraging personal growth. Zanokhanyo is an extension of the Cape Town based NGO Phambili nge Themba and was launched in July 2008. The project has four focus areas, namely a Job Readiness Course, a Recourse Centre as well as Business Partnering and Personal Development. Linda explained more. If you want more information contact their offices on (021) 531 0655 or visit www.zanokhanyo.co.za

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

04 May - Gender - Join WHEAT Trust at the annual 1000 Women United Against Domestic Violence and Poverty luncheon

In today’s show, we heard from Dr Sue Howell – Director of Women's Hope Education and Training Trust or WHEAT Trust. WHEAT Trust is a grant making initiative that works towards the economic development and growth of grassroots women’s led organizations. The organisation also strives for the empowerment of women through education and skills training. On the 11th of May, they will host an annual 1000 Women United Against Domestic Violence and Poverty luncheon at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. According to Dr Howell, the luncheon is a platform for women to voice their concerns and to raise awareness around legislation on domestic violence and poverty reduction in the country. For more information you can contact their offices at (021) 762 6214 or visit their website at www.wheattrust.co.za

QualityLife to host 6th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference

We also heard from Debby Edelstein – Women’s Leadership Consultant and co-founder of QualityLife. We were talking about the 6th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference she will be hosting at the end of this month and the theme is “We are the Leaders We’ve Been Waiting For”. Debby explained more. The workshop will be on Friday, the 27th of May at the Peninsula Hotel in Sea Point. It costs R3150 ex vat. (but you can speak to organisers about group discounts and special rates for NGOs). For bookings call Lizzy Mafalo on (011) 880 9749 or register on line by visiting www.qualitylife.co.za

Monday, May 02, 2011

02 May - Health - Tomorrow is the World Asthma Day

In today’s show, we heard from Professor Rajen Naidoo – From the National Asthma Education Programme. We were talking about Asthma. Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world, affecting more than 300 million people world-wide. Asthma is characterized by symptoms such as breathlessness, wheezing, chest tightness and coughing. However, asthma experts do know that with proper treatment most asthma patients can achieve good control of their disease. Tomorrow is the World Asthma Day and the theme is “You Can Control Your Asthma”. In South Africa, the National Asthma Education Campaign collaborates with an international body and is tasked with the responsibility to disseminate globally accepted asthma treatment guidelines and implement asthma related patient education. For more information contact 0861 278 462 alternatively go to www.asthma.co.za