Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29 September - Gender - Mommy + Delicious = Mommalicious

On Sakhisizwe today, we heard from Lisa Bulpin – Creator of Mommalicious Mammas. It is a community, forum and chat for moms, a perfect place to share their joys, struggles and triumphs. They say Mommy + Delicious = Mommalicious. Lisa explained more about the origins of the concept and the services they provide. If you want any information or to join visit

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

28 September - Human Rights - Today is a Global Day of Action

In today's show we heard from Gillian Parenzee – from the AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa. We were talking about the Global Day of Action. Civil society organisations in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana supported a global call to fully finance the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria for the next three years through a day of action which is today. Several public demonstrations, press conferences and other community actions are being organised in support of the Third Voluntary Global Fund Replenishment Meeting to be held on the 4th and 5th October in New York City, at which governments and donors will signal their financial commitment towards the Global Fund. Gillian explained more. For more details, go to or contact them on (021) 422 5463.

Adult Learning Forum promotes Adult Literacy

We also sopke to Lin Helme – co-ordinator of the Adult Learning Forum Western Cape. ALF is an organisation which advocates and mobilises for adult and lifelong learning. The organisation is a strong role player in the adult learning sector. We were talking about Adult Literacy. According to UNESCO, in the world today there are about 1billion non-literate adults. This 1 billion is approximately 26 percent of the world’s adult population.98 percent of all non-literates live in developing countries. In the least developed countries, the overall literacy rate is 49 percent. If you would like more information you can contact their offices on (021) 851 1427.

Monday, September 27, 2010

27 September - Health - Empilweni doing it for the children of Khayelitsha

In today’s show, we were joined by Maboyce Donald Mfuniselwa and Mhongwe Mtshotshisa – from Empilweni. Empilweni is a mental health center for children based in Khayelitsha. Their goal is to improve the quality of life of children, adolescents and their families within their communities by providing culturally appropriate, child centered, community based mental health support and counselling. My guests explained more on their services. They would welcome some financial assistance as the organisation is struggling to survive as an NGO. For more information contact (021) 361 7063 or visit

Tibb the universal trend to complementary therapies

We were also joined by Kumeshnee West – from the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb. Tibb is a pioneering exponent of holistic medicine and is said to be at the forefront of the universal trend to complementary therapies. If you want more information you can call their offices on (021) 638 4487 or visit They located at the Saartjie Baartman Centre, Klipfontein Rd in Athlone.

“Workplace wellness” highlighted during the World Heart Day

We closed off the show with an interview with Lauren Petersen – A Dietician from the Heart & Stroke Foundation. We were talking about Heart Awareness as yesterday was a World Heart Day and the theme was “workplace wellness”. As most of us spend over half our waking hours working, the workplace is ideal to promote heart-healthy messages and raise awareness about the risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Lauren explained more on the importance of “workplace wellness”. The Foundation urges South Africans to wake up to the fact that they should assess their risk of heart disease, have a good look at their diet and lifestyle and maybe make necessary changes. During September, Heart Awareness Month, the Health & Stroke Foundation is offering free blood pressure screenings country-wide - for more details or nutritional advice, contact the Heart Mark Diet Line on 0860 223 222 during office hours, or visit SMS heart to 321243 for a health tip and stand a chance to WIN an iPod Touch with some cool features. SMS charged at R5 and entries close on the 1st of November 2010.

Monday, September 20, 2010

20 September - Health - LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Campaign launches the Cancer Anti-Stigma Initiative

In today’s show, we spoke to Lungi Melane–Njeza – Project Manager of the Cancer Anti-Stigma Initiative. The Cancer Anti-Stigma Initiative is part of the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Campaign, an effort to reduce the global cancer burden. It is reported that this year, cancer is projected to become the leading cause of death worldwide. This disease, which claims eight million lives a year more than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined has now moved beyond high-income countries of the developed world to the middle and low-income countries of the developing world. Lungi explained more about the initiative. For more information contact (012) 346 7490 or send an email to alternatively an sms to 071 408 6489.

Save your sight: South Africans urged to get their vision checked this Retina Week

We also heard from Claudette Medefindt – from Retina South Africa. As it is retina awareness week, we were about the retina. Retina Week for the Prevention of Blindness hopes to raise awareness about the vision impairing disease Age-related Macular Degeneration and about Retinal Degeneration in general. Retina South Africa urges all South Africans affected by retinal degenerative conditions to register with them. They offer free advice, counselling and information an all forms of retinal vision loss. They are looking for young people who may be eligible for imminent gene specific therapy. If you want more information you can call their offices on 0860 59 59 59 or visit to donate: SMS Vision to 38267, SMS charged at R10 each, all prices include VAT, Free SMS's do not apply.

Tomorrow is World Alzheimer's Day

We closed off the show with an interview with Cathy Sham - from Alzheimer's South Africa. We will be talking about the Alzheimer’s disease. Tomorrow is World Alzheimer's Day. It is reported that currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease. Many research programs, however, are pursuing promising studies focused on halting or preventing the disease process completely. For those who are currently suffering from AD, there are medications that can help control symptoms of the disease. Cathy explained more. For more you can call 0860 102 681 or visit

Friday, September 17, 2010

17 September - Arts, Culture & Environment - the University of Stellenbosch presents “Brothers”

On Sakhisizwe today, we spoke to Father Austen Jackson – producer of a musical titled “Brothers”. The musical is telling a story of two priests who were deported in the 1970’s by the apartheid government, CR Fathers Robert Mercer, the previous rector of St. Mary’s in Stellenbosch and Bernard Chamberlain, the chaplain of the University of Stellenbosch. It is directed by the internationally acclaimed playwright Peter Krummeck and is collaboration between the Diocese, the drama department and students of the music department of the University of Stellenbosch. The production kicks off from 21st until the 25th of September. Organizations may buy as many tickets as they wish and they may sell it to family members and friends. Tickets are available at COMPUTICKET at all Checkers and Shoprite Money Market counters. The tickets for the matinee will be sold for R40. The tickets for all other performances will be R60. For enquiries you can contact Father Jackson on 082 814 6201.

The District Six Museum and the AIDC Film Society to launch "The Prodigal Son”

We also heard from Kurt Orderson - Filmmaker. Kurt will be launching his film “The Prodigal Son” on Tuesday, the 21st of September at the District Six Museum as part of their Heritage Week celebrations. The film retraces the epic journey and legacy of his great grandfather, Joseph Orderson who came from Barbados to Cape Town in the 1890’s and was part of the universal Negro Improvement Association, founded by the great Marcus Garvey, the father of contemporary Black Nationalism and Pan Africanism. The launch is presented by the Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC) Film Society and the District Six Museum, and will commence from 18h00PM at the District Six Museum, 25A Buitenkant Street in Cape Town. To RSVP contact Andre Marais on 083 886 7164 or email to check some of Kurt’s films visit

Nigel was here for the Arts Update.

Going Green: talking green issues from an African Perspective

We closed off the show with an interview with Justice Sirikah – Project Manager at Amabhubesi Conferencing and Training. They will be hosting a conference titled, Going Green: African Perspective. This two-day event will bring together policy- makers and experts to advocate stewardship of the natural world and the sustainable administration of its resources through alterations in public policy or corporate and individual conduct. It will look at saving energy and water, cutting down on the dependence of finite fossil fuels, being materials efficient and creating sustainable livelihoods, among other areas of interest. For more information visit or contact (011) 326 0353.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

16 September - Labour - SABCOHA to host the 3rd HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Research Conference

In today’s show, we were joined on the line by Brad Mears – CEO of SABCOHA. Their vision is to mobilise and empower business in South Africa to take effective action on HIV/AIDS in the workplace and beyond. We were talking about the upcoming 3rd HIV and AIDS in the Workplace Research Conference. The conference offers the private sector an opportunity for business to step back and reflect on HIV/AIDS programmes, using the lens of research and practice to consider what has worked and what lessons can be extracted. The government’s HIV/Aids Technical Assistance Guidelines, recommends that employers establish HIV/Aids workplace committees, the mainstreaming of HIV/Aids and gender issues, as well as the development of policy on prevention of the disease. Brad explained more about the conference. To register for the conference visit Delegates can either register online or by downloading the relevant form. For more information contact their offices on (011) 880 4821.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

14 September - Human Rights - Get Up, Stand Up Campaign to embark on a seven-day walk against Afrophobia

In today's show we were joined by Nkwame Cedile and Willard Kambeva – from the Get Up, Stand Up Campaign. They will be embarking on a seven-day walk around the Peninsula to raise awareness about what they term Afrophobia. The aim is to raise community’s awareness on human rights and constitutional protection of Foreign Nationals following the xenophobic attacks that sparked throughout the country in 2008. The walk will start on the 25th of October till the 2nd of November. For more information contact Nkwame on 078 227 6008 or Willard on 078 927 4738.

LoveLife still making headway

We were also joined by Gwen September – From LoveLife. Through their programmes LoveLife is promoting a holistic lifestyle approach aimed at encouraging youth to maintain an HIV-free lifestyle and achieve their aspirations through youth leadership and self-motivation. Gwen explained more about these programmes. For more information visit or contact the Youth line on 0800 121 900 or the Parent line on 0800 121 100 or the goGogetter line on 0800 121 500, alternatively their offices on (021) 488 9918.

Monday, September 13, 2010

13 September - Health - This week is a National Stroke Week

We spoke to Erica Ketterer – A Dietician from the Heart & Stroke Foundation. We were talking about Stroke Awareness. This week is a National Stroke Week and forms the basis for supporting public education about stroke awareness and prevention in the community. Erica explained more on what preventative measures we need to take. During September, the Heart & Stroke Foundation is offering free blood pressure screenings countrywide. For more details or nutritional advice, contact the Heart Mark Diet Line on 0860 223 222 during office hours or visit

Sunday was World Oral Health Day

We also spoke to Professor Neil Myburgh – Deputy Dean for Postgraduate and Research at the University of the Western Cape Dentistry Faculty. We were talking about Oral Health. The Professor explained exactly what oral health means and some of the common problems associated with oral health. Oral refers to the mouth, which includes the teeth, gums, and support­ing tissues. It is easy to take your oral health for granted, but it is key to living each day comfortably. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day using a toothpaste with flouride. For more information visit your nearest dentist.

Friday, September 10, 2010

10 September - Arts, Culture & Environment - Kilmany opens her first solo exhibition

In today’s show, we spoke to Kilmany – Jo Liversage – An artist. We were talking about her first solo exhibition, currently on at Erdmann Contemporary Art Gallery. Kilmany is an award winning artist who has been included in several group exhibitions both locally and abroad. Her art focuses on issues such as HIV/Aids and TB, with the skull becoming a recurring symbol in her work. The exhibition will run till the 6th of October at the Erdmann Contemporary Gallery at number 63 Shortmarket Street, in Cape Town. They are open Monday – Friday, between 10:00 - 17:00 and Saturday, between 11:00 - 13:00. For more information contact (021) 422 2762 or go to

Iziko Museums kicks-off Heritage Week programme & Arts Update

We also heard from Melody Kleinsmith – from Iziko Museums of Cape Town. We were talking about their Heritage Week programme. As you know that September is Heritage Month, Iziko has a jam-packed programme of activities for the whole family to celebrate our heritage. For enquiries you can contact their offices on (021) 481 3890 or visit their website at

Nigel was here for the Arts Update.

African Hip Hop Indaba celebrates 10th Anniversary

We closed off the show with an interview with Shaquile and Tanswell – from Heal the Hood. We were talking about African Hip Hop Indaba. This year the African Hip Hop Indaba celebrates 10 years of Positive Youth Activity through Hip Hop Culture. They say the money raised at this event will go towards teaching youth free Hip Hop Skills in several areas around Cape Town and offering talented youth the opportunity to earn an income from teaching in their communities. The festivities kick off with the MC, DJ & Beatbox competition at Flatline Lounge on the 17th of September and the Hip Hop Dance competition 0n the 18th at the Good Hope Centre. Tickets are available from Heal the Hood & Computicket for R50 each. At the door on the night it will cost you R60. For more information call (021) 706 0481 alternatively check

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

07 September - Human Rights - Grade 10 & 11 learners invited to enter the National Schools Moot Court Competition

In today’s show, we heard from Cherryl Botterill - Programme Coordinator for the National Schools Moot Competition. The Universities of Pretoria, Venda and the Western Cape, in partnership with the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, the Department of Basic Education and the Foundation for Human Rights are running the first annual National Schools Moot Court Competition for grade 10 and 11 learners. The Competition is aimed at creating greater awareness in schools and communities in South Africa about the Constitution and the values that it embodies through active participation. For more details on the competition visit or email Cherryl to alternatively call 082 780 4647.

Registration to Access to Healthcare in Africa conference open

And we were also joined by Professor Ron Summer – Convenor of the Access to Healthcare in Africa conference. This international forum will be attended by healthcare professionals from various disciplines who are involved in HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria treatment programmes for them to share insights and learn from experiences regarding challenges posed to treatment, primary level initiation, quality of medicines and other important issues. Access to Healthcare in Africa‘s mission is to contribute to the improvement of access to quality health care services in developing countries. Professor Summer explained more about the conference. Register now to benefit from the regular registration fee on the conference website of ARV Access for Africa or directly contact the conference committee on (012) 665 0448 or send an email to

Monday, September 06, 2010

06 September - Health - Metro Emergency Medical Services strives to provide high quality service

On Sakhisizwe today, we spoke to Dr Cleeve Robertson - Provincial Director of the Metro Emergency Medical Services. Metro Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a directorate within the Department of Health that provides EMS services to 5.3 million of the Western Cape public. We were talking about their services and how they strive to provide highest quality of service. The EMS Emergency number is 10177 or 112 from a cellphone.

This week is the Kidney Awareness Week

We heard from Sister Rasieda Samai – from the National Renal Care and the Kidney Foundation of South Africa. This week is the Kidney Awareness Week and the campaign is aimed at raising awareness about kidneys and more importantly, ways to reduce the risk of kidney disease. According to medical experts, kidney disease is often ‘silent’, having few symptoms especially in the early stages. If left unchecked, the disease can progress or lead to kidney failure. If detected early, appropriate treatment can help delay or even prevent end-stage kidney failure. Sister Samai explained more. Remember to have your kidneys checked regularly, especially if you are at ‘high risk’. For more information contact the National Kidney Foundation of SA on (011) 447 2531 or visit alternatively

Tomorrow the National Renal Care staff will be doing screeings at the Promande in Mitchell's Plain, between 9AM -2 PM. Contact Sister Samai on 079 528 8019 for further details.

Explore ways of maintaining optimal health with Ayurveda and Yoga

We closed off the show with an interview with Jennifer Stevens – from the Brave Foundation. The Brave Foundation provides support, services and therapy to anyone in recovery from physical trauma. This coming Saturday, 11th of September they will be hosting a workshop where they share the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga. These two sciences work in harmony with nature using food, herbs, mindful movement and the breath as tools to achieve and maintain optimal health and happiness. The workshops can be attended by parents, family, care givers and teachers. Donation is R350 including notes. For more information send an email to or contact 082 717 4825.

Friday, September 03, 2010

03 September - Arts, Culture & Environment - MTN Science Centre to relocate

In today's show, we spoke to Julie Cleverdon – Director of the MTN Science Centre. It is reported that the MTN Science Centre is closing down from the 12th of September, and will be relocated and re-launch as the “Cape Town Science Centre”. The Science Centre will be relocating to a temporary base from where it will run its outreach programme and an intensive fundraising drive. But Julie explained more about the move. To contribute to their future growth and help the Cape Town Science Centre take its next step, please contact Julie directly on 083 276 9501 or email For enquiries and bookings you can contact their offices at (021) 529 8100 or visit their website at

Check Bonello's artwork at G2 Art

We also heard from Di Smith – from G2 Art. G2 Art provides diverse original contemporary South African art including painting, ceramics, sculpture, prints and photography. We were talking about a mixed media art exhibition by Cape Town based artist, Tanya Bonello titled: In Search of Truth & Beauty. The exhibition opened on Wednesday and features beautiful pieces like the Solar and Lunar series where she uses gold and silver to pay homage to the stars, the Sun, and the Moon. The exhibition closes on the 15th of September. For more information contact (021) 424 7169 or visit for the gallery opening times.

Nigel was here for the Arts Update.

Science Fiction South Africa invites submission from science fiction budding writers

We closed off the show with an interview with Gavin Kreuiter – from Science Fiction South Africa. They are running their annual Nova Short Story Competition for budding writers of science fiction and fantasy short stories. The competition encourages writing in the science fiction and fantasy fields and promotes local talent. The closing date is midnight of 30th of September. For more information visit or contact Gavin on 084 830 0608.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

02 September - Labour - Migrant Workers Committee fight for better working conditions

On Sakhisizwe today, we were joined by Leader Kanyiki and Princewill Asika – Members of the Migrant Workers Committee. They deal with various issues pertaining to migrant workers like applying for work permits and other necessary documentation. They are inviting migrant and refugee workers in Cape Town to join them in the fight for better working conditions. For more information about the Committee contact Leader on 078 769 0523 or the Save A Soul Brigade offices on (021) 761 5831.