Monday, December 24, 2012

Health - Groote Schuur Hospital’s Acute Spinal Cord Injury Unit warns about diving accidents

In today's show, we spoke to Dr Juliette Stander – From the Groote Schuur Hospital’s Acute Spinal Cord Injury Unit. We were talking about diving accidents that need to be prevented in light of the holiday season. Groote Schuur Hospital’s Acute Spinal Cord Injury Unit is concerned about the expected increase in the incidence of severe neck injuries secondary to diving accidents as many people flock to the beaches, rivers, tidal pools and swimming pools where the injuries take place. The Unit warns people to dive feet first because head first diving whether with outstretched arms or not is extremely risky as diving accidents are preventable.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Labour - SAMWU to intensify all campaigns in 2013

In today's show, we spoke to Tahir Sema - From the South African Municipal Workers Union or SAMWU. We were talking about their plans to intensify all campaigns in 2013. The South African Municipal Workers Union has vowed to intensify all campaigns in 2013 for the economic freedom of the working class. The transformation of the economy will be central to all their efforts, as they move to create decent work and try to eradicate poverty. Samwu believes the South African working class and those abroad are facing an onslaught by Capitalism and the ruling elite and therefore will use the December holidays to energise themselves in readiness for next year, where mammoth battles will be both won and lost. For further information you can contact SAMWU on (021) 696 2522 or visit

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gender - Commission for Gender Equality is concerned about ukuthwala

In today's show, we heard from Makhosazana Nxumalo - From the Commission for Gender Equality. We were talking about how young girls are at risk of abduction this festive season. The Commission for Gender Equality is concerned about young girls in Umzimkhulu being at risk of abduction this festive season after it received a complaint from a civil society organization requesting an urgent intervention. It is alleged that six school girls between the ages of 15 and 20 had reportedly been targeted for ukuthwala by older migrant workers in the area as there’s apparently a list in circulation with the names of the girls, and that some of their parents are collaborating with these plans to marry them off. The commission has immediately engaged with relevant provincial authorities to request an urgent and immediate response to protect these young girls, investigate the allegations and charge and prosecute the perpetrators because interventions need to send out a clear message that forced ukuthwala of minors is illegal and will not be tolerated. For further information you can contact the commission on (011) 403 7183 or visit

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Human Rights - Human Rights Media Centre premiers "We Never Give Up 2"

In today's show, we spoke to Shirley Gunn - Executive director of the Human Rights Media Centre to tell us more about who they are and their latest documentary. HRMC advances an awareness and activism about human rights through the documentation and disseminating oral histories through a variety of media forms and social interventions. Gunn spoke about the screening of their latest documentary entitled We Never Give Up 2 which is a follow up to We Never Give Up that was focused on the lives of 11survivors of gross human rights violations. They will also be hosting an Open Day next year in March to commemorate Reconciliation Day which was on Sunday. For further information you can contact HRMC on (021) 761 3303 or visit the website 

Department of Transport and Public Works launches Safely Home Road Safety Reward Campaign

We also heard from Siphehlise Dube - From the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works . We were talking about their Safely Home Road Safety Reward Campaign that was launched yesterday. The Western Cape Government’s Safely Home initiative, led by Robin Carlisle, Minister for Transport and Public Works, is aimed at reducing the number of people killed on the province’s roads by 50% by the end of 2014. Thus far the programme has led to a 28% reduction in road fatalities in just under three years. This year’s campaign is aimed at rewarding motorists for good behaviour on our roads over the festive season as the province will be offering a cash opportunity to vehicle owners and drivers who remain fine-free over the festive season. Two cash prizes of R25 000 is up for grabs to qualifying drivers whose vehicles are registered in the province as all motorists in the province are automatically entered into the draw, and winners will be drawn from those who meet set criteria and ensure that their details on the National Traffic Information System (eNaTiS) are correct and up to date. There will be two draws to determine the winners, one on December, 24 and the other very early in the New Year. In order to stay eligible for the prize all motorists must ensure that they: Do not speed, drink and drive, Are mindful of pedestrians, Do not use cellphones while driving and Ensure that they buckle up, and most importantly that children in the vehicle are buckled up. Safely Home is based on the four E's of road safety namely Enforcement, Education, Engineering and Evaluation since its recognised as best international practice by the United Nations.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Health - Heart and Stroke Foundation promotes healthy alternatives for the festive season

In today's show, we spoke to Lucy Gericke - a Registered Dietician for the Heart and Stroke Foundation speaking to us about healthy alternatives for the season. This follows after research shows that there are significant spikes in heart attacks and heart failures on three particular days of the year namely Christmas day, the day after Christmas, and New Year’s Day. But the Heart and Stroke Foundation believes it’s possible to enjoy Christmas and New Year while still being kind to your heart by making healthy food options and finding recipes that fit the season but are good for you. And, of course, with so much more extra time, getting outside and being more active is not only a great way to get fit or maintain a healthy weight but it’s also a good opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. For further information you can contact the foundation on 0860 1 43278 (0860 1 HEART) or visit the website

How to stay fit with Zumba!

We closed off with Lucas Mthenjane - a personal trainer at Fizeeks in Training. We were talking about Zumba, the new fitness craze and the importance of exercising even during the festive season. It is reported that millions of people in 125 countries have been doing Zumba to improve their fitness level, to lose weight and to make exercise as part of their lifestyle. Zumba can also be considered as effective therapy for some emotional hardships and stressors such as loss of a loved one and personal difficulties. Fizeeks in Training offers the best in core and functional fitness, Personal Training, Small Group Training, Zumba, Capoeira fitness, Commando Krav Maga, Pilates Hip Hop and Salsa. It’s a one stop to fun and fitness, motivating and inspiring people to a better way of life. Other specialized group sessions offered are Salsa, Belly dancing, Zouk Lambada while Zumba is great for Corporate Teambuilding, Batchelorettes or any fun filled entertainment. They based in the centre of town and invite all that want to train, get fit and lose weight in a fun filled environment. For further information you can visit

Friday, December 14, 2012

Arts, Culture & Environment - Youngblood Arts & Culture Development presents Neo Muyanga

In today's show, we were joined by Marie Vogts – from Youngblood Arts & Culture Development. Youngblood Arts & Culture Development is staging a special performance by Neo Muyanga. Neo’s solo recital and live recording is at the beautifull life building in Bree Street tonight and tomorrow night at 7:30PM. Tickets cost R70. Seating is limited, therefore bookings are essential. For bookings or more information contact (021) 424 0074 or send an email to alternatively visit 

Nigel Vermaas joined us on the line for this year's last arts update.

South African National Youth Orchestra to perform at Groote Kerk

We closed off with Sophia Welz – Managing Director of the South African National Youth Orchestra Foundation. The Foundation supports the training and development of South Africa’s young musicians through national courses, national and international tours and workshops, and networks nationally to assist all youth orchestra programmes to function optimally and on Sunday the 16th of December they are hosting a concert at Groote Kerk in Cape Town from 3PM. Tickets costs R100 and it’s R50 for students and pensioners. Bookings can be made at computicket. For more information visit or contact 083 272 2117.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Labour - SADSAWU says "Domestic Work is Decent Work"

In today's show, we spoke to Myrtle Witbooi - General Secretary of the South African Domestic Service and Allied Workers Union. The South African Domestic Service & Allied Workers Union (SADSAWU) expressed its anger at government for not ratifying ILO Convention 189 as the 12 by 12 Campaign drew to a close yesterday. The campaign was launched with the aim of getting 12 countries in 12 months to ratify ILO Convention 189, on Domestic Workers which was signed in June 2011 at recognising that Domestic Work is Decent Work. But up until yesterday only 5 countries ratified and recognized their responsibility toward their domestic workers. Therefore SADSAWU will hold a big demonstration at the opening of parliament and calls on representatives from other trade unions, civil society and domestic workers generally to come out and show their disappointment and upset at this continued unfair treatment from the SA government. For further information you can contact Myrtle on (021) 448 0045.

Western Cape Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards entries open

We also heard from Alan Winde - Western Cape MEC of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism. He joined us to talk about their Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards. The Department of Economic Development and Tourism, under the Enterprise Development unit has initiated the Provincial Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards as the small, medium and micro enterprise (SMME) support programme that will focus on encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship in the Western Cape. The awards promote entrepreneurial activities through identifying, showcasing and recognising innovative entrepreneurs who have displayed excellence in various areas. The awards include the following categories: Emerging business, Established business, Co-operatives, Social enterprises and Export business and Best innovative student idea. The overall winner will be judged upon “growth and jobs” as there will be three awards per category equating to 15 awarded winners and three special awards for most innovative and green ideas. Closing date for entering is the 11th of January 2013 and no late submissions will be accepted. Entry is free and nominees may enter only one category. To submit an application form send an email to or fax to (021) 483 7630. For more information on categories, terms and conditions visit

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gender - Sex Workers embrace dignity

In today's show, we were joined by Priscilla Baleni – Programme coordinator at Embrace Dignity. She came with former sex workers - Lizzy, Mpho and Kelly*. Embrace Dignity is an organisation that is striving to assist prostituted women and men who want to exit the industry. They have formed Masiphakameni project, where they meet in groups weekly and share difficulties they had to face on their daily lives. For further information please contact Priscilla on (021) 422 4656 alternatively you can visit or send an email to

*Not their real names

Ikamva Labantu hosts a 16 Days of Activism event

Noxolo Guma - a counsellor and Lulama Sigosana - Manager of health at Ikamva Labantu joined us on the line to tell us more about the outcome of their 16 Days of Activism event that they hosted yesterday in partnership with Samila Gender Counseling and Support Service. Domestic Violence, Child Safety and Police involvement were some of the issues tackled. Ikamva Labantu’s programmes aim to support the most vulnerable groups in communities. For more infornation about the services that Ikamva Labantu provides contact (021) 361 0460 or visit

Cape Town Child Welfare is looking for foster carers

Jecynthia Jones - Social auxiliary worker at the Cape Town Child Welfare was speaking to us about their foster care recruitment. Cape Town Child Welfare is recruiting foster carers living in Hanover Park, Athlone and Manenberg to house children who have been abused or abandoned during the festive season. Interested men and women can become foster carers by contacting Child Welfare, completing an application form and returning it with names of two references and a copy of your identity document. Candidates will undergo a screening process which includes a home visit and an interview with the whole family. If found suitable and Child Welfare accepts you as a successful candidate, you will undergo training and go on a waiting list until a child needing a foster home becomes available. For further information you can contact Cape Town Child Welfare on (021) 638 3127.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Human Rights - Help2read is looking for donors

In today's show, we spoke to Alex Moss - Founder of Help2read.  Help2read is a child literacy NGO based in Cape Town that operates in primary schools through a volunteer workforce and they are calling on South Africans to make a difference this Christmas by giving a child the gift of reading. Good Samaritans can help solve the literacy crisis by giving the gift of reading this Christmas or sponsoring a child at R 100 per month. For more information you can contact their offices on (021) 685 8085 or visit 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Health - Heart and Stroke Foundation encourage people to “Act FAST”

In today's show, we spoke to Lucy Gericke - A registered dietician for the Heart and Stroke Foundation to tell us more about how “Acting FAST” can save a life. On the 29th of October was World Stroke Day and it is reported that you only have three hours to get help for a stroke before you risk permanent disability. The World Stroke Campaign aims to disseminate essential life-saving information and share knowledge about actions and lifestyle behaviors that could avert the assault of stroke. Stroke is the third biggest cause of death in our country and a leading cause of adult disability as its effects can be devastating and include brain damage which manifests as weakness or paralysis, sensory disturbances, pain, speech problems and memory and emotional disturbances. Therefore this year the World Stroke Organisation is appealing and encouraging individuals to act fast, know what to look out for and how to react, particularly in the first three hours after a stroke because it can save a life and prevent brain damage. The following is recommended such as ask the person to show their teeth or smile and see if one side of the face droops or does not move as well as the other, ask the person to lift both arms up and keep them up and see if one arm does not move or drifts downward when extended, ask the person to repeat a short sentence (e.g. “it is a sunny day in Cape Town”) and see if the person uses the correct words without slurring and make a careful note of the time of onset of symptoms and call for help urgently if you spot any one of these signs. The risk of stroke can be reduced by properly treating and controlling conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atrial fibrillation (an irregular heartbeat) and diabetes. For more For further information you can contact the foundation on 0860 1 43278 (0860 1 HEART) or visit 

WPBTS looking for dononrs

Marlize Mouton - Spokesperson for the Western Province Blood Transfusion Services joined us on the live. We were talking about their increasing need for blood ahead of the festive season. It appears that the stock of blood held by the Western Province Blood Transfusion Services (WPBTS) is down to a three day supply instead of the ideal five to seven day supply, according to media reports. WPBTS is calling for more donors, particularly those with the ‘universal’ O-blood group that can be given to any patient. For further information you can contact WPBTS on (021) 507 6300 or visit alternatively sms BLOOD to 33507.

SIYAGMA-SA promoting healthy lifestyle

We closed off with Zane Maqetuka – Founder of SIYAGMA-SA national healthy lifestyle promotion campaign. The campaign was launched on Saturday in association with the Western Cape Department of Health. It aims to educate South Africans about healthy living by promoting regular exercise, eating a well balanced diet and adopting a positive attitude to achieving well-being as a whole. If you have any further questions or you can assist the Siyagyma-SA campaign in any way, contact Zane at or check him on

Friday, December 07, 2012

Arts, Culture and Environment - Rust Co-Operative presents “The View”

Philip & Penny
In today's show, we were joined by Penny Youngleson and Philip Rademeyer – From Rust Co-Operative. We were talking about their new production “The View” that opened on Wednesday night at the Intimate Theatre. Inspired by an American pastor’s recent comments that gays and lesbians should be contained in an isolated enclosure and ultimately killed off, The View deals with notions of loss, grief, memory and hope and will run till the 14th of December 2012. Written and directed by Philip, with design by Penny Youngleson, The View features the fresh and exciting talents of Gideon Lombard and Ella Gabriel. It runs at the Intimate Theatre till the 14th of December at 8PM (no performance Monday 10 December). Tickets are R70/R50. To book email or call 082 410 6996.  

Zizamele Ceramics launches a new range & Arts Update

We spoke to Toni Burton – Owner and co-ordinator at Zizamele Ceramics. Zizamele Ceramics has launched a new range called Protect Us. It aims to raise awareness of the endangered animals in South Africa. The range consists of eggcups, t-lights, bowls, beakers and planters. The animals in their range are the Riverine Rabbit, the Rhino, the Blue Swallow and the Wild Dog. These are depicted in their designs with the wording: “Protect Us.” For more information visit or contact (021) 789 1491 alternatively send an email to

Nigel Vermaas was Instudio for this week's Arts Update.

Abrahamse & Meyer Productions presents Kingdom of Earth

We closed off with an interview with Fred Abrahamse – from the Abrahamse & Meyer Productions. We were talking about their new production Kingdom of Earth that will première at Artscape Arena from the 13th of December. Directed by Abrahamse, the play stars multiple award-winning actress, Anthea Thompson as Myrtle, Marcel Meyer as Chicken and Nicholas Dallas as Lot. Kingdom of Earth deals poignantly with racial discrimination, ownership of land and familial dysfunction and is running till the 30th of December. Tickets range from R60 - R120. Pensioners & students pay R80 per ticket with valid ID at Artscape Box Office. Block bookings you pay R110 per ticket for groups of 10 or more. Learners from 12 to 18 pay R80 per ticket 30 minutes before all performances with valid ID at Artscape Box Office. For bookings call the Artscape Dial-a-Seat on (021) 421 7695 or at Computicket for more information visit

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Labour - farm workers strike called off

In today's show, we spoke to Anton Rabe - Chairperson of Agri SA's Labour and Social Policy Committee. He was speaking to us about the latest regarding the farm workers strike. After weeks of violence by striking farm workers across the Western Cape it emerged on Tuesday that the strike has been called off indefinitely. According to media reports workers would be encouraged to unionise or to organise into collective bargaining bodies and to negotiate directly with their employers. Rabe said he welcomed the announcement and that from the beginning they had accepted that there are challenges in their industry but throughout have called for proper processes to be put in place to address it.

Greenpop wins Enterprise Elevator pitch

Lauren O'Donnell - Director of Greenpop spoke to us about what they do and the competition that they recently won. Greenpop is a social business that believes greening and sustainable living can be fun, popular and accessible for all. It aims to inspire a greener, more conscious, inclusive movement through tree planting projects, green events, education, social media, voluntarism and activating people to start DOING! They walked away as the unanimous winner of the Enterprise Elevator pitch event, which was sponsored by Italian based entrepreneurship platform U-Start last week Thursday. For further information you can contact Greenpop on (021) 461 9265 or  

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Gender - Author of “Never Quit, Never Give Up, My story” shares her story of survival

In today's show, as part of the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children campaign our show focused on the survivors of violence. The international campaign was established in 1991 by the Centre for Women‘s Global Leadership. “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Let’s Challenge Militarism and End Violence against Women” is this year’s international theme while in SA it’s “Don’t look away Act against Abuse”. We spoke to Jane Paulsen - Author of “Never Quit, Never Give Up, My story” spoke to us about her book. Jane’s book shares in detail what happened to her eleven years ago when she was raped twice on separate occasions, falling pregnant through the 1st rape, assaulted and hijacked with a deadly weapon while pregnant, mentally and emotionally abused and suicidal attempts. The book can be purchased or ordered directly through Jane as it’s not available in stores and sells for R100 a copy. For further information you can send an email to or

Gender based violence survivor breaks free

Nolu – a survivor of gender based violence joined us on the line to speak to us about her story. Nolu was involved in an abusive relationship for a few years and even tried to take her own life before she broke free. 

Domestic violence survivor shares her story of survival

We closed off with an interview with Ugashnee Moodley - Domestic violence survivor. She was speaking to us about her experience and escaping death. Ugashnee’s nightmare began once her husband started drinking a few months after getting married and the abuse just escalated every day. She was a victim of all forms of abuse from physical to emotional and even had a gun cocked in her mouth while her two children pleaded with their father to leave her alone. After divorcing the guy, she moved to Cape Town and is currently trying to start a catering company and would like those who can help her to contact Bush Radio on (021) 448 5450 or send an email to

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Human Rights - NICDAM opens a satelite training centre in Cape Town

In today's show, we spoke to Charlene Petersen-Voss - Programme director of the National Institute for Community Development and Management (NICDAM) speaking to us about their latest training centre that’s operating in Cape Town. National Institute for Community Development and Management is an educational and development trust which supports the development of individuals, communities, organisations, businesses and government. They offer programmes in health, social development and educational fields. NICDAM recently opened a satellite office at the Saartjie Baartman Centre in Manenberg because they have been working in victim empowerment for many years and were looking to partner with a leading organisation in the field. They support all their programmes by using their facilities and skills development programme such as catering which contributes to the centre financially. For further information you can contact NICDAM on (021) 633 5287 or visit

Emasithandane is looking for education sponsors

We also heard from Zelphina Maposela - Founder and Director of Emasithandane Children’s Organisation to tell us more about the work they do. Emasithandane affectionately known as Emasi is a home or shelter based in Nyanga that provides education, food and extra moral programming for orphans, abandoned, abused and otherwise vulnerable children, and those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa. It currently homes 39 children and in addition provides a community feeding kitchen for an additional 25 children in the community. Emasi’s programmes include Soccer, after school classes, Performing Arts, Training and Workshops and Short Programmes. For further information you can contact Emasithandane on (021) 386 8194 or send an email to alternatively visit

Raapkraal Land Claimants still waiting for land restitution

Maria de Villiers, Busi & Sara Davids
We closed off with Sara Davids and Maria de Villiers - Raapkraal Land Claimants Steering Committee to tell us more about the outcome of their recent meeting of land claimants of the area. Land Restitution was introduced in South Africa in 1994, to redress the systematic land dispossession that took place under the Group Areas Act. Millions were taken from the mixed-race communities and homes they'd known for generations and forced into racially segregated areas, often far removed from city centres and in inferior houses. The Commission on Restitution of Land Rights was constituted in March 1995 and tasked with dealing with some 79 696 claims filed between 1995 and 1998, with either financial compensation or awarding the claimants land. So far the commission claims that they have settled 74 808 out of 79 696 land claims lodged at a cost of R16-billion. The two ladies explained more about some of the challenges they face in settling the claims. On the 12th of December 2012 they will be meeting the Claims Commissioner.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Health - Health Minister announces rollout of a new anti-retroviral drug

In today's show, we spoke to Joe Maila - Spokesperson for Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi. He was speaking to us about the rollout most advanced ARV’s. Last week Thursday, the Health Minister announced the rollout of a new anti-retroviral drug regime that’s been dubbed the most advanced drug in the world. This new fixed dose tablet that combines three ARVs into one will be made available in SA as from April 2013. It’s expected to change the way people take their life-saving drugs as patients would no longer have to take three tablets, three times a day but instead only one once a day. Dr Motsoaledi was quoted saying this should help people comply with their treatment and would reduce the side effects from the drugs and also the logistical complications to ensure people get their pills.

CANSA launches SunSmart Health Campaign

Odilia Jacobs – From the Cancer Association of South Africa spoke to us about the SunSmart Health Campaign. As part of its SunSmart Health Campaign during the summer season, CANSA encourages everyone, young and old to take responsibility and control of their health to reduce the risk of skin cancer. According to CANSA's CEO Sue Janse van Rensburg "Skin cancer can be prevented - make sure you and your loved ones play safe all year round, but especially in summer time when the sun's rays are the harshest”. As we spend more time outdoors this summer, remember to check your skin regularly for changes, unusual marks or moles. An annual medical check-up should include a skin check to detect possible skin cancer early. Everyone exposed to the sun is at risk of developing skin cancer whether you have light or dark skin. For more information, contact CANSA toll free number on 0800 22 66 22 or go to

Today is National Transplant Day

We closed off with Dr Elmi Muller - President of the South African Transplant Society. She was talking about the National Transplant Day. Today marks the National Transplant Day and it is reported that there are over 4 300 people throughout South Africa currently awaiting an organ and cornea transplant operation. Less than 600 transplants are performed each year and many adults and children die waiting for a life-saving transplant. The South African Transplant Society is an organization that confers unity to the entire Transplantation Community of South Africa, maintaining the status quo between a diversity of disciplines and transplant centres, creating a forum for discussion and debate. For further information you can contact the Society on (031) 368 8000 or visit