Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Today we also spoke with Malcolm Booysen a creative and innovative young man from cape town he was telling us about his blog page finding  freedom and what transformation he want to accomplish in his community.If you want to get hold of him you are more than welcome to do so.

For More info:
Contac him at: 074 522 9088
FaceBook: Finding Freedom

By Donald Puza.
Today at Sakhisizwe, Building the Nation we spoke with Hilda De Beer from new kidz on the block organisation that was formed in 2007 after a group of friends from cape town saw a need at a children's home for abandoned and orphaned children, she was telling us about their phenomenal work they do in assisting these children.

For more information:
Cotact no: 079 8755745
FaceBook: New Kidz opn the Block
Website: www.newkidz.org.za

Monday, January 23, 2017

Today we also spoke with Jenna and Glynis from Lifeline organisation they were telling us more about their counselling sessions they offer for people of cape town communities and how one can get their assistance if they are going through adversities and emotional problems.

For more information;
contact no: 021 461 11113
crisis line: 021 461 1111
facebook acc: Lifeline westernacpe
whatsapp no: 063 709 2620.
Today at Sakhisizwe, Building the Nation, we spoke with Mr Msokolosi Qotole the director of social mobilization in the directorate HIV/AIDS regarding HIV test kit which is available at pharmacies and  how effective it is for people to use it.

For more information:
Contact number is
021 483 4284.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Today we spoke to Algiero Tony Minnie that goes by the stage name Tray V. He is originally from Kimberley, but resides in Hanover Park, where he discovered himself and develops a bigger passion for music.

Because he is from Kimberley, he came up with the word kimtonian to express himself. He discovered music through other people and that become his disconnection from the world, when his able to sing is when he evolve as a person. Tray V’s dream was to become an actor, be music draw him more.

His inspiration when writing is that he always has a story to tell that is based on his own life situation, as he grow up in poverty, but yet he didn’t use that as an excuse not to excel as a person.

His song Ramnant Soldier is one of his songs, which means fight for what you want and never give up or let anyone scatter your dreams.

For more information contact:

Tel: 061 489 6257
Facebook: Algiero Tony Minnie   

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Today we spoke to Siyavuya Mlungu a young entrepreneur, business coach and keynote speaker from Khayelitsha. This was not something that he discovered over night, it has been a journey, which his half way through to arriving at his destination. He is a business man whereby he runs a coaching enterprise that deals with breaking the premature failure of organisations and mainly focuses on people who are into network marketing.

As a keynote speaker he share the story of his life to inspire people: “He was born from a two room shack whereby eight family member live under one room, where five will sleep on the bed and the three on the floor and when it starts to rain the three will be forced to stand and sleep as the floor will be soaking wet.” The reason for the story is you should not use your circumstances as an excuse why you can’t excel in life; you hold the key to your own future. Don’t wait for hand outs, Siyavuva has achieve a business out of many of the thing he wants accomplish at the age of 27.

People will tell you, you won’t make it or this and that won’t work, but you need to develop a skin or mindset that does not leave room for any negative aspects irrespective of how impossible the situation might seem. You need to disconnect with the world and reconnect with your self eg: take a walk, go to the beach or go hiking to clear your mind.

Siyavuya states: “I just speak as I’m in the business of asking question because I believe that our lives are not changed by answers but by asking the right questions”

 6 easy steps to become self employed:

1)     Reputation Capital – You need a good reputation with people.  
2)     Relational Capital – You need to build up relations with people that ad value to your life.
3)     Educational Capital – You need to read books, attend seminars and attend workshops.
4)     Financial Capital – That is 20% money.
5)     Physical Capital –You need to be present/ dedicated.
6)     Exchange of business – Connecting with people in business.  

For more information contact:

Facebook: Siyavuya Mlungu

WhatsApp: 060 347 7673

By: Jasnine Roberts

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Stereotypical beliefs can be rigid, but they do and have changed over time, that is the Challenge and Opportunity…. #Sakhisizwe Building a Nation/Bou die Nasie

Stereotypes exist in all societies. How we perceive each other can be determined through oversimplified assumptions about people based on race,sex,age and body language ect. They are based on socially constructed norms. Practices and beliefs and are often cultural and religion based and fostered and reflect underlying power relations.  

Today we spoke to Glenton Liberty Matthyse He/ She/ They from Gender Dynamix which is a human’s rights organisation that seeks to advance the interests of the transgender and gender non conforming communities. This organisation uses various ways to implement this where by advocacy is the main tool. Government gets pulled on board, state actors to become more proactive in how they include and recognise these rights and interest of transgender and gender none conforming people. They work with service providers in the sense of health care providers and legal providers in the service they render.

The law states one should not discriminate against an individual based on the gender that they are identified as, and the law makes provision that you are not discriminated on your sex or body and that comes back to each one needs to be treated equal.
 Gender Dynamix has a workshop running today (18/01/2017) which is a provincial meeting where various civil societies organisations to discuss and engaged critically the current bill that is on the table at the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development towards the combating of hate crimes and speech bill. This form is open to the public you can just go on the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development website for more details.
Stereotype? Glenton states: “Group a whole bunch of people together and putting a label on them and say you are of this type, which means you should have these characteristics and that comes down to being put in a negative way by being stereotype.”  

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 447 4797

By: Jasnine Roberts

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

#Sakhisizwe Building the Nation

We spoke to Paul Hooper from Homestead which has been in existence since 1982 helping street children. They have managed to reduce the number of street children on the street over the years.

This organisation has 8 different projects in place which the biggest one is in Khayelitsha that has 65 children in the home, this home are for children coming straight from the streets, while they can be reconnected with their families. They have the street and drop of outreach programmes in place as well and awareness and prevention programmes.  

For more information contact:

Website: www.homestead.org.za
Email: director@homested.org
Tel: 021 419 9763/4
Facebook: Homestead project

By: Jasnine Roberts

#Sakhisizwe Building the Nation

We spoke to Taryn and Minkateko Majoko from The Tomorrow Trust, The Tomorrow Trust is a non profit organisation aimed at assisting orphaned and or vulnerable youth in becoming self sustainable adults through holistic education. They been around since 2005 and the focus was to become a vehicle to change poverty cycle.  It has been found that education is the key to release the cycle of poverty. Tomorrow Trust is to empowering students to become part of the society.

The organisation has a variety of programmes in place for children from Grade R to Matric. They have a policy in place that once you have completed your education, you need to give back and help someone in the programme again, sort of like pay it forward.

For more information contact:

Website: www.tomorrow.org.za
Email: info@tomorrow.org.za
Tel: 011 447 7707
Facebook: The Tomorrow Trust

By: Jasnine Roberts

It is everyone’s responsibility to look after children even if it is not your child. #Sakhisizwe Building the Nation
We spoke to Patrick Solomon from Molo Songololo, Molo Songololo has been around for over more than 35 years with the focus of supporting children to empower them and taking responsibility for their own actions.

The organisation has programmes in place that provide direct support to children that has been traumatize through direct violence and sexual abuse, these support include counselling and therapeutic work as well as house visits and working with the schools so that the schools knows what the situations is.

They still have there rights to education programme in schools that engage them about their rights and responsibilities and that each right as a responsibility. 

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 448 5421
Facebook: Molo Songolo

By: Jasnine Roberts