Thursday, January 19, 2017


Today we spoke to Siyavuya Mlungu a young entrepreneur, business coach and keynote speaker from Khayelitsha. This was not something that he discovered over night, it has been a journey, which his half way through to arriving at his destination. He is a business man whereby he runs a coaching enterprise that deals with breaking the premature failure of organisations and mainly focuses on people who are into network marketing.

As a keynote speaker he share the story of his life to inspire people: “He was born from a two room shack whereby eight family member live under one room, where five will sleep on the bed and the three on the floor and when it starts to rain the three will be forced to stand and sleep as the floor will be soaking wet.” The reason for the story is you should not use your circumstances as an excuse why you can’t excel in life; you hold the key to your own future. Don’t wait for hand outs, Siyavuva has achieve a business out of many of the thing he wants accomplish at the age of 27.

People will tell you, you won’t make it or this and that won’t work, but you need to develop a skin or mindset that does not leave room for any negative aspects irrespective of how impossible the situation might seem. You need to disconnect with the world and reconnect with your self eg: take a walk, go to the beach or go hiking to clear your mind.

Siyavuya states: “I just speak as I’m in the business of asking question because I believe that our lives are not changed by answers but by asking the right questions”

 6 easy steps to become self employed:

1)     Reputation Capital – You need a good reputation with people.  
2)     Relational Capital – You need to build up relations with people that ad value to your life.
3)     Educational Capital – You need to read books, attend seminars and attend workshops.
4)     Financial Capital – That is 20% money.
5)     Physical Capital –You need to be present/ dedicated.
6)     Exchange of business – Connecting with people in business.  

For more information contact:

Facebook: Siyavuya Mlungu

WhatsApp: 060 347 7673

By: Jasnine Roberts

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