Wednesday, November 29, 2006

29 November – Gender

Today we spoke to Jane Bennett– Head of Department at the African Gender Institute. The African Gender Institute has its roots in the humble beginnings of visions of gender and race equality, redistribution of intellectual resources, and the activism and research of some of the first students and faculty at UCT which identified gender dynamics as part of the historical systems of inequity. Some of the institute’s goals include developing theoretical and practical understandings of gender and its importance in the process of social transformation in Africa. For more information about the Institute you can visit

The second interview was with Natalie Johnson – member of Women Demand Dignity. Natalie was talking to us about the Women Demand Dignity (WDD) White Ribbon Awards. The White Ribbon Awards aim to acknowledge and honour those in our communities who are actively making a difference in the fight against violence on women and children. For more information about the awards you can contact Natalie: (021) 441 2766

Our last interview was with Damaris Fritz from Women’s circle. The Women’s circle in Woodstock is empowering women from disadvantaged communities through sustainability programmes, projects and adult education.
For more information about the Women’s circle contact them at: (021) 447 1219

28 November – Human Rights

Today we spoke to Wendy Dennis, founder and chairperson of The Oaks of Righteousness Foundation. The Oaks of Righteousness Foundation has started an after care services, for young people aged between 11 and 18 years. The organization is based in Strandfontein and the services are free. For more information about the Foundation you can contact Wendy: (021) 393 5149

The second interview was with Johanna Khalar – National Director of AIDS Legal Network. The AIDS Legal Network, the triangle project and other NGOs will be hosting a roundtable discussion on Stigma and Discrimination: Barriers to HIV prevention, Testing and Treatment. For more information about the event you can contact the AIDS Legal Network: (021) 447 8435 or visit

Our last interview was with Cheryl Gabriel and Abby Taylor from Konek. Konek is a non-governmental organization and they will be hosting a cross-cultural youth life skills camp for 100 disadvantaged youth from the areas of Ottery and Grassy Park. The organization is asking the community to sponsor the participants. For more information contact Konek: 703 7942

Friday, November 24, 2006

24 November – Arts, Culture and Environment

Today we spoke to Mr Mfundo Nazo from Luhlaza High School. Luhlaza High School in Khayelitsha is organising a special gathering of former matriculants at the school. The subject of the event is "Creating and sustaining the school alumni”. For more information about the school alumni you can contact Mr Nazo: (021) 361 3424

The second interview was with Liezel Knoop and Irma Perrins from Youth against Crime organisation. Youth against Crime is an organisation based in Eastridge, Mitchell’s Plain and tomorrow they will be hosting a family fun and sports day at the Dolomites Sports ground in Tafelsig. Liezel is the chairperson of the organisation and Irma is the project co-ordinator.
For more information about the organisation you can contact Liezel: 083 975 5434 or Irma: 076 412 6643

Thursday, November 23, 2006

23 November – Labour

Today we spoke to Patricia Adams and Oscar Smit from Self help Manenberg. The self-help project is running different projects in an effort to uplift the community of Manenberg and surrounding areas. The organization is currently busy looking for school drop-outs who might be interested in the hospitality industry.
For more information contact Patricia: (021) 691 9109

Our second interview was with Margie Tainton from the organization health. The topic that we were discussing is absenteeism at work. Absenteeism is a very serious offence and an employee can be fired if found guilty of that kind of offence.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

22 November – Gender

Today we spoke to Raashied Galant, a “Women and Media” program co-ordinator from Gender Advocacy Program (GAP). According to GAP, the Women and Media Project seeks to address the stereotypical representation of women in the media and the effect this has on the perceptions of women’s ability to lead. The project was established in 1998.
For more information contact GAP: (021) 465 0197

Our second interview was with Nazma Hendricks – Counselling co-ordinator from Rape crisis. Nazma was talking about a very sensitive topic today, male rape. Male rape is far more common than you would think! According to reports between 10 -20 percent of all males will be sexually violated at some point in their lifetimes.
For more information on Rape Crisis and the work that they do in different communities you can visit their website at or contact them at: Observatory (021) 447 1467 Khayelitsha (021) 361 9228 and Manenberg (021) 633 5287