Wednesday, November 29, 2006

29 November – Gender

Today we spoke to Jane Bennett– Head of Department at the African Gender Institute. The African Gender Institute has its roots in the humble beginnings of visions of gender and race equality, redistribution of intellectual resources, and the activism and research of some of the first students and faculty at UCT which identified gender dynamics as part of the historical systems of inequity. Some of the institute’s goals include developing theoretical and practical understandings of gender and its importance in the process of social transformation in Africa. For more information about the Institute you can visit

The second interview was with Natalie Johnson – member of Women Demand Dignity. Natalie was talking to us about the Women Demand Dignity (WDD) White Ribbon Awards. The White Ribbon Awards aim to acknowledge and honour those in our communities who are actively making a difference in the fight against violence on women and children. For more information about the awards you can contact Natalie: (021) 441 2766

Our last interview was with Damaris Fritz from Women’s circle. The Women’s circle in Woodstock is empowering women from disadvantaged communities through sustainability programmes, projects and adult education.
For more information about the Women’s circle contact them at: (021) 447 1219

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