Friday, November 30, 2007

30 November – Arts, Culture and Environment

Today on Sakhisizwe we were joined by Jonathan Munnik - a well known artist and sculptor who is the curator of The Love Day Gallery at the Upper East Side art gallery in Upper Woodstock. The Love Day Gallery will be a space for established artists and will also be available as a work and exhibition space for emerging artists. Munnik is currently constructing a 14 – 15 meter high permanent feature that will form a central focal point and backdrop to the Upper East Side development’s amphitheatre, which will host events and function as an outdoor meeting place for the residents. For more information about The Love Day Gallery call Jonathan via email

Zenobia Kloppers who stars in Broadway Babies which is a musical show that is currently
showing at On Broadway came to tell us about the highly acclaimed musical show. Broadway Babies is directed by Fred Abrahamse, scripted by Marcel Meyer and will be running till the 12th of January next year. Zenobia is well known for her role in Ghoema which landed her a nomination at the Naledi awards for Best Lead in a musical. She also played the title role of Fiela in Fiela se Kind. Broadway Babies is a celebration of women Broadway stars & characters. One critic said “It’s not subtle, it’s not arty, it’s lots of end-of-the-year fun”. Tickets cost R95.00 each. For bookings contact (021) 424 1194 or visit

We were then joined by Nigel Vermaas for our weekly Arts update about events happening in and around the City of Cape Town. Nigel told us about Mama Kaap aka Sylvia Mdunyelwa with her Quintet that is at the Green Dolphin tonight & tomorrow night ; Sunday: Amanda Tiffin; Monday: Sammy Hartman Trio; Tuesday: Richard Ceasar Trio; Wednesday: Ivan Mazuze Quartet; Thursday: 6 December, Friday: 7th and Saturday 8th: Mark Ginsburg Quartet. Mark is the tenor saxophone player that is out on a short visit from Australia. He’ll play originals and standards and feature Judy Campbell on vocals, Mike Campbell on bass, & Maurice Gawronsky on drums.

Then we closed our November 2007 calendar with Sam Pearce – Coordinator of the eMzantsi Carnival that is taking place tomorrow (1 December 2007) at the greater Fish Hoek area and the theme is “eMzantsipation: Free yourself!” It will feature minstrels, marimba bands, stiltwalkers, surfers, local bands, belly dancers, ballet dancers, breakdancers and more. There will also be a food and craft market. And as in Sam’s words “Bring the whole family and enjoy a multicultural jol, eMzantsi style!” For more information contact Sam on (021) 789 1665 or email her to

Thursday, November 29, 2007

27 November – Labour

Today we had an interview with Heidi Volkwijn from the League of Friends of the Blind or LOFOB, which is a NGO that is based in Grassy Park and provides a wide range of independence development services to partially sighted and blind people. We spoke to her about their current need for volunteers to assist with driving blind people at night and over weekends. If you want more information or you are interested you can call their offices on (021) 705 3753 or visit their website

We also had Colin Nyoni – Owner of Nyoni’s Kraal which is a restaurant that is said to be a true representation of something that is genuinely South African. Given the latest accolade that he received - it is evidently clear that Colin is on the road to success. Colin has scooped up South Africa’s top award for emerging tourism entrepreneurs. The awards are about recognizing small to medium businesses in tourism and play a major role in job creation. It is the first time that the emerging tourism entrepreneur of the year award has been won by a Western Cape entrepreneur. Interested in their cuisine? Visit them at 98 Long Street, Cape Town or for more information you can contact them on (021) 422 0529 / 0525 or visit their website on

We then closed today’s edition of Sakhisizwe with Jerry Louw and August Witbooi from the Tygerberg Association for Street People or TASP. They recently launched a job creation project in which the workers have to fix used wooden stacking pallets and sell them to freight companies. August (on the far right) is one of the homeless people helped by TASP and he says this has given him skills that he can now use to have an easier life. If you would like to know more about the project then call TASP on (021) 946 2870 or e-mail Riette Reid to You can also contact Riette on 082 853 7456.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

21 November 2007 – Gender

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Marlow Valentine – from Triangle Project. Marlow spoke to Bush Radio listeners about the 777 campaign. This campaign was inspired by the ongoing discrimination, abuse, killings and attacks on gays and lesbians specifically black lesbians in townships and rural communities. Marlow explained more about how they are highlighting this plight. For more information you can contact their offices on (021) 448 3812 or send Marlow an e-mail to

Matilda Matthews a Bus Driver spoke to us about what it is like for her to work in a male dominated industry as it would not be easy for any woman - but there are some that endure the pressure that comes with this and Matilda is one of them. Matilda told us about some of her highs and lows of working within a male dominated industry. Golden Arrow is currently looking for bus drivers, so female drivers out there, this is your chance. For more information you can contact Keith Robain at (021) 937 8866 or email him at

Then our last interview for this edition of Sakhisizwe was with Lungiswa Memela who is the Director of the Western Cape Network on Violence against Women. Lungiswa spoke to us about the 16 days of activism Campaign. The campaign challenges South Africans to declare a truce on violence against women and children - and, ultimately, to make it a permanent one. It runs from 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) through to International Human Rights Day on the December 10. The Western Cape Network on Violence against Women is an organization that unites and incorporates other organizations and individuals through advocacy, public awareness, training and support with a developmental approach in order to become conscious of women’s rights to a life without any form of violence. For more information you can contact their offices on (021) 633 5287 or visit

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

27 November – Human Rights

Today we spoke to Siyabonga Heleba – from the Community Law Centre. We were talking about the Socio-Economic Rights Project that was formed in 1997 with the aim of promoting the effective implementation, monitoring and enforcement of the socio-economic rights enshrined in our Bill of Rights. For more information or if you want assistance in any way you can contact their offices at (021) 959 3708 or visit

We also spoke to Jennifer Preiss – Deputy Ombudsman for Long-term Insurance. Their function is to mediate in disputes between subscribing members of the long-term insurance industry and policyholders regarding insurance contracts. We were talking about Long-term insurance policies. For more information or if you want to make a complaint can contact their offices at 086 010 3236 alternatively visit their website at

Monday, November 26, 2007

26 November - Health

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Delia Engel the Department of Health’s Child Health Manager. She told us about health and hygiene. According to the World Health Organisation, the global estimates are that about 1.8 million people die every year from diarrhoeal disease and 90% are children under 5, mostly in developing countries. The fraction of diarrhoeal disease is attributed to unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene. If you would like more information about the topic call (021) 918 1579 or visit

Cheryl Vermeulen – Chairperson of the Cystic Fibrosis Association of South Africa joined us in studio to tell us what Cystic Fibrosis is all about. Cystic Fibrosis is an inherited disorder that affects the lungs and the digestive system. Cheryl who is also a sufferer of Cystic Fibrosis explained more. For more information you can contact the Cystic Fibrosis Association of South Africa on (021) 557-0323 or (011) 294-3849. You can also visit their website at

Our last interview was with Dr. Carol Thomas – a gynecologist. We spoke about Ectopic Pregnancies. This occurs when the fertilised egg implants itself outside of the uterus. Most of these pregnancies occur in the fallopian tube of the expecting mother – but embryos can also implant in the ovaries, abdomen or cervix. But none of these places will provide the fertilised egg with enough space or nutrients to properly develop. For more information you can visit your nearest clinic or hospital.

Friday, November 23, 2007

23 November – Arts, Culture and Environment

Today on Sakhisizwe we were joined by Yasmina Charles – from the New Africa Theatre Association. Their mission is to provide access to the best education, training, and employment in Performing Arts to talented but disadvantaged young adults who would otherwise be unable to pursue such education or skilled work. Yasmina brought along some of the young people who trained with them, Thabo Mxotwa (who plays Socks Williams in the television drama series Shooting Stars), Tracy Lee Thomas (who is currently busy withthe circus training project) and Zinzisa Kente ( a current student, also a top 30 finalist in the 2007 Idols Competition). They told us a bit more about the training they received at New Africa and how it has paved their way to greater heights. New Afrika will be showcasing a student production called uMzantsi Afrika omtsha from the 26 -30th of November. If you are interested in attending give Yasmina a call on (021) 696 2392 or visit
PIC:Zinzisa, Thabo, Tracy Lee and Yasmina
by Rhodé Marshall

Nigel Vermaas was also with us to give his regular Arts update about events happening in and around the city. Nigel told us about the return of Joe Barber with its fourth edition of the 8th year phenomenon. Oscar Petersen and David Isaacs will be up to their usual comedic roles at the Baxter Concert Hall from 5 December 2007 until 25 January 2008.

And then lastly we had Dora Castle – from the Sunflower Arts and Crafts Club. They will be hosting a craft exhibition tomorrow (24 November 2007) at the St John’s Hall, Belgravia Rd in Crawford and Dora is the organizer of that event. Doors will be open at 10am and the entry fee is R5 only so go and support them. For more information contact Dora on (021) 696 5449.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

22 November – Labour

Today we spoke to Toni Wilcox. Toni is from Build Adult Learning Co-operative or Balco. Balco is a self-regulating development organisation which aims to empower those from deprived communities by building Community Learning Centres. BALCO strives to eliminate illiteracy and unemployment. They have community learning centre in different areas like Lavender Hill, Kraaifontein, and Khayelitsha to Steenberg. If you want more information about the Balco you can call their offices (021) 706 2261 or email them at

We also spoke to Jan Truter – an attorney from Labourwise. We were talking about Employment Equity Act. The Act allows the promotion of equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment through the elimination of unfair discrimination and by implementing affirmative action methods in order to allow equal opportunity. For more information about Labour Protect you can contact (021) 852 3499 or visit that interview followed a short interview that Sakhisizwe Producer Rhodé Marshall had with Comair CEO Erik Venter about the dispute between Comair Limited and the Department of Labour. This follows recent media reports that Comair is not complying by the Employment Equity Act.

Our last interview was with Jose Vilandy – a Barista. We were talking about his coffee making skills and the World Barista Championships that he will be attending next year. If you would like to taste Jose’s coffee you can visit Origin Roasting in 28 Hudson Street De Waterkant or call (021) 421 1000.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

21 November – Gender

Today we played a feature produced by Nadia Samie focusing on Gender Stereotyping of women in Mainstream Media. From rap music to dishwasher advertisements, women are always portrayed in a certain way, either as subservient to men, or as less important individuals. The feature takes a closer look at this dangerous stereotyping.

We also spoke to Bernedette Muthien – director of Engender. Engender is an organisation that is devoted to tactical ways of dealing with issues of gender and sexualities, human rights and conflict resolution to help bring about a better South Africa. Engender has worked on various projects in relation to gender based violence . For more information you can contact their offices at (021) 448 2112 or visit their website at

We closed off the show with an interview with Kubi Rama - Chief Executive Officer of the Gender and Media Southern African Network. GEMSA is an umbrella organisation of individual and institutions who work to promote gender equality in and through the media. We were talking about the 16 days of activism Campaign. The campaign challenges South Africans to declare a truce on violence against women and children - and, ultimately, to make it a permanent one. It runs from the 25th of November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) through to International Human Rights Day on the 10th of December. Kubi told us more about the campaign and the activities they have planned for this year’s campaign. For more information you can contact (011) 622 6597 or visit

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

20 November – Human Rights

Today we spoke to Dr Michael Phillips – from the Likhona Ithemba. Likhona Ithemba, meaning “There is Hope” is a non-profitable organisation based in Delft that deals with people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. The organization has a soup kitchen. At Likhona Ithemba they strive to support needy families with food, clothing and blanket parcels. For more information or if you want to assist in any way you can, contact Dr Phillips at 083 372 6814 or email him to

We also spoke to Vincent Moaga from the South African Human Rights Commission. The South African constitution states that everyone has the right to access to adequate housing, and that no-one can be evicted from their home or have it demolished without a court order after considering all the relevant circumstances. Vincent explained more to us about our rights when it comes to housing evictions and also the right we have of access to adequate housing. For more information you can contact their offices at (021) 426 2277 alternatively visit their website at

We closed off the show with an interview with Sergio Carciotto – Project Manager at the Scalabrini Centre. Scalabrini is a Non-profit Organization committed to both alleviating poverty by promoting development in the Western Cape and to offering assistance to refugees and their children. Sergio says their ultimate aim is that of fostering integration between local communities and refugees. For more information you can contact their offices at (021) 465 6433. They are appealing to the members of the public to assist them by donating clothes and blankets in order to help refugees.

Monday, November 19, 2007

19 November 2007 – Health

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Nelmarie Du Toit – Assistant Director at the Child Prevention Foundation at the Red Cross Hospital. She told us a bit more about drowning prevention. Its summer time, the holidays are around the corner, the children will be roaming around beaches. A research conducted by the National Injury Mortality Surveillance System (NIMSS) indicates that there are 229 deaths resulting from drowning. The research was conducted in four metropolitan areas. Nelmarie told us more about the preventative measures. For more information contact (021) 685 5208 or visit

· Never leave a child unsupervised near water as it only takes 30 seconds for a small child to drown in 5cm water.
· There must always be safety nets covering swimming pools. Safety nets, fences and tubes are not necessarily life saving but can be helpful with adult supervision.
· Do not swim on beaches where no lifesavers are on duty.
· Never swim under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Dr Sabs Abdool-Gaffar – A Pulmonologist joined us to talk about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD. People who have COPD have difficulty breathing because they develop smaller air passageways and have partially destroyed alveoli. Dr Abdool-Gaffar explained more. For more information you can contact the COPD Education Group by sending an email to or visit

Friday, November 16, 2007

16 November – Arts, Culture and Environment

Today we played an interview that Sakhisizwe Producer Rhodé Marshall had with Councilor James Vos – Chairperson for the City of Cape Town’s Health Portfolio Committee. They were talking about air pollution. Air pollution in our communities is not taken as seriously as it should. It can have various hazardous effects on the lives and health of others. However the City of Cape Town has started a portfolio committee to head up projects to try and eradicate this problem within our communities. For more information call the City of Cape Town Air Pollution Task Team at (021) 590 1419.

We also spoke to Nigel Vermaas for the Arts update in and around the city.

We closed off the show with an interview with Khanyi “Mintho” Mbongwa and Zipho Dayile from Gugulective. Gugulective is a collective of seven artists based in Gugulethu, Langa and Khayelitsha. They recently exhibited their work called Untitled that featured feature a collaborative installation by the collective in Gugulethu. We were talking about that and their work in general. For more information visit

Thursday, November 15, 2007

15 November 2007 – Labour

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Lesiba Seshoka from the National Union of Mineworkers or NUM who told listeners a bit more about the ongoing 2010 strike dispute. Just this week workers at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban decided to down tools if construction companies failed to agree with their wage demands. The demands of the workers include better safety conditions and that the sub-contractors would adhere to the agreement which requires workers to be paid a minimum wage of R11.90 an hour. Sakhisizwe contacted WBHO - one of the construction companies but they were not able to join the discussion.

Picture above: 2010 Stadium under construction
Picture on the right: Nelson Mandela with the Soccer World Cup

We also had Themba Mandindi from the Jobstart Training Centre who explained their skills development centre that offers skills training and job placements to unemployed and previously disadvantaged people. Courses offered include: Housekeeping, Food Preparation, Commercial Cleaning, Domestic Services and Life skills. If you would like to know more you can give the Jobstart Training Centre a call on 021 4611 404 or send them an e-mail to or visit their website on
Picture courtesy of Jobstart

The Salesian Institute works with Cape Town’s street children and provides training for unemployed youth. Allison Appleton spoke to us about what the Institution has to offer. Courses include: Bricklaying, Home Maintenance, Computer literacy and Office Management. If you are interested in their programmes and what the Salesian Institute has to offer give them a call on 021 421 3450 or visit their website on

Our last interview was with Imraahn Ismail Mukaddam the bread distributor from Elsies River who is well known as the whistleblower of the bread price fixing. Imraahn spoke to us about the bread price fixes in the Western Cape and the effect it has had on his business after he filed a complaint. Tiger Consumer Brands was not available for comment. If you have any consumer complaints about service or a product you can do so by dialing 0800 007 081.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

07 November - Gender

In today’s edition of Sakhisizwe we were joined by Mishka Alexander from Sisters Incorporated which is a shelter for abused women, their children and young and single pregnant women who are considering putting their babies up for adoption. Sisters Incorporated aims to help heal these women physically, emotionally and spiritually. For more information you can call Sisters Incorporated on 021 797 4190 or visit their website on


We also spoke to Leanne Keet from Masikhule Childcare which is a non-profit organization committed to the training of unemployed women, domestic workers and crèche workers in the community, because of the desperate need for skills training and job creation for unemployed women. If you would like to know more about Masikhule Childcare – you can contact them on 021 855 4520 or on 083 415 6703.

And then we closed off the show with The Women’s Lifestyle World which was launched in 2006 by Monique Metzler after she had noticed the growing trend of women who she believes is driving the South African economy. In that same year Monique was diagnosed with breast cancer – but she decided not to have chemotherapy and radiation and to rather heal her body the natural way. Surprisingly this method actually worked for her – in June this year she was cleared of cancer. Monique told us a bit more about the work she does, what keeps her motivated and also how she sees the developing process of South African women. If you would like to know more about the Women’s Lifestyle Network give them a call on 021 889 8375 or visit their website on


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

13 November – Human Rights

Today we were joined by to Karen Allen and Bukelwa Voqo (pictured on the right)from the Alliance for Children’s Entitlement to Social Security or ACESS. They told listeners a bit more about what to do and the procedure to be followed when applying for a Social Security Grant. The Alliance for Children’s Entitlement to Social Security that is made up of various children’s sector organizations made a submission that makes a number of recommendations concerning the use of the Foster Care system to provide support for Orphaned and Vulnerable children. ACESS is committed to finding a comprehensive social security system which is steered to ensure the survival of all children which will help with their development. For more information you can contact the ACESS offices on (021) 761 0117 or visit their website at

Sonja Botha and Dick Turpin (pictured below) – from the Education Alive Programme spoke to us about their Academy. Education Alive is a public benefit organisation that helps educators and learners to cope and perform better at school. Education Alive’s academy of excellence is aimed at learners who realize they have a right to a good education but do not have the tools, direction support and care to achieve their dreams. If you would like to know more feel free to contact them at (021) 021 762 9245.

Our last interview was with Julius Dantile – Provincial Manager of the Pan South Africa Language Board. The Board promotes multilingualism in South Africa by developing all the 11 languages, while also encouraging the use of other languages spoken in the country. In May 2004, PanSalb launched a campaign to raise the public's awareness of their right to be served in their own language at government institutions. If you would like to learn more give PanSalb a call on (021) 424 4380 or visit their website on

Monday, November 12, 2007

12 November 2007 – Health

Today we had an interview with Dr. Krish Vallabhjee who told us a bit more about Extreme Drug Resistant (XDR) TB. TB is a major problem in South Africa. It is killing more South Africans than in any other time in our history. This should actually not be the case as TB is a completely curable disease. Some believe that TB only occurs in poor communities – but this is not true as anyone can get TB. For more information you can contact the Department of Health’s Communication department on 021 483 3235.

Eric Ruerts the General Manager of Novo Nordisk joined us to speak about the recent launch of The Changing Diabetes Bus which is visiting different areas in the country to educate people about diabetes. The Changing Diabetes Bus is currently in Cape Town and the visit of the bus also coincides with the World Diabetes Day which is this Thursday. They will be offering free Diabetes screening that will include on the spot blood glucose testing, blood pressure checking and waist circumference measurements. On Thursday the bus will be at the Nyanga taxi rank as part of World Diabetes Day. For more information visit their website on

Lastly we spoke to Asanda Fongqo – Spokesperson for the Democratic Nurses Organisation of South Africa or DENOSA. He spoke to us about safety at Hospitals around the country. According to DENOSA the number of violent incidents occurring at hospitals around the country is shocking. Just recently a patient at the Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital was brutally shot and killed - just hours after this incident a nurse was attacked at the Pretoria Academic hospital. Asanda explained to listeners more about what needs to be done in addressing this issue. If you would like to know more - contact DENOSA on (012) 343 2315 or visit their website

Friday, November 09, 2007

09 November – Arts, Culture and Environment

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Teboho Maidza from The Rudimentals who will be performing at the commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the SS Mendi Tragedy to be held at the Grand Parade. On the 21st of February 1917, six hundred and seventeen South Africans who were members of the 50th Battalion of the South African Native Labour Corps, lost their lives when the ship they boarded in Cape Town, the SS Mendi, collided with the SS Daro in the English Channel. The South Africans lost their lives on their way to France to be part of the Allied Forces during the First World War. Over the weekend the soldiers who lost their lives will be commemorated. Also as part of the commemoration the SAS Mendi will be open for public viewing at the Waterfront. For more information go to the Department of Arts and Culture’s website on


On Sunday at Ignite in Camps Bay three of Cape Town’s best bands will be holding a charity performance in support of African Trails - which is a volunteer initiative that works to improve the lives of street dogs in disadvantaged areas – Janna Joseph founding member of African Tails as well as Cokey Falkow who is a comedian and also MC at the event spoke to us about the event. If you enjoy music by Flat Stanley, the Rudimentals and Blue African Skies you can catch their performances. For more information email your enquiries to or call Janna on 021 408 3503.


Nigel Vermaas joined us with his weekly Arts update in and around the City of Cape Town. Nigel told listeners about the Sanlam Studio which is staging the collaboration between writer-director Geraldine Naidoo and actor Matthew Ribnick, The Chilli Boy, the comic story of an old Indian woman reincarnated as Troy, a white gangster from Boksburg. At the age of 30, the gangster starts suffering flashbacks from his previous life as an Indian woman.
Much to his fellow gangsters’ disgust, he loses his appetite for violence, as he discovers his maternal side. The show is written & directed by Naidoo with her partner Ribnick creating a whole cast ranging from quick caricatures to boldly but beautifully drawn characters with a minimum of props & headgear. Go and see this. It’s quite special. It’s on till the end of the month at the Sanlam Studio. Book through the Baxter Sales Team on 021 680 3962, 021 680 3991 or 021 680 3998 during office hours.
We then closed our Friday edition of Sakhisizwe with Wendy Burmeifter – Marketing Manager for Cinema Nouveau. Wendy spoke about the Festival of Festivals. For two weeks this month Cape Town will be turned into Venice when some of the worlds most acclaimed new films will be screened. Some of the films: the US VS John Lennon, the Assassination of Jesse James, Darjeeling Limited and much more. The festival started on the 2nd and will be running until the 18th of this month. For bookings go to or call Ticketline on 082 16789.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

08 November – Labour

Today we spoke to Dahlia Lichtenstein – Labour Law Expert from Bagraims Attorneys. We were talking about unfair dismissals. According to a new Constitutional Ruling, Employers must ensure dismissal is fair. It is reported that Commissioners are now to assess whether a dismissal is fair and employers have to exercise fair and reasonable disciplinary hearings. Michael Bagraim from Bagraims Attorneys will be holding a workshop on November 14th and the workshop will be focusing on dismissals. For more information contact Leigh Oosthuizen on 083 261 1201 or send an email to

We also spoke to Peter Human – Director of Labourwise. We were talking about Working Hours. Basic Conditions of Employment laws set maximum working hours and minimum rest and break periods for workers. The law states that workers may not work more than – an average of 45 hours a week. But Mr Human explained more about the basics of working hours. For more information about Labourwise you can contact (021) 852 3499 or visit

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

07 November – Gender

Today we spoke to Roleen Kaplan – A motivational Speaker and founder of RoKap International Global Performance Solutions. She was one of the nominees for the 2007 Shoprite / Checkers Women of the Year Award. She is also a Research Sport Psychologist and an International Conference Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Transformation life coach. We were talking about “The Power of Being a Woman”. For more information you can contact (011) 656 6008 or visit

We also spoke to Professor Rachel Jewkes – Director of the Medical Research Council’s Gender and Health Research Unit. The Research Unit was established in 2001 from the Women’s Health Division of the Centre for Epidemiological Research in Southern Africa and its goal is to improve the health status and quality of life of women through high quality scientific research on gender and health. For more information you can contact their offices at (021) 938 0445 or visit their website at

We closed off the show with a feature done by Sakhisizwe’s Producer Rhode Marshall – and the question was “do real men cry”? You can add your views about this issue and help us in trying to gender sensitise our society.
PIC:I guess they lost the game, Shame!!!
taken from

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

06 November – Human Rights

In today’s edition of Sakhisizwe we were joined by a group of vibrant young people who are part of the Peace Jam Foundation. Patience Lunika, Salatiso Gunguluzi and Nomhle Khalipa joined us to tell listeners a little bit more about the foundation. The Peace Jam Foundation is an international education program that is built around using Nobel Peace Laureates to inspire, lead and pass on their spirit, skills and wisdom to young people. Their goal is to inspire a new generation of peacemakers who will transform our communities, themselves and the world. On the 10th and 11th of this month they will be hosting their annual Conference whereby Iranian Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi will be the guest speaker. To be part of the conference it will cost you R30. Lunch and Transport will be provided. For more information you can contact Patience at (021) 466 7100 or 072 777 2111 alternatively visit

We also spoke to Thabo Leholo from the Independent Complaints Directorate or ICD. It is a government department that was established to investigate complaints of brutality, criminality and misconduct against members of the police and the municipal police service. Thabo told us more on how one can lay a complaint with the IDC. For more information you can contact their offices on (021) 941 4800 or visit

Related story of refugee beating in Cape Town

Monday, November 05, 2007

05 November – Health

Today we spoke to Dr Benny Steyn – Psychiatrist at the University of Stellenbosch. And the topic we were focusing on was suicide prevention. According to reports in the past 25 years, while the general incidence of suicide has decreased, the rate for those between 15 and 24 has tripled. It is generally considered to be the second or third most common cause of death among adolescents, even though it is seriously underreported. Dr Steyn told us more about the causes and how it can be prevented. Remember half of all children who have made one suicide attempt will make another, sometimes as many as two a year until they succeed. The majority of suicide attempts are expressions of extreme distress and not just harmless bids for attention. For more information contact the Mental Health Resources Center on (021) 938 9121 alternative contact the South African Depression and Anxiety Group National Toll Free Suicide Crisis Line at (011) 783 1474/6 or visit their website at or the Lifeline National Counseling Line on 0861 322 322 .

We also spoke to Dr Dagmar Whitaker – a dermatologist. We were talking about Skin Cancer. November is Sun Smart Awareness Month. It is reported that skin cancer is very common in white populations worldwide, but is also the highest rated type of cancer in South Africa. Overexposure to UV radiation during childhood and adolescence, is said to be the major cause. Black or brown skinned people have a negligible incidence of skin cancer because of the melanin pigment in their skin, but they are still prone to sun-related damage. Dr Whitaker explained more on how we can protect our skin from dangerous UV rays. For more information you can contact the Cancer Association of South Africa at (021) 689 5347 or visit

Our last interview was with Dr E V Rapiti – a Family Physician. We were talking about conduct Disorder in children. Conduct disorder is the most serious psychiatric disorder in childhood and adolescence. Those who have this disorder may exhibit aggression to people and animals, destruction of property, deceitful, lying, stealing, and serious violation of rules but Dr Rapiti explained more about this condition and whether there is any available treatment. For more information you can contact him at (021) 397 6029 or a social worker.

Friday, November 02, 2007

02 November 2007 – Arts, Culture and Environment

Today we had an interesting variety of information on Sakhisizwe. Listeners were encouraged by an interview Sakhisizwe Producer Rhodé Marshall had with The South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds or SANCCOB’s CEO, Alan Jardine to help save penguin chicks through their Rescue Campaign. They discussed how SANCCOB is helping 396 orphaned penguins they have received from Dyer Island. These specific penguins become orphaned when their parents go into moult or to get new feathers while they still have dependent young penguins. Alan spoke to us about how they are trying to save and conserve this vulnerable species. SANCCOB is appealing to the community to help save the chicks through donations or even by adopting a penguin – and no you won’t be able to take the chick home. If you are interested feel free to visit their website on or call (021) 557 6155.
PIC Courtesy of:

Sophie Peters a remarkable woman and renowned printmaker and painter joined us in studio today to speak about her latest exhibition themed HAND OF THE PLOUGH. For 20 years she produced work that is intensely personal to her. She draws her inspiration from her own experiences with people, places and circumstances. HAND TO THE PLOUGH runs until the 10th of November at the Framery Art Gallery in Sea Point. For more information contact the Framery Art Gallery on (021) 434 5022. Sophie also offered her guidance to aspiring artist – if interested call her on 082 66 88 346.
PIC Taken by: Rhodé Marshall

Nigel Vermaas gave us his weekly Arts update. The PANSA’s 48 Hour Festival will take place at The Theatre in the District,Chapel St, Woodstock, at 7 o’clock tonight. 10 writers and 8 choreographers, working in teams of two will be given a theme and a starting point, plus the specifics of who they're writing or choreographing for. And tomorrow night the writershand over their scripts to a director and actors, the choreographers meet their dancers. On Sunday night you will get to see 5 short plays and 4 short dance pieces!! There are some quality participants like Juliet Jenkin, Denise Newman, Vaneshran Arumgaran, Paul Savage, Peter Hayes and Mdu Kweyama. The judges include Mike van Graan, Alfred Hinkel, Saartjie Botha and Mamela Nyamza. Entrance is only R25 - Booking is advised as tickets are selling fast! Book through or sms 0839468526.

Sakhisizwe was closed with an interview with Kevin Chaplin - Managing Director of the Amy Biehl Foundation. He told us a bit more about a Charity Performance that will be at Artscape on the 9th of November called RENT. RENT is a modernized story that follows the life of a group of bohemians in New York and how they deal with the struggles of relationships, drugs, loss, love, creativity, AIDS and paying their rent. Wanna know more? Call (021) 462 5052 or the Artscape Box Office on (021) 421 7695 alternatively visit

Thursday, November 01, 2007

01 November 2007 – Labour

Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Dr. Raymond Patel CEO of the Manufacturing Engineering and Related Services Seta who is also part of the committee running the Artisan training program. According to reports there is an immense skills shortage within the Metal and Engineering industry in the Western Cape. But that will be a thing of the past thanks to a pilot project that was launched to provide skills for 150 new apprentices through an artisan training project. If you would like to know more about the training program send your questions to or call (011) 484 9310

Advocate Ardiel Theunissen who is a Debt Counsellor from Credit Matters explained to listeners what debt counselling is all about and also why so many people are caught up in debt. It has recently been reported that household debt in South Africa takes up to 76.8% of ones income, this means that out of every R100 spent, R76.80 goes towards paying debt. What have recently been implemented are people who are trained to help others handle their debt more responsibly and Advocate Theunissen is one of those people. For more information contact Credit Matters on 021 419 9191 or visit

And our last interview was with Wesley Diphoko – Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Next Billionaire Club. The Club was designed to empower young people with business information by inculcating the entrepreneurship spirit. They are inviting graduates and students to use their education effectively during the holiday season by starting and running their own businesses. The participants will be expected to start a business and make a profit during the holiday season. This year the challenge will focus on the following sectors: Film, Music, Fashion and ICT. For more information you can send an email to, alternatively visit