Thursday, April 30, 2009

30 April - Labour

In today’s show, we heard from Mike Louw – from Cosatu . We were talking about activities they have planned for tomorrow as we will be celebrating workers day and of course the significance of this day. So if you lucky enough to have a day off tomorrow then you can join Cosatu May Day celebrations at the Good Hope centre in Cape Town from 10h00 to 15h30PM. The event will feature a number of political speakers including Ebrahim Patel and Gwede Mantashe. There will also be cultural acts and bands including Claire Phillips. There will also be a children’s event with facilities for the kids as well as movies. There will be free trains to transport people to and from the event as long as they have some identification, linking them to Cosatu. For more info contact COSATU offices on (021) 448 0044.

We were also heard from Tara Weinberg, Thembi, Junaid and Mr X - they are members of the UCT Students and Workers Alliance. The UCT Students’ and Workers’ Alliance is formed by a group of students and workers who have come together to support the workers’ struggle at UCT. One of their aims is to work towards creating a strong student-worker connection. Earlier this year the Alliance launched a petition which signals the support of students and staff for the outsourced workers at UCT and for their struggle for better working conditions. So today at one o’ clock they handed over that petition to the UCT management. They explained more about the march. For more information contact Tara on 076 787 2966 alternatively send an email to

We heard from Jamie Lee, a breath and voice technician. Jamie also owns his out company which trains people in public speaking. We spoke about some of the consultancy services provided. If you are interested in reading up on Speak Out, you can visit their website or call (021) 701 6920.

We were scheduled to close off the show with an interview with Mr Ray Hartel – from the University of Cape Town. Mr Hartel was not available to respond to the allegations tabled by the UCT Students and Workers Alliance, as he was at the march to receive the petition. Mr Hartel did however send his response, on behalf of the University, to some of the questions posed. Please see below:

· What is the Universities immediate response to the petition drawn up by the Student Workers Alliance?
Outsourcing is not a new initiative at UCT. In fact, the outsourcing of some services was agreed by the University council in 1999.
At the time of the decision to outsource, the UCT Council adopted a resolution that ensured the outsourcing programme was allied to a progressive employment framework. Employees of outsourced service providers were paid, at the very least, a 'living wage' as set by independent agencies such as the Bureau for Economic Research.
In addition, the Council agreed to pay employees of service providers a “Supplemented Living Level” allowance, which is considerably higher than the minimum living wage levels. This “allowance” is fully paid by the university and in 2009 the SLL set a monthly minimum wage of R3 491.35 for employees of service providers in full-time employment and servicing UCT. The average monthly minimum wage paid to workers in the market is R2 100.
UCT also ensured the implementation of a rigorous code of conduct for service providers in respect of fair labour practices.
We welcome the recent establishment of the UCTSWA (UCT Student and Worker Alliance) and look forward to working with them as well as with other relevant bodies on matters that affect UCT, these being the contractors (service providers) and the people employed by the contractors (employees).

· Workers claim that they are not allowed to mobilise and form part of a union. Are you aware that workers fear intimidation from the University?
I think we need to be clear that the university is not the employer but that the outsourced service providers are the employers of the workers in those operational areas and services that have been outsourced. So, I don’t think that in this instance, a charge is being made that workers fear intimidation from the university. Certainly, even if that charge were made against the university as a third party, UCT is not engaged in any acts of intimidation.

· Workers are angry surrounding the issue of outsourcing; would you say that the companies UCT deals with are reputable?
These companies are subjected to UCT’s procurement policy and to the extent that we have full confidence in the checks and vetting processes inherent in that policy, we have no reason to doubt the bona fides of our service providers. People are entitled to challenge our policies or even appointments made in terms of those policies and there are obviously processes to be followed in that regard.
In addition, UCT has developed a code of conduct which these service providers have to comply with. This is a very progressive initiative and the code sets out a range of requirements, including matters such as the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, working conditions, minimum wages, overtime pay, etc. Each company is required to submit a report every six months, indicating their compliance with the code and the employers are given the opportunity to respond. At a recent meeting, service providers and employees committed to the rigorous implementation of the code.
UCT has also provided consultants to assist employees prepare responses and to better engage with the process. Commencing in 2009, service providers are required to report how they have responded to employees' complaints.
Furthermore, the consultants will assist in ensuring that the Employee Representative Committees are properly and fairly established and that the voices of the employees are heard on matters that impact on their rights in terms of the UCT Code of Conduct.

· Staff who enrol their children at UCT pay fees that have been heavily subsidised, why are general workers not entitled to this benefit as well?

As indicated before, the workers employed by the outsourced service providers are subject to that employment relationship and contract and are not contracted to UCT.
All other matters raised by the workers will be for the employers' attention and it is important to clarify that UCT will not be assuming the role of proxy employer as this is not what is intended nor is it legally appropriate.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

28 April - Human Rights

In today’s show, we spoke to Sharon Follentine from the department of Social Development. We were talking about the Family Strengths Expo. In celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family the department of Social Development in collaboration with other government departments and civil society will be hosting a 3 day Family Strengths Expo in Belhar Indoor Sports Complex. She explained more about the objectives of the expo. For more information about the Expo contact Nomfundo Nabela on (021) 483 5601 or Lionel Arnolds on (021) 483 5601 alternatively visit

We also heard from Dr Clint Le Bryns – one of the founding members of the Ethical Leadership Project. The Ethical Leadership Project is aligned with the constitution of the country and follows a strong Human Rights culture. Their mission is to empower leaders at all society levels with skills, knowledge and values in order to promote moral change. For more information contact (021) 959 6843 or visit

We closed off the show with an interview with Ntuthu Ntwana from the election monitoring network. She operated as a mediator during the elections. We spoke about her role as as a mediator and the future plans of the organisation. For more information call (021) 696 2910.

Friday, April 24, 2009

24 April - Arts, Culture & Environment

Today we heard from Melanie Robinson – Director of Decorex South Africa. Entering its 11th year, Decorex Cape Town brings you a unique blend of the emerging & the established; manufacturers & suppliers – large & small. The show promises to be a celebration of Cape Town’s most delicate & daring spaces by talented style shapers, trend makers & d├ęcor creators. Decorex is at the Cape Town Convention Centre from today till Monday and opens 10:00AM to 20:00PM daily but closes 18:00PM on the 27th. Tickets costs R50 and you can purchase your show tickets at the doors. For more info go to

We were also joined on the line by Fabian Petersen – from Heal the Hood. Their mission is to create a sustainable network of youth artists nationally and internationally through which jobs and new skills are created; arts products and arts related information can be distributed. We were talking about the Cape Flats Uprising Hip Hop fundraiser concert that they will be hosting at Zula Bar tomorrow. Cape Flats Uprising is an ongoing fundraising project to assist youth with transport costs, as well as schools fees. Heal the Hood recently assisted a good student, Shaakirah Denton of Sid G Rule, that needed financial assistance. These ongoing fundraisers will make it possible to help more needy youth. The concert starts at 10PM till late. Tickets costs R30. If you want any additional information about the concert contact Fabian on (021) 706 0481 or 073 136 6140.

And Nigel Vermaas, our arts fundi was here for this week’s arts update.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

23 April - Labour

Today we were joined on the line by Ashley Berman – Founder and CEO of Brite Byte. They focus exclusively on the training, recruitment and placement of people with disabilities. Brite Byte’s vision is to contribute positively and significantly to the dynamic skills development process and employment equity transformation in South Africa. We were talking about their services and a special programme learnership programme that they are facilitating. For more information you can call (011) 440 0580 or go to

We also spoke to Peter Jacops – Chairperson of Whisper Boat Building Academy. This is a non-profit organization created in 2004, which aims to teach previously disadvantaged deaf students the art of boat building. Their school is situated in Khayelitsha but they also run a yard in Paarden Eiland. The Whisper Boat Building Academy is financed by the Provincial government, sponsorship from corporates and by the sales of their boats. Unfortunately, the credit crunch is now challenging their programme due to cuts in government funding, sponsorship and a reduction in the sale of their boats. In an ultimate attempt to save their school they came up with a design called “Whisper Floating soccer balls” intended as a branding vehicle for big sporting events, he explained more about that initiative. For more info go to or alternatively give him a call on 072 776 8508.

We closed off the show with an interview with Mario Jacobs – SAMWU Provincial Organiser. Last week a group of approximately 100 SAMWU Members gathered outside of the Civic Centre in protest against what they call blatant undermining of workers’ rights. They say the city management’s conduct is tantamount to old Apartheid style management tactics. They further claim that the DA led Administration has done nothing to improve the working life of municipal workers and as SAMWU they shall continue to fight such practices. Unfortunately the City is not willing to be part of this interview. I received a response from Kylie Hatton - City of Cape Town’s Media Manager and it says “Unfortunately, a representative from the City will not be available to participate in your on-air debate today. City representatives met with members of the South African Municipal Workers Union on Tuesday and both parties have agreed to go back to their relevant organizations. Due to these discussions happening we would prefer not to participate in the on-air debate. The City is willing to respond to enquiries as further information is available”. For more information on SAMWU you can visit or contact their offices on (021) 697 1147.

Pic: by Yamkela Xhaso

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

22 April - Gender (National Election Day)

Today we brought you live updates from different polling station throughout the city of Cape Town as you are aware that today is dee day for our country. Our roving reporters are deployed all over ranging from Phillipi, Delft, Silvertown, Heideveld to Athlone to capture events as they unfold.

We heard from Nokuthula Mbethe – Coordinator of the Young Women in Leadership project at the Quaker Peace Center. The project’s objective is to create and sustain a platform for young women to voice and address issues of concern to them and to form qualitative partnerships with other organisations fighting for human rights, gender issues and other issues that concern women but uSis Nokuthula explained more. For more information go to or contact their offices on (021) 685 7800.

We spoke to Nomcebo Manzini – from United Nations Development Fund for Women or UNIFEM. The women's fund was established in 1976 and it provides financial and technical assistance to innovative approaches aimed at fostering women's empowerment and gender equality. Today the organization's work touches the lives of women and girls in more than 100 countries. uSis Nomcebo explained more on how this fund has impacted South African women’s lives. For more information contact their offices on (011) 517 1579 or go to

We closed off the show with an election update again from Cindy Witten at the IEC Results Centre, Victor J in Hanover Park and Sasha Forbes in Lansdowne.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

21 April - Human Rights

In today’s show, we spoke to Braam Hanekom - chairperson of PASSOP. We were talking about Refugee Rights. Tomorrow South Africans will be heading to the polls to vote in the National Elections but throughout the electioneering , it seems that no political party dares to touch the subject of refugees in their manifestos despite experiences and xenophobia being one of the major challenges facing the country. He shared with us how they plan to challenge a newly-elected government to ensure that migrants fleeing armed conflicts or political or economic hardship in other parts of the continent have their rights protected as spelled out in South Africa's constitution. If you have any queries about PASSOP, please contact Braam on 083 256 1140 alternatively their website on

We closed off the show with an interview with Fredalene Booysen and Damaris Fritz – from Sangoco. The Metropolitan Community Health Forum in association with a range of stakeholders hosted a Health Summit between the 17th and the 18th of April. HIV and AIDS remains one of the most glaring issues facing South Africa and the World today. Voluntary Counselling and Testing has been shown to be effective in HIV prevention by decreasing risky behaviour. The purpose of the Summit was to bring together under one roof all the role players within health and related sectors with an opportunity to interact and share ideas on how best the various partners can approach and deal with issues of accelerated healthcare and related services with the view of ensuring health rights for all. We spoke about the highlights of the summit. For more information contact SANGOCO on (021) 447 1217.

Monday, April 20, 2009

20 April - Health

I did an interview with Ma Boys from Empilweni. Empilweni is a community-based Mental Health Project situated in Khayelitsha, near Cape Town (South Africa) and provides essential care for its clients through a comprehensive range of programmes. The project was initiated through the University of Cape Town’s Department of Mental Health and Psychiatry and has been functioning as an independent Community Based Organisation since January 2003. Empilweni is the only project in Khayelitsha with specialised services for children. If you would like to find out more about the village, you can call (021) 361 7063 or visit or if you are interested in funding Empilweni you can email the director
I was joined by Nchilo Madutung, an optometrist at the SAMWUMED clinic in Mitchell’s Plain. We spoke about cataracts. A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide, but interestingly enough; the disease is one of the less serious eye disorders. It has been reported that just about everyone will develop a cataract if they live long enough. Usually, the development of a cataract is a result of aging and is common among older people. For more information about cataracts, call (021) 391 4143.
My last interview was with Euginie Rawson, author of ‘There’s a remedy for that’, a book she wrote on homeopathy. We spoke about homeopathic medication and the types of ailments that can be treated by the using homeopathic medication. If you would like to find out more about Euginie’s book, you can visit or call their call centre on 0825680908.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Arts, Culture and Environmental Affairs

In today’s show we heard from Michael Maas – Artscape CEO. We were talking about the National Classical Music Competition which will be held from the 5th to the 10th of October. The competition is open to all classical pianists and orchestral instrumentalists between the ages of 14 and 19 years. The closing date for entries is the 24th of April. The competition consists of four rounds and will take place at the Artscape Theatre Centre. All selected participants will play in the first two rounds after which the first elimination of the participants takes place. A competition brochure and entry forms can be downloaded from the Artscape website at Interested musicians can also write to the Secretariat, Artscape Youth Music Competition, PO Box 4107, Cape Town, 8000, or e-mail, or fax: (021) 419 8756. A non-refundable fee of R150 per entry is payable and candidates are only allowed to enter for one instrument category. Previous overall winners may not enter this competition.

We were also joined on the line by Karien Thorine – Community TV Station Manager. Cape Town TV is dedicated to providing the people of Cape Town with a television service that is entertaining, informative and educational. The channel is run by a non-profit organisation and is licensed as a community television station. Tomorrow they will be staging a live show that will showcase the station’s capacity to broadcast live events from the newly completed AFDA studios. The performance lineup will consist of top Cape Town talent including dance acts, bands, DJs and poets. The entertainment on offer will appeal to a youthful audience and a variety of musical tastes including Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, House and Trance. Dance performances by Black Noise and Ubuntu and magician Larry Sofer will enthrall with his astounding feats. The doors will open at 19h30 and live performances will run from 20h30 to 22h30, after which time the DJs will take over until the event ends at 02h00. The actual broadcast will take place over three hours, from 20h30 to 10h30. Tickets for the event are sold at R100 each through StrictlyTickets or through the call centre on 073 725 7381 or 083 250 2690. For more information call or email at 021 448 0448.

We also heard from Nigel Vermaas with this week Arts update after that we played a feature produced by Sakhisizwe’s Producer Cindy Witten. Cindy attended the launch of the Grahamstown National Arts Festival that is happening in July.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

16 April - Labour

In today’s show, we joined instudio by Victor Ngxito and Sipho Sityoshwane - from the South African Security Forces Union. According to the union there is a continuing exploitation of the poor workers, African and Coloured who want to do contract work at the SA Navy Base in Simon’s Town. They claim that the Navy has outsourced the employment of contract workers to Simon’s Outsourcing Company and this Labour broker wants the poor workers to pay R500 before they are employed. They further allege that women are required to do sexual favours for the management in order to be employed. Bhut’ Victor and Sipho explained more on those allegations. We did invite the SA Navy to be part of the interview but the Lieutenant Commander Greyling van den Berg - Naval Base Simon's Town Public Relations Officer declined to be part of this interview instead he sent us a press statement that says they take notice of the press release issued by SASFU. The SA Navy would like to state that it is a responsible employer that takes the welfare of its employees very seriously. In the same vein the SA Navy is also a responsible business partner and cannot negate any contractual obligations without sufficient proof. The SA Navy sees the allegations raised by SASFU in a very serious light. As such an investigation will be launched into these claims to determine whether these matters are truthful. The SA Navy can only take action once this investigation has been concluded. For more information you can contact SASFU's Secretary, Sipho on 082 424 3688 or go to
PIC:by Cindy Witten

We also heard from Ncedo Mafuya – Content Manager at Brightest Young Minds. This is an initiative of young people passionate about exploring, demonstrating and implementing ideas and alternative solutions to the problems plaguing humanity. We will be talking about the ninth annual Brightest Young Minds summit that will be hosted in July in Stellenbosch. They are inviting university students and recent graduates to apply to attend. Ncedo explained more about the summit. One hundred delegates, representing the brilliance and diversity of our country, will be selected on criteria of innovation, leadership and academic accomplishments. At the summit the 100 delegates will get the chance to interact with some of the top thinkers and most inspiring individuals in the country as well as have the opportunity to develop new ideas and innovative solutions to some of the challenges facing our society. The theme for the 2009 summit is 'Opportunity in Crisis' if you would like to apply to be part of the summit, applications are available at and send them to the closing date is 7 May, alternatively send an email to or Successful applicants will be able to attend the summit free of charge.

Monday, April 13, 2009

13 April - Health

Today we heard from Sister Anne Cruickshank - Coordinator from the Western Cape Haemophilia foundation. Haemophilia is a rare inherited disorder that leads to abnormal bleeding, and specifically the inability to stop bleeding. On Thursday is a World Haemophilia Day so Sister Cruickshank told us about some of the awareness events they have planned for the day. For more on Haemophilia you can contact the South African Haemophilia Foundation at (021) 785 7140 or Sister Anne on 082 788 1038 alternatively you can visit

Friday, April 10, 2009

10 April - Arts, Culture & Environment

In today's show we heard from Yasser Booley – a photographer. We were talking about his work in general and his one day photography exhibition titled “recollections before departure. It’s this coming Tuesday, 14th of April at Cape Africa Platform, that’s in number 8 Spin Street in Cape Town at 18:30PM. Entrance is free. For more on Yasser and his work visit his blog at
PIC: by Yamkela Xhaso

Thursday, April 09, 2009

09 April - Labour

In today’s show, we joined on the line by Craig O’ Flaherty – Director at the UCT Graduate School of Business Centre for Coaching. The Centre for Coaching is launching a Coaching Mastery Programme this April. According to Craig the three-year programme will be the continent’s most senior qualification in coaching. Craig explained more on who can enroll and according to Janine Everson, Academic Director of the Centre for Coaching “The coaches that emerge from this programme will be masters of their vocation. They will set important benchmarking standards for the profession and a level for new coaches to aspire to; this will help to raise the general standards of the South African and African coaching industries.” For more information, contact the Centre for Coaching on (021) 406 1493 or visit

We also heard from Stephen Curry - Cape Town Branch Manager at Umsobomvu Youth Fund. The Youth fund was created by government in January 2001, and gave it the task of promoting entrepreneurship, job creation, skills development and skills transfer among South Africans between the ages of 18 and 35. Stephen explained more about their services and also about the Siyanceda Youth Service project. This initiative provides people with intellectual disability with skills training and employment opportunities. Siyanceda initially started with only 20 young people in the Cape Town townships however it has since grown in numbers – it now boasts 100 participants spread across five districts of the Western Cape. For more information you can call (021) 415 2040 or go to

We also spoke to Paul Lensen - Director at the Visual Impact Academy 2010. Visual Impact Academy, along with its partners, is hosting 4-day courses that will teach people how to be production, camera and sound assistants for the 2010 World Cup. The 2010 Bootcamp course will cover the following: communication etiquette; conflict resolution; punctuality; basic gear check; pre-location planning and preparation; tripod set-up; camera set-up; cable management; monitor set-up; basic sound recording and monitoring; boom swinging; how to set up microphones on people; 3-point lighting and striking; effective communication on set; international terminology; camera preparation; audio preparation; GPS navigation; navigating the Cape; and other basic technological skills. The price of the course is R2 850 including VAT, and the course will be run on the following dates: 23 – 26 April
- 7 – 10 May
- 4 – 7 June
- 30 July – 2 August
- 3 – 6 September
- 5 – 8 November

All course material, HD equipment, sound and lighting gear, and lunch will be included in the cost of the course. Acceptance into the course runs on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like to apply for the Visual Impact Academy 2010 Bootcamp course, download the application form from and email it to, or fax to 021 461 7983. If you would like to apply for CFC sponsorship for the 2010 Bootcamp course, contact Abigail at, or call her at 021 483 9070. For more info go to or email

We closed off the show with an interview with Collette Fransolet – from the Disability Workshop Development Enterprise. We were talking about the DWDE Disability International Small Business Conference that was hosted to empower entrepreneurs in the disability sector. Some of the topics that were touched on includes the role SMME’s can play in sustainable economic development and job creation of people with disabilities but Collette explained more about the outcomes of that conference. For more information on DWDE you can visit or contact their offices on (021) 674 6139.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

08 April - Gender

Today we joined instudio by Edwina Smith - from the New Women’s Movement, Vivian Lalu – from the Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce and on the line by Wendy Pekeur - General Secretary of Sikhula Sonke. Last night the African Gender Institute of the University of Cape Town, The International Labour Research and Information Group and the Gender Equity Unit of the University of the Western Cape hosted an interactive discussion with different political parties on women’s rights, gender justice and their political manifestos. Some of the discussion topics included Women’s access to the justice system and Gender tensions. We were talking about the outcome of the discussion and some of the issues that were raised.
PIC:by Busisiwe Mtabane

We also played a feature produced by Sakhisizwe’s producer Cindy Witten. Last week Cindy attended the launch of the Women’s Justice Empowerment Initiative that is set up by the United States Agency for International Development in conjunction with the South African National Prosecuting Authority and Department of Justice’s Sexual Offences and Community Affairs Unit. The Women’s Justice Empowerment Initiative will increase access to justice and support services for survivors of rape and sexual assault by upgrading and expanding the network of one-stop Thuthuzela Care Centres countrywide. If you are a victim or know a victim of gender violence and would like to get in touch with a councillor at the Thuthuzela Care centre, call (021) 691 6194.

We closed off the show with an interview with Marlow Valentine - Deputy Director - Triangle Project. Last night the Triangle Project hosted an open forum with key political parties contesting the national & provincial elections in the Western Cape. They say it is imperative that the issues of Citizenship & LGBTI Human Rights be put onto the agendas of political parties. According to Triangle Project despite legislation and the constitution, gender and LGBTI rights are not a given especially with the rise in conservatism and fundamentalism. Marlow explained more about the outcome of the open forum. For more information on Triangle Project go to or you can contact their offices on (021) 448 3812.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

07 April - Human Rights

Today we were joined instudio by Jane Levinson – Project Manager at Mdzananda Animal Clinic, which is the only clinic providing permanent primary veterinary healthcare support to the dogs and cats in the Khayelitsha community. Last Saturday they hosted a dog show for pet owners in Khayelitsha supported by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. They see thousands of dogs and cats every year. They specialize in sterilising animals to reduce overpopulation and the breeding of unwanted puppies, vaccinating against disease and prevention of parasites. Jane explained more about their services. For more information on such services contact (021) 367 2302 or (021) 689 4091 alternatively visit

We also heard from Gilad Isaacs – from the Social Justice Coalition. The Social Justice Coalition is an independent group that believes in freedom, equality, non-violence and human rights, and was launched last year in June. One of their aims is to actively use the South African Constitution to ensure that private and governmental policies and conduct are always based on consideration of the needs of poor and marginalised people. They say the refusal to grant a visa to the Dalai Lama prompted the Coalition to call a pre-election mass public gathering to protest the lack of accountability, transparency and moral leadership in government and political parties. According to the Social Justice Coalition the Dalai Lama debacle is symbolic of the many persistent obstacles to social justice in South Africa. Last Saturday they met in Thibault Square for a Human Rights Protest. The event was organised in conjunction with other organisations and individuals including the faith based sector. If you have any queries about the SCJ, please visit their website on

We closed off the show with an interview with Sophie van der Berg – from the Clothing Industry Health Care Fund. We were talking about the Substance Abuse Indaba that they hosted last week Thursday. The Clothing Industry Health Care Fund is a non-profit organisation privately funded by contributions from employers and employees of the clothing Industry and provides a core package of primary care services to clothing workers and their families who are from previously disadvantaged communities. Sophie explained more about the objectives and the outcome of the Indaba. For more information contact the Clothing Industry Health Care Fund on (021) 460 4111.

PICS:by Busi Mtabane

Monday, April 06, 2009

06 April - Health

In today’s show, we were joined on the line by Dr Zainab Waggie – from the South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative. We were talking about Polio. Polio is a viral infection which has a wide range of signs and symptoms. These can range from minor, flu-like illnesses, to weakness and paralysis of various muscle groups. This week is the national polio awareness week. Throughout the country, services will be enhancing awareness amongst health care workers and the public in general about the global goal to eradicate polio. Children who are not fully vaccinated are at risk of contracting the polio virus. Dr Zainab explained more the eradication of polio. South Africa is taking part in an effort to eradicate polio worldwide. It means that the virus will be wiped out completely from the face of the earth. The global eradication of polio involves both the halting of the incidence of the disease and the worldwide eradication of the virus that causes it - poliovirus. The strategy is based on the premise that poliovirus will die out if it is deprived of its human host through immunisation. For more information contact your nearest health care centre or go to www.polioeradicationinitiative

We also heard from Scarlett Steer - from Operation Smile. Operation Smile South Africa is a non-profit, volunteer medical services organisation that provides free reconstructive facial surgery and follow up health care to children and adults around Southern and Central Africa with cleft lips and cleft palates while simultaneously providing education and training to build capacity. Scarlett explained more about the organization and how they go about helping people get reconstructive surgery to ‘fix’ their condition. For more information go to or contact her on (021) 481 9034 alternatively her cell on 082 416 2471.

We closed off the show with an interview with Ndileka Mlobi - from Epilepsy South Africa. This dynamic organization provides developmental services nationally to promote equal opportunities for people with epilepsy and other disabilities. Epilepsy is a common condition affection about 50 million people worldwide. It is a neurological condition that causes people to experience seizures. Living with epilepsy may have its problems but with the right attitude they can be overcome, Ndileka explained more on living a productive life with epilepsy. For more information about epilepsy visit or contact (021) 703 9420.

Friday, April 03, 2009

03 April - Arts, Culture & Environment

In today’s show, we heard from Billy Domingo – EspAfrika director. We spoke about the People’s concert that will be hosted by EspAfrika in collaboration with the Western Cape provincial government and the Minister of Arts & Culture Dr Z. Pallo Jordan on Sunday at Swartklip Sports Ground in Tafelsig on Sunday, the concert is part of the two levels of government’s campaign against crime, women-abuse, abuse against children and drug addiction. On stage this year will be Claire Phillips, Sylvia Mdunyelwa, Shakatak, Gang of Instrumentals, Mos Def and The Stylistics. Gates open at 8h00 and the show starts at 10h00AM.

We were also joined on the line by Bukhosi Sokoyi – from the Nyanga Arts Development Centre. The NADC is a project initiated by the Nyanga Arts initiative, intended to contribute to the arts skills and enterprise development in the Nyanga community and surrounding areas and it is based at the Zolani Multi Purpose Centre. They currently busy with a production titled Beyond the Moon in collaboration with Artscape. This is a two hour celebration of the evolution of the rich arts and culture traditions from the Nyanga community. This production is an initiative of the Creative Street Project and represents both professional and semi-professional artists but we spoke more about the Nyanga Arts Development Centre. If you want any additional information about the center contact their offices on (021) 385 1751.

We also heard from Chris Grobler - logistics organiser of the Franschhoek Oesfees. This second annual harvest festival at Solms-Delta wine estate promises to be a feast of traditional Cape music and food, for visiting wine-lovers, music lovers and farm workers alike. It will be in full swing from 13h00 - 21h00PM at Solms-Delta Wine Estate - Delta Road, off the R45, Franschhoek Valley (less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town). Tickets cost R150 per person and include two glasses of wine and a hearty meal. Come and join the party! Tickets available through Computicket. For more details visit, call Solms-Delta on 021 874 3937 or email

We closed off the show with an interview with Barry Coetzee - Head of Integrated Waste Management Policy for the City of Cape Town. The City plans to introduce a new waste management by-law which will control recovery and recycling activities, and set minimum requirements for waste storage and infrastructure. We spoke about the Integrated Waste Management By-law. The by-law aims to ensure that all residents, organisations, businesses, visitors/tourists and government departments receive services from a legitimate waste management service provider. It explicitly spells out Council’s rights in respect of waste management services and its obligations regarding cleaning and cleansing – including for disaster management. These include the responsible disposal of waste that cannot be recovered for recycling; collection and recovery for recycling, and the processing and treatment of waste and recyclable materials. For more information call him on (021) 400 2992 or email him to

Thursday, April 02, 2009

02 April - Labour

In today’s show, we heard from Natasha Abrahams – from the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration. For those of you who do not know, the CCMA is an independent organization that resolves labour disputes. Some form of conflict in the workplace is experienced in most if not all companies. When conflict arises, it is wise to call in a neutral person to mediate discussions. We spoke about workplace conflict resolution. For more information, you can call the CCMA on 086 116 1616 or visit their website

We also heard from Sensei Thulani Ndlovu from the Dimensional Stunt School. The school aims to provide talented, physically fit individuals, from African communities with the highest quality of professional stunt training available in the country and in keeping with International skill and safety standards. Its vision is to be the leading stunt training institution on the African continent. We spoke about the training offered at Dimensional Stunt School. This coming weekend they will be holding auditions at no 9 Bree Street in Cape Town between 10AM - 2PM, you must be over 18years. For more information call (021) 425 6431 or visit the website alternatively send an email to
We closed off the show with an interview conducted by Sakhisizwe’s producer Cindy Witten. She spoke to Eric Albertini, Director of the University Of Cape Town Graduate School Of Business. They spoke about the launch of the new course to help people at all levels discover their purpose and unlock greater productivity. For more information contact (021) 406 1323 or SMS “Journey” to 31497.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

01 April - Gender

In today’s show we spoke to Michele Hlava -who owns an optometry practice. Now you may be wondering how optometry ties in with gender. Well, today we will be speaking about restless classroom behaviour, which Michele says is stimulated by what children see. We will compare behavioural patterns of boys compared to that of girls. For more information you can contact her offices on (021) 852 3667 or visit

We heard from Fouzie Ryklief – from the Parent Centre. The Parent Centre is a primary prevention centre that was initially established to be a branch of Cape Town Child Welfare about 20 years ago. It was created in order to provide education and training workshops in order to help prepare parents for the challenges ahead. If you are a parent and you finding it hard to deal with your child or children then you can call them on (021) 762 0116 or visit their website

We closed off with an interview I had with Mauritz – from Men Understanding Respect And Love or MURAL. This is a support group for abusers, it consists of those who have stopped and those who are trying to stop physical, emotional, verbal, financial and/or sexual abuse of their partners. Their motto is men can and do change. Mauritz explained more on how they encourage abusers to seek help. If you would like any information about MURAL, you can visit their website or contact him on o82 828 1287 or Bearnard O' Riain the founder on 082 342 2864.