Wednesday, April 01, 2009

01 April - Gender

In today’s show we spoke to Michele Hlava -who owns an optometry practice. Now you may be wondering how optometry ties in with gender. Well, today we will be speaking about restless classroom behaviour, which Michele says is stimulated by what children see. We will compare behavioural patterns of boys compared to that of girls. For more information you can contact her offices on (021) 852 3667 or visit

We heard from Fouzie Ryklief – from the Parent Centre. The Parent Centre is a primary prevention centre that was initially established to be a branch of Cape Town Child Welfare about 20 years ago. It was created in order to provide education and training workshops in order to help prepare parents for the challenges ahead. If you are a parent and you finding it hard to deal with your child or children then you can call them on (021) 762 0116 or visit their website

We closed off with an interview I had with Mauritz – from Men Understanding Respect And Love or MURAL. This is a support group for abusers, it consists of those who have stopped and those who are trying to stop physical, emotional, verbal, financial and/or sexual abuse of their partners. Their motto is men can and do change. Mauritz explained more on how they encourage abusers to seek help. If you would like any information about MURAL, you can visit their website or contact him on o82 828 1287 or Bearnard O' Riain the founder on 082 342 2864.

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