Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This morning was honoured to be invited to a book launch by Shirley Zinn on her booked called ' Swimming Upstream' .

 In her book proves that the typical story of a girl from Cape Flats -that of gangsterism , alcoholism and teenage pregnancy - ddn't have to be her story. " Her story has a lesson for all of us - whether we are ordinary or extraordinary , whether we work in bussiness , in goverment , or at home Shirley's will inspire you and show you that it is possible to achieve your goals if you are prepared to swim upstream and be single minded in getting where you want to be". THANK YOU FOR HAVING US Bush Radio 89.5 FM ‪#‎sakhisizwe

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Community Information for South Africa , Cape Town . Spread the word

Good News My people. Please please spread the word.
They are urgently looking for UNEMPLOYED ACTORS / PERFORMERS AND PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES WITH PERFORMANCE ABILITY for the play which will be rolled out through out schools in the various districts in the western cape. Districts are to be advised.

We are needing 48 actors for rehearsals starting from Monday for 3 weeks and performances from mid February to end March. Roughly 15 schools per district per group.
The fees are government issue fees:
Rehearsals: Each actor receives R149 per day, including transportation and lunch. Payment is made weekly to each actor by the City Of Cape Town.
Performance days: Each actor receives R149 per day but transportation and lunch are not included. Payment is made weekly to each actor by the City Of Cape Town.

All actors sourced will need to register on the job seekers database at their nearest sub council with certified copy of ID (no older than 3 months) stamped letter from their bank indicating banking details and completed bank form (attached) stamped by their bank. As long as they register on the sub council job seekers database we are covered for payment.
There are auditions happening on Thursday and Friday this week (21, 22 January 2016) at the Pinelands Training Centre – Plover Room.
 Contact -Craig on 0826105615

By: Lazola Solani

An opportunity for you to make a difference in your community !

Also if you are interested in starting a support group and helping your community. The South African Depression and Anxiety Group needs volunteers to Run Support Groups in Atlantis, Kayamnandi, Kraaifontein & Mitchells Plain.
All new volunteers will receive training from Johannesburg trainers who will be in.Call 0800 21 22 23 

Atlantis 9 Feb
Kayamnandi 10 Feb
Kraaifontein 11 Feb
M\Splain 12 Feb

By;Lazola Solani

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group

Sadness or downswings in mood are normal reactions to life’s struggles, setbacks, and disappointments. Many people use the word “depression” to explain these kinds of feelings, but depression is much more than just sadness. 

I spoke to Naazia Ismail from The South African Depression and Anxiety Group . She explained to us that in South Africa males suffer more from depression and end up in mental institution because they tend not to want to talk about it. Reach out and call 

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group on their 24hr Helpline 0800 12 13 14. Bush Radio 89.5 FM‪#‎Sakhisizwe

By:Lazola Solani

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Labour - Exciting new for 2015 matriculates - NTIP

 Good News for the 2015 matriculates National Tooling Initiative Programme (NTIP) is offering study opportunities for students interested in a career manufacturing . 

Studies are for free for qualifying students this comes with a stipend for travelling to the location in which the programme is offered. You need to have excelled in Mathematics, Physics and English. This is an opportunity!!! so go for it and make a difference in your life. For more information please visit their website or contact Ms Audrey Jacobs on 079 675 7210 . Audrey continued saying its important that we reach out to as many young women as we can as the manufacturing industry needs them. I was delighted to be conducting such interview‪#‎SAKHISIZWE We are building the nation -Bou Die Nasie. Bush Radio 89.5 FM