Monday, May 31, 2010

31 May - Health - Today is the World No-Tobacco Day!!!

In today’s show, we spoke to Leon Spamer - From the AstraZeneca Oncology Department. We were talking about the dangers of smoking. Today is the World No-Tobacco Day and the theme for this year is "Gender and tobacco" with an emphasis on marketing to women and Girls. According to the World Health Organization, controlling the epidemic of tobacco among women is an important part of any comprehensive tobacco control strategy. World No Tobacco Day will draw particular attention to the need to protect women and girls from the harmful effects of tobacco marketing and smoke in accordance with WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. It is reported that in South Africa, more than 43 000 people die every year from diseases directly and indirectly related to tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke contains at least 4 000 chemicals of which many can cause cancer. For more information visit

Friday, May 28, 2010

28 May - Arts, Culture & Environment - South African San Institute to reclaim their unique heritage

In today’s show, we spoke to Meryl-Joy Schippers – Director for the South African San Institute. Their vision is to support the San peoples to grow and develop to the extent to which they can take permanent control over their lives, resources and destiny and harness with pride their unique heritage. They are here for a stage production called Son of the Wind. This is a multimedia production starring members of two San tribes, the !Xun and the Khwe living in the heart of the Northern Cape, South Africa. With the help of a spirit guide, Jackal, young Bushmen, Dala learns the truth of what his people suffered in Angola, caught in the midst of a war that was not theirs. It is running at Artscape till Sunday the 30th of May. For more information check for ticket bookings contact Computicket on 083 915 8000 or Artscape Dial-A-Seat on (021) 421 7695, ticket price is R100.

Alliances Françaises proudly present PARIS/JOBOURG and Arts Update

We also heard from Dr. Ludmila Ommundsen - Director of Alliances Françaises of Cape Town and Mitchell’s Plain. With a view to promoting cultural diversity, urban cultures and artistic exchanges between South Africa, France and the African Continent, the French Institute of South Africa, the General Direction of the Alliances Françaises in South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and Swaziland, proudly present: PARIS/JOBOURG – ALLER/RETOUR. The concert is on the 9th of June. Dr. Ommundsen explained more about the objectives of the project. For more information contact (021) 423 56 99 or visit

Nigel was here for the Arts Update.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

27 May - Labour - in 2009, 14% of job applicants were said to have a criminal record

In today’s show, we were joined on the line by Kristen Halcrow – Managing Director of Employers’ Mutual Protection Services or EMPS. EMPS offers the latest Workforce Integrity Solutions assisting businesses to reduce the risk that a potentially dishonest employee could pose. According to EMPS 2009 Annual Screening Statistics, 14% of job applicants have a criminal record, 22% of applicants with a criminal record are repeat offenders, 21-25% job applicants have some kind of credit record, and 13% of drivers licenses checked were invalid while 8.5% of all qualifications submitted for verification were unverifiable. We were talking to Kristen about the importance job candidates screening. For more information contact EMPS on (011) 678 0807 or visit

SABEF to host a 3rd Annual Business Leadership Club

We heard from Aubrey Mcetywa - Western Cape South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum Director. SABEF will host a 3rd Annual Business Leadership Club at Old Mutual Business School in Mutual Park on the 1st June 2010. The workshop is aimed at addressing entrepreneurial issues affecting youth in business. The event will bring focus on the empowerment and development of youth in the Western Cape townships. Financial literacy is said to be the biggest challenge in South Africa’s rural and disadvantaged areas and research has revealed that most of the black owned companies don’t make it past their first two years as owners lack experience in raising funds for their businesses so the event will also look at ways at which youth can raise funds for their business and empower each other in terms of infra-purchasing. Mr Mcetywa explained more. For further information, please contact the provincial office on (021) 425 8416 alternatively check

Building own brand - why do it!

We closed off the show with an interview with Jenny Handley – Brand Strategist. We were talking about personal branding. According to Tom Peters, we are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. He says to be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called you. Is it said that by branding yourself effectively you will establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field, Build a solid reputation within your industry and Increase your notoriety and improve your perceived value in the marketplace. Jenny helped us understand the importance of branding. For more information about Jenny’s services contact her offices on (021) 686 0287 or visit

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

25 May - Human Rights - Dr Edigheji talks about constructing a democratic developmental state in South Africa

In today's show we spoke to Dr Omano Edigheji - Editor of a monograph titled: constructing a democratic developmental state in South Africa: Potentials and challenges. The book was launched yesterday and is aimed at anyone interested in understanding the conditions for creating developmental state success, including political, social and economic reforms. The structure of the book reflects key issues related to the potential for and challenges of constructing a democratic developmental state in South Africa, with social and economic issues overlapping. The book or sections of the book can be downloaded for free from or you can get hard copy for R220.00.

Monday, May 24, 2010

24 May - Health - Wednesday marks Bipolar Awareness day

In today’s show, we were joined on the line by Kallista Kuhn – senior counselor and trainer at the South African Depression and Anxiety Group. We were talking Bipolar disorder and bipolar Awareness day that is on Wednesday the 26th of May. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a mood disorder characterised by extreme shifts in mood, energy and functioning. This is much less common than Major Depressive Disorder and Dysthymia, and only 2% of the population is affected over a lifetime. Males and females are affected equally. The FREE Bipolar workshop in Cape Town will be held on Saturday the 29th of May from 2-5pm at Erin Hall, Rondebosch. This Bipolar workshop, arranged by Support Group Leader Suzanne Leighton, has been compiled to help both newly diagnosed patients and patients who have had Bipolar for some years. A panel of speakers from medical and complementary treatment as well as support group leaders, family members and a human rights expert will be present. The coordinator of the workshop is Suzanne Leighton who runs the SADAG Bipolar Bears Support Group. To book a place call her on (021) 794 2738 or visit alternatively call the AstraZeneca Bipolar Line on 0800 70 80 90 31393.

Breast Health Foundation launches mobile breast cancer education unit

We also heard from Rebecca Musi – Breast Health Foundation Project Administrator. The Breast Health Foundation in collaboration with Avon Justine – iThemba Crusade of Hope Trust and Curves Western Cape will be launching the mobile breast cancer education unit in Hout Bay this week. The unit focuses on educating the community of the Western Cape about breast health and breast cancer, stressing that detection of the disease does not necessarily equate to a death sentence. The mobile unit and its team of breast cancer survivors aim to educate all women about the importance of breast self-examination and how early detection saves lives. Mme Rebecca explained more. For more information contact the Breast Health Foundation national office on 0860 283 343 or

Friday, May 21, 2010

21 May - Arts, Culture & Environment - check a limited season of I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!

In today’s show, we spoke to Roland Perold - performer and musical director. We were talking about the musical comedy revue, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change that opened last night at the Kalk Bay Theatre. From the reality of kids coming and going, to finding someone to grow old with, this production will have you tapping your feet along with smash hits like Single Man Drought, He Called Me, Always a Bridesmaid, Marriage Tango and Waiting. Directed by award winning director Paul Griffiths with musical direction by Roland Perold and design by Niall Griffin, this production has a limited season at the Kalk Bay Theatre before moving on to a national tour. I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change plays at the Kalk Bay Theatre from 19th May – 12th June. The show runs Wednesday – Sunday, except May 23rd. Doors at the theatre open at 18:00 at which time patrons can enjoy dinner and drinks at the restaurant upstairs. On Sundays a delicious selection of tapas will be available in place of the full menu. The show starts at 20:30, except for Sunday performances which start at 19.30. Tickets for show only are R 100. For groups of 10 or more, tickets are R80 per person. Bookings can be made on 073 220 5430 or visit

Blaq Pearl to perfom at the Badilisha Live Poetry Festival

We also heard from Blaq Pearl – Poet/ musician. Blaq Pearl is one of the artists to be featured at this year’s Badilisha Live Poetry Festival. Badilisha Live is a poetry performance platform for African voices. It hosts outstanding local and international poets and will be at the Cape Town City Hall tonight and tomorrow night from 19h30PM. The stellar line up includes World Slam Poetry Winner, Anis Mojgani from the USA, local talent Blaq Pearl, rhythm-driven wordsmith croc E moses, Canadian/Jamaican star D'bi Young and Emmy-Award winning artist, Kwame Dawes. Blaq Pearl’s poetry and music is said to entail social content, controversial /tabooed issues and is about empowerment and real experiences, strength and motivation. She explained more about her musical influence. The event will be followed by music. Food and bar, Tickets are R60 at Computicket. For more information visit or call (021) 422 0468. For more information about Blaq Pearl's music go to

David and Oscar are Waiting for Godot

We also heard from award-winning novelist Damon Galgut, Actors - David Isaacs and Oscar Petersen. David and Oscar are busy with Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot under the direction of Damon currently showing at the Little Theatre. The play is about two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, who are waiting for someone named Godot. It is said that Godot's absence, as well as numerous other aspects of the play, have led to many different interpretations since the play's premiere. The play is considered by some critics to be one of the most prominent works of the "Theatre of the Absurd". The cast includes Martin le Maitre, Graham Weir and Gabriel Marchand. Waiting for Godot is running till the 5th of June. For bookings call the Little Theatre office on (021)480 7129.

Kritsi Ye Spaza releases debut album

We closed off the show with an interview with Shaun Jonas, aka Kritsi Ye Spaza – Hip Hop Artist. Kritsi is said to be one of the leading artists and deep founders of the Cape Town SPAZA brand of Hip hop. We were talking about his debut album “Number One” which was launched on the 29th of April this year. The 19 track album is said to be a chronicle of his musical journey and township life as witnessed through his eyes. He explained more his musical influence and the future of Spaza. The album will be available instores but for more information visit or call him on 079 134 8188 to order.

20 May - Labour - Labour Office embarks on a Regulation of Child Labour education and awareness campaign

On Sakhisizwe today, we were joined on the line by Mark Samuel – Labour Inspector. The Western Cape Labour Office has embarked on a Regulation of Child Labour education and awareness campaign as of this month till the 5th of June. This is also, in light of the coming 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament, where kids will have a month long holiday and run a risk of being used as labourers. The purpose of this campaign is to create greater awareness about regulations on child labour as per the Child Labour Programme of Action for South Africa, to educate the community about the acceptable forms of child labour and to also clarify at what age is a child eligible to work and under what conditions. Mark explained more. For more information or to report Child Labour cases contact Mark on (021) 441 8095 or 079 877 9197 alternatively Irvin Paulsen on (021) 441 8084.

Friday, May 14, 2010

14 May - Arts, Culture & Environment - Rainbow Academy is looking for perfomers!!!

On Sakhisizwe today, we were joined by Denay Willie – From the Rainbow Academy. We were talking about the Cape Town Show. They are looking for 12 talented amateur performers between the ages of 16 and 21 who are passionate about the performing arts and keen to turn their talents into a career. Applicants should be multi-talented and be confident in singing, acting, dancing and playing a musical instrument. Applicants must be available full time and willing to work and learn. The auditions are tomorrow Saturday, the 15th of May between 9am and 6pm. For more information contact Sarah on (021) 422 1418 or 072 875 9723 alternatively send an email to

Soccer fever hits Gugulethu

We were also joined on the line by Ellroy Shawn Smith - Soccer Coach . We were talking about the Spur Soccer Masidlale Clinics. The Soccer Clinics have assisted in the on and off the field skills development of approximately 24 000 learners across South Africa and this year’s clinics will be hosted in four major cities throughout South Africa, including Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Durban. Tomorrow they will be at Gugulethu Sports Complex. Ten schools from around Gugulethu will attend to learn more about soccer and life skills from Coaches including Ellroy Shawn Smith, Quinton Cupido, Keenin Lesch - Vasco Da Gama’s captain and five other representatives from Vasco Da Gama.

African Arts Institute launches new projects

We closed off with an interview with Patricia Matongo and Mwila Mambwe – From the African Arts Institute. The African Arts Institute is launching three projects this month to support, showcase and market the arts of African artists living in South Africa. In line with their vision to harness South African resources, markets and expertise in the service of Africa’s creative sector, the projects include a Help Desk for artists from beyond the Limpopo, a collection of stories about the struggles and achievements of African artists in South Africa and a monthly showcase of work by artists from other African countries. For more information about the African Arts Institute please check or contact (021) 465 9027/8 alternatively call Patricia on 073 246 3668 or send an email to

Thursday, May 13, 2010

13 May - Labour - Life Choices giving Cape Flats youth a second chance

In today’s show, we were joined on the line by Chandre de Mink – from Life Choices. The organisation focuses on empowering South African youth and they recently launched a new initiative called Dream2Be. The organisation which works in gang and drug infested areas like Delft, Manenberg, Athlone and Grassy Park, specifically launched the programme not only to equip youth better but also to make informed choices about their future. Chandre explained more. For more information contact (021) 696 4167 or (021) 696 4157.

Transnet Strike continues

We heard from Evan Abrahamse – South African Transport and Allied Workers Union provincial secretary. We were talking about the Transnet Strike. According to SATAWU, the strike does not include Metrorail workers. They say Metrorail is a separate company with a separate negotiating process. There is a dispute in that company but this is at a different legal stage so commuters are therefore not be affected by the current Transnet strike but the Metrorail strike will commence next week Monday. What is affected is the movement of goods by rail, the movement of fuel from the refineries in Durban to Gauteng, and the movement of goods in and out of the ports. Long distance passenger rail are also be affected as Shosholoza Meyl uses Transnet tracks. For further information, please contact the SATAWU provincial office on (021) 461 9410 alternatively visit

COSATU Labour Film Festival

We closed off the show with an interview with Monde Mnqulwana – From COSATU. We were talking about the COSATU Labour Film Festival. The festival started yesterday and will be running till tomorrow. Capitalism: a Love Affair will be showing at the Salt River Community House from 18H00PM today. Directed by Michael Moore, this film examines the impact of corporate dominance on the everyday lives of Americans (and by default, the rest of the world). Tomorrow they will be at False Bay College in Khayelitsha from 19h00PM but Monde explained more. For more information contact Cosatu offices on (021) 448 0045.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 May - Gender - Commission for Gender Equality appears before the portfolio committee on Women, Children and Persons with Disability

In today's show we spoke to Javu Baloyi – From the Commission for Gender Equality. The Commission for Gender Equality is appearing before the portfolio committee on Women, Children and Persons with Disability today to account for its performance during the 2007/08 and 2008/09 financial years. This follows a report by SCOPA on the collapse of financial systems and irregular expenditure within the CGE. According to Acting Chairperson for Commission for Gender Equality - Commissioner Mfanozelwe Shozi, the CGE is committed to correct the wrongs of the past and is in the process of pursuing various disciplinary and legal processes based on the findings of the Auditor General’s report. Javu explained more. For more information about the Commission for Gender Equality contact their offices on (011) 403 7183 or visit

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome awareness needed in South Africa

We closed off the show with an interview with Angela Douglas – Coordinator of the support group for women who have Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. We were talking about Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome which is also referred to as androgen resistance syndrome. It is a set of disorders of sex development caused by mutations of the gene encoding the androgen receptor. A person with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS) has a female external appearance despite a 46XY karyotype and undescended testes. According to health 24, A child with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome appears, feels and behaves like a little girl. However, their chromosomes are genetically male: XY. It is said that the condition is often undetected into adulthood when there is failure to menstruate or develop pubic or underarm hair. The girl’s and her parent’s world is turned upside down overnight and the diagnosis can be extremely traumatic. Angela explained more about the importance of being in a support group. For more information contact her on 082 875 7230 or send an email to alternatively visit

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

11 May - Human Rights - Equal Education continues their quest for school libraries

In today's show, we spoke to Joey Hasson - from Equal Education. Equal Education is a community advocacy organisation that works with school educators and learners in communities as well as academics and activists to address inequality in South Africa's public education system. Since yesterday, Equal Education and its learner members are holding a series of pickets in the form of ‘Read-Ins’ in front Parliament. They say these ‘Read-Ins’ will remind the government of the desperate need for learners to have a safe places close to home to study, do homework and read for pleasure. Joey explained more. If you would like to find out more about their campaign do contact their offices on (021) 387 0022/3 or visit

Monday, May 10, 2010

10 May - Health - Chronic Fatigue is treatable!

In today’s show, we were joined on the line by Dr Benita Perch – A Naturopath. We were talking about Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. On Wednesday the 12th of May is the World Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome Day. According to Dr Perch, Naturopathic medicine gives patient-specific solutions to an illness that typically presents with a wide variety of symptoms linked to, but not exclusive to, chronic fatigue syndrome. Naturopathic care and treatment is tailored specifically to the individual patient, emphasizing prevention and self-care. Dr Perch explained more. For more you can visit or to make an appointment contact (021) 433 1116.

Tomorrow is Lupus day

We also heard from Dr Ayanda Celu - a Rheumatologist. We were talking about Lupus, as tomorrow is Lupus day. It is an auto immune disorder that attacks the body. This means that the body’s defence system would break down its own tissues, blood cells and organs. It is said that Black and Asian women are more likely to get Lupus and they are 8 times more likely to get it than men. Dr Celu explained more about the causes. For more information about Lupus you can contact the Lupus clinic at (021) 404 5360 or visit alternatively

Friday, May 07, 2010

07 May - Arts, Culture & environment - Youth is taking the 21/21 initiative

In today's show we were joined by Mthobeli Duna and Bongani Dyasi - from CapeCodes. We were talking about the 21/21 initiative. The initiative is about the purging of “bad” habits. From May 22nd to June 11th participants will create “good” habits. This is all in preparation for South African Youth week which is between the 12 to the 20th of June. All who wish to participate have to pick two habits they wish to break during the 21 day period between May 1st to the 21st. One habit they can proclaim to the public; while the other habit they wish to break/change they keep to themselves. The second 21 day period between May 22nd to June 11th. This gives the participant an opportunity to replace the purged with a positive habit. For more information visit or contact Mthobeli on 071 198 5035 or Bongani on 083 858 6336.

EJ launches new album

EJ von Lyrik - Hip Hop and funk artist was Instudio to talk about her new album. EJ will launch her highly anticipated second studio album, The Human Condition, tomorrow evening at Zula Sound Bar. The subject matter on Human Condition deals with relationships, social commentary, messages of encouragement, introspection, as well as some feel good fun vibes. Produced by multi-skilled producer, Grenville Williams this album encapsulates various genres such as hip-hop, rock, reggae, dancehall and funk. The Human Condition will be on sale for R100 at the launch. Doors will open at 8pm and the cover charge is R40. See you there!!! For more information on EJ's music visit

Keeping it real with S.I.M, the Real Binary!!!

We closed off with an interview with Simphiwe Mabuya aka SIM, the Real Binary - Actor, Poet and Hip Hop Artist. SIM comes from the Eastern Cape, PE to be exact and has been involved in the underground Hip Hop scene from his High School days. Since then he has moved to Cape Town and studied Speech and Drama at UCT. Currently SIM is one of the most respected artists in the Hip Hop scene. He is busy with an album which will be available instores soon. For more information on SIM and his music check

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

05 May - Gender - Amanda talks about being a Phenomenal Woman

In today’s show, we were joined by Amanda Sickle – Founder of Phenomenal Women. Amanda started the group to help young women in the community of Mitchell’s Plain become independent and grow from being victims to victors, especially in their relationships. Currently the group has grown from 10 ladies to over 40 women of all ages. Amanda explained more about some of the activities they have. On the 16th of May they will be hosting a Golf Day at the Kuils River Golf Club to raise funds for a Mind Camp. For more information contact Tania Petersen on 083 365 7189.

Today is the International Day of the Midwives

We were also joined Instudio by Douglas Newman – A midwife. Midwifery traditionally is seen as the care of pregnant women by women. It is reported that in the UK, the first men entered midwifery training in 1977 and by 1979 the "experiment" was deemed as being successful, and that "male midwives were generally acceptable to mothers, husbands, midwifery and medical staff. Today is the International Day of the Midwife. It is an occasion for every midwife to think about the many others in the profession, to make new contacts within and outside midwifery, and to raise awareness of what midwives do for the world. The theme this year is the World Needs Midwives Now More Than Ever as part of an ongoing campaign to highlight the need for midwives. Douglas explained more about a life of a midwife. For more information about Midwifery go or contact 0861 1974 09.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

04 May - Human Rights - Award winning centre shines the education light

On Sakhisizwe today, we were joined on the line by Kathryn Torres - Director of Outreach at the Shine Centre. The Shine Centre is a volunteer driven NGO. Their programme provides support in literacy and language enrichment to second language learners in the Foundation Phase. They promote tirisano - a term for encouraging learners, parents, communities and businesses to work in partnership with them towards securing a better education for children in South Africa. Kathryn explained more. If you would like to volunteer your services or for donations you can email or visit

Khayelitsha Human Settlement Forum tackles development in the area

We were also joined Instudio by Bongani Vakele – from the Khayelitsha Human Settlement Forum. The forum is a place where people who are interested in Human settlement come together and discuss about Human settlement. Last Saturday they met to discuss the issue of housing development in the Khayelitsha area. He explained more about the outcome of the meeting. They will be meeting again on the 22nd of May at the Khayelitsha Training Centre from 9AM. For more information about the Forum contact Mr Vakele on 072 313 5295 or send an email to alternatively

Monday, May 03, 2010

03 May - Health - Tomorrow is World Asthma Day

In today’s show, we spoke to Dr Shirani Naidoo – A Paediatrician at Melomed Hospital. We were talking about asthma. It is said to be one of the most common chronic diseases in the world, affecting more than 300 million people world-wide. Asthma is characterized by symptoms such as breathlessness, wheezing, chest tightness and coughing. However, according to asthma experts, with proper treatment most asthma patients can achieve good control of their disease. Tomorrow is World Asthma Day and this year’s theme is “You Can Control Asthma”. In South Africa, the National Asthma Education Campaign collaborates with an international body and is tasked with the responsibility to disseminate globally accepted asthma treatment guidelines and implement asthma related patient education. Dr Naidoo explained more about the campaign. For more information visit your nearest hospital or clinic, alternatively go to or contact 0861 278 462.

Wednesday marks the International Midwives Day

We were also joined on the line by Professor Nomafrench Mbombo – Spokesperson for the Midwives Society of Western Cape. On Wednesday is an International Midwives Day. It is an occasion to celebrate and promote the profession of midwifery. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises midwives as the health professionals best able to deliver safe, cost effective maternity services to the majority of families. A midwife is educated to give all necessary care throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the newborn period and believe that childbirth is a normal and significant life event for women and their families. For more information contact her offices on (021) 959 2271 or 072 265 6084.

On Thursday you can eat whatever you want coz it's International No-Diet Day

We closed off the show with an interview with Andrea Jenkins - a nutritional therapist. We were talking about the International No-Diet Day, which is on Thursday, the 6th of May. It is a celebration of body acceptance and body shape diversity. The day is also dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of restrictive diets and its symbol is a blue ribbon. You can email Andrea personally with your questions to or visit alternatively to find a nutritional therapist near you.