Monday, December 22, 2008

Alcohol Poisoning!!!

Today we spoke to Dr Lize Weich – From the Stikland Hospital. We were talking about Alcohol Abuse. It is reported that Alcohol, specifically ethanol, is a potent central nervous system depressant, with a range of side effects. The amount and circumstances of consumption play a large part in determining the extent of intoxication; for example, consuming alcohol after a heavy meal causes alcohol to absorb more slowly. Hydration also plays a role, especially in determining the extent of hangovers. After excessive drinking, unconsciousness can occur and extreme levels of consumption can lead to alcohol poisoning and death. Dr Weich explained more about the dangers of alcohol poisoning. That interview was brought to you by the National Department of Health and funded by the European Union. The Department of Health is always stressing the need for people to live a healthy lifestyle by not abusing alcohol and drugs, combating the trafficking of psychoactive drugs, maintain sobriety among young persons. For more information contact SANCA on (021) 945 4080/1 or visit alternatively contact the Stikland Hospital on (021) 940 4500.

Friday, December 19, 2008

19 December - Arts, Culture & Environment - Living your life like a circus with the South African Circus School

Nicky Slavis – Co-founder of the South African Circus School. The school was built with the purpose of offering children an alternative career in Circus Performing Arts. Many of their young trainees have already moved on to achieve international recognition and they have performed successfully at many local, national events and festivals. Nicky explained more about the activities they have planned for this festive season. For more information contact (021) 692 4287 or send an email to

Having great old fun at Planet Kids!!!

Andy Schwab – founder of Planet Kids was instudio to talk about the activities they have at the centre. Planet Kids is a huge indoor play centre for children with all abilities up to the age of 12 based in Muizenberg. It is a fun, safe and spacious environment where kids can play off their boundless energy. They also host birthday parties and run craft workshops. They are open for the festive season 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm. Kids of all abilities are welcome. The centre is wheelchair friendly. Tickets costs R30 for 1 hour, book now. For more information contact (021) 788 3070 or go to
PIC:Mishkah Anthony

Arts Update!!!

Nigel Vermaas – our arts fundi was instudio to tell us about what’s hot and what’s not in the Art sector and this is his last update coz lucky him he is going on holiday and will be back again on the 16th of January but Mikhaila Crowie will take over that slot while Nigel is away. You can email us events happening to your community to

Help SA_MAST by sponsoring a sterilisation

We closed off the show with an interview with Tamsin Nel – Founder and Director of the South African Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust or SA MAST. SA MAST was established in July 2006 with the mission of radically reducing the number of unwanted puppies and kittens born into communities that are unable to support and care for them, by providing a free sterilisation service to the residents of those communities. Currently they work with the community of Khayelitsha and from December 2006 to August 2008, they sterilised over 1500 cats and dogs, mostly in Khayelitsha and would like donations from the members of the public in order to continue with their mission. For more information contact SAMAST on (021) 794 3761 or visit

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Labour - International Day for migration

we spoke to Reiko Matsuyama - Regional Project Manager at the International Organization for Migration. Today is the International Day for Migration. It is reported that outside Southern Africa little attention has been given to the lively debates, particularly within South Africa, about migration, economic integration, racism/xenophobia and exclusion. Reiko explored more on the challenges faced by migrant labours and how are these challenges being addressed especially in this country. If you want more information on the IOM visit or report any human traffic cases to their counter traffic programme toll free on 0800 555 999.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gender - Men Against Abuse

we heard from Dorothy Williams – founder of Men Against Abuse. This organisation was formed with the aim of educating men and boys about their roles and responsibilities to stop family violence. For more information about Men Against Abuse and the activities they have contact their offices on (021) 376 2780.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

16 December - Human Rights (Reconciliation Day) - Paving the way towards human rights and equality: Living the values of the Universal Declaration of

Today we heard from Jody Kollapen – Chairperson at the South African Human Rights Commission. The Human Rights Commission in conjunction with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights hosted a commemorative two-day event to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the General Assembly of the United Nations last week Tuesday. The event, themed “Paving the way towards human rights and equality: Living the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the SA constitution” kicked -off with a seminar, where various speakers reflected on how the application of the declaration can be strengthened locally. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has as its core values, inherent human dignity, justice, non-discrimination, equality, fairness and universality which apply to every human being and must be promoted and protected. To read up the Universal Declaration for Human Rights go to

Changing lives and building stronger communities through sport

We were also joined on the line by Mpumelelo Lali – Project Manager at Sports Coaches' OutReach or SCORE. SCORE is a non-governmental, community development organisation that uses sport and physical activity as a medium of development. Their vision is to change lives and build stronger communities through sport. Mpumelelo explained more about their activities. For more information contact (021) 461 0466 or go to

Monday, December 15, 2008

Health- Sperm wash

We closed off the show with an interview with Dr Yusuf Dasoo – from the BioArt fertility centre. BioART is the acronym for Bio Assisted Reproductive Technology. BioArt is said to be the first clinic in Africa to have a tele-medical Fertility Quality Control (fqc) system. They offer a unique experience in fertility treatment. We will be talking about Sperm washing and artificial insemination. For more information about the BioArt fertility centre, please go to or contact (011) 484 5119 / 5168.

Health- Ectopic Pregnancy

In today's show, we spoke to Dr Carol Thomas – a gynecologist. We were talking about Ectopic Pregnancies. This occurs when the fertilised egg implants itself outside of the uterus. Most of these pregnancies occur in the fallopian tube of the expecting mother – but embryos can also implant in the ovaries, abdomen or cervix. But none of these places will provide the fertilised egg with enough space or nutrients to properly develop. For more information you can contact (021) 671 1738.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gender pay discrimination

Kimani Ndungu – Research Director at the National Labour and Economic Development Institute or Naledi was part of the show to talk about Gender pay discrimination. According to an article on, Gender pay discrimination still happens a lot not only in South Africa but worldwide. This stems from the different value placed by society on jobs or tasks mainly carried out by women and those mainly carried out by men. According to a study conducted by Equal Opportunities Commission in 2006 women are routinely missing out on senior jobs, starting on lower salaries and taking longer to get promoted, largely because they are more likely to take career breaks to have children. Kimani explained more about Gender pay discrimination. For more information about Naledi contact their offices on (011) 403 2122 or visit

Labour Brokers

We also heard from Roger Brown – an attorney at Labour protect. We were talking about Labour Brokers. Employing people via a labour broker is often seen as a hassle-free solution by employers. But everyone concerned needs to know and understand their rights and obligations, as employees of labour brokers are still employees and have rights. According to the Congress of South African Trade Unions, labour brokers are not doing the workers a service. People who are employed by labour brokers have no pensions, no benefits – in the end they are just dumped. Cosatu feels that labour broking is a form of human trafficking. Mr Brown explained more on the aspects of labour broking. For more information on Labour protect contact (021) 421 8631 or visit

LABOUR- Enhance your skills

In today’s show, we spoke to Jenny Van Niekerk - CEO of the International Computer Driving Licence or ICDL. The ICDL mission is to enable proficient use of ICT that empowers individuals, organisations and society, through the development, promotion and delivery of quality certification programmes throughout the world. For more information you can contact you can contact (021) 671 1070 or visit

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gender - Closing the 16 Days of activism against Gender based violence campaign with a street soccer festival!!!

Today we spoke to Leo Mbobi – from the Sonke Gender Justice. Yesterday Sonke hosted a street soccer festival as part of the 16 Days of activism against Gender based violence. The festival was co-ordinated by Leo who says they hoped to harness the energy around the sport to get men to look at issues that are important in our communities. During the festival they talked to people, especially men and boys, about testing for HIV and taking ARVs, and stopping violence against women and children. Leo explained more about the outcome of the festival. For more information about Sonke Gender Justice and the activities they have contact their offices on (021) 423 7088 or visit

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Human Rights - Director of the Human Rights Institute of South Africa challenges Immigration Policies

Today we played an interview I had with Corlett Letlojane – Director at the Human Rights Institute of South Africa or HURISA. This is a non-governmental organisation which offers professional services towards the promotion of a human rights culture, peace and democracy. HURISA works with civil society organisations, governmental institutions and vulnerable groups in South Africa and on the continent of Africa. Corlett explained more about the services they provide. If you want more information you can contact their offices on (011) 403 0850 or

The Refugee Children’s Project launches a handbook on the refugee children’s rights

We heard from Paulin Mbecke – From the Refugee Children’s Project. The Refugee Children’s Project launched a handbook on the refugee children’s rights. The handbook aims at raising awareness on refugee children and unaccompanied minors’ rights in South Africa. It will particularly enable service providers such as schools, refugee community and the local community as a whole to become more familiar with the refugee’s rights and provide them with the tools to facilitate its subsequent implementation. Paulin explained more about the book. If you want more information you can contact him on (011) 333 9266 or go to

Monday, December 08, 2008

Health - Be sunsmart this summer!!!

Today we spoke to Michelle May – Health Programme Co-ordinator at the Cancer Association of South Africa. We were talking about the sunsmart project that aims to make people aware of skin cancer and the early detection of it. As part of this project they will be running beach clinics in December and January. At a beach clinic there will be a dermatologist and 3 volunteers that are going to the beaches at special dates and the people there can have a skin screening for free. These beach clinics will take place on the weekends in December and January. Yesterday they were in Clifton beach. Next weekend they will be at Muizenberg beach on Saturday and at Camps Bay on Sunday between 11am-2pm, As we spend more time outdoors this summer, remember to check your skin regularly for changes, unusual marks or moles. An annual medical check-up should include a skin check to detect possible skin cancer early. Everyone exposed to the sun is at risk of developing skin cancer whether you have light or dark skin. For more information, contact CANSA toll free number on 0800 22 66 22 or go to

Celebrating Patient Safety Day

Mrs. Milly McClachlan – A lecturer at the Western Cape College of Nursing was part of today’s show to talk about patient safety. It is reported that patient safety is a serious global public health issue. Estimates show that in developed countries as many as one in 10 patients is harmed while receiving hospital care.

In developing countries, the probability of patients being harmed in hospitals is higher than in industrialized nations. The risk of health care-associated infection in some developing countries is as much as 20 times higher than in developed countries. The report further states that in recent years, countries have increasingly recognized the importance of improving patient safety.

In 2002, WHO Member States agreed on a World Health Assembly resolution on patient safety. Mrs McClachlan explained more about the importance of improving patient safety. That interview was brought to you by the National department of health and funded by the European Union. For further information please contact the Western Cape College of Nursing on (021) 684 1203/2 or send a fax on (021) 638 6988.

Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic turns 50

We closed off the show with an interview with Dr Heydn Bellardie – an orthodontist from the Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic at the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital. The clinic is the only one of its kind in South Africa that meets the World Health Organization requirements in relation to the services it offers.

Last week they celebrated 50 years of life changing existence. The clinic performs approximately 45-50 primary surgeries and about 20 secondary surgeries annually. About 20% of the primary surgeries are on patients with isolated cleft lips. About one-third of the primary surgeries are on patients with cleft lip and palate and the remainder is on patients with isolated cleft palates. Dr Bellardie explained more about the services they provide. For more information contact the clinic on (021) 658 5448.

Mamelani: a support structure to the health care system

We also spoke to Carly Tanur - Founding Director of the Mamelani Projects. Mamelani Projects is a registered non-profit organisation that serves as a support structure to the health care system and addresses the great need to empower vulnerable communities with accurate and practical information regarding health and nutrition. Carly explained more about their services. For more information contact (021) 685 4608 or go to

Friday, December 05, 2008

5 December - Arts, Culture and Environment

In today's show, we were joined by Sam Pearce – Project Manager of the eMzantsi Carnival. The 4th annual eMzantsi Carnival will take place tomorrow the 6th of December. This year’s theme is “eMzantsi – putting the Unity back into Community” is a positive challenge to xenophobia and cultural stereotyping in all forms. Around 1500 people from all over the valley join in the colourful parade and stageshow, including minstrels and marimba bands, gumboot dancers and gospel singers, break dancers and belly dancers. This year, the Carnival will also feature cultural highlights of our pan-African neighbours, with contributions from Zimbabweans, Somalians, Malawians and others living locally. Spectators are advised to park at the Sun Valley Mall and walk down Ou Kaapse Weg to the fourway junction to watch the parade approach from each side of the Kommetjie Road from 10am. The free stageshow, compered by comedian Mark Sampson, runs from 12pm on the Sun Valley green opposite Pick'n'Pay. There will also be a mini-football tournament, bouncy castles, the Rainbow Reconciliation Labyrinth and quality gifts at the Valley Craft Market. The Kommetjie Road will be partially closed between Masiphumelele and the fourway junction from 10am on Saturday 6th December, and traffic delayed along Ou Kaapse Weg until 11.30am. And in Sam’s words “Bring the whole family and enjoy a multicultural jol, eMzantsi style!” For more contact Sam on (021) 789 1665.

We also heard from Nico Dekker - CEO of the Cape Town Film Studios. The Cape Town Film Studios is the largest investment allocation to the country’s film industry and will boost much-needed investment in an under-capitalised industry and further drive the Western Cape’s turnover. Mr Dekker explained more about the new developments regarding this project. For more information visit or contact (021) 462 1838.

Nigel Vermaas – our arts fundi was also here to tell us what’s hot and what’s not in the Art sector.

We closed off the show with an interview with Thoko Ntshinga – from Nants’ingqayi Arts Development Foundation. Nants’ingqayi provides the community with platforms for the development of various forms of artistic expression, upskilling in a number of performing art and related disciplines helping to create a vision for the community while promoting moral regeneration. Tomorrow they will be hosting a jazz for life event at the Johnson Ngwevela Hall in KwaLanga. These bands consist of young people from KwaLanga who have been involved in Nants' ingqayi arts development programmes and are now able to stand on their own. There will be food and beverage stalls at the event, adequate security and parking facilities. This provides a great opportunity to get a holistic view of the oldest township in South Africa, engage and socialise with the people of Kwa Langa and gain valuable insights on the arts, culture and music of this community. Doors open at 18h00PM, there will be live Jazz bands performing as well as a deejay. Admission costs R70 and R80 at the door. For any further information contact uSis’ Thoko 076 224 8997 or Bulela Kubukeli on 076 305 2322 alternatively Jama Katangana on 082 755 3475.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

04 December - Labour

Today we spoke to Advocate Lynette Myburgh – from work in solutions. We were talking about Bonuses. Yep it’s that time of the year when workers are crossing their fingers hoping for big bonuses for Christmas especially now as we face financial crisis. According to Labour expert there is no law that forces the employer to pay out any sort of bonuses. It is entirely up to the employer to decide whether he wishes to pay bonuses or not. Advocate Myburgh explained more about the issue of bonuses. For more information visit or call (021) 465 3500.
We also heard from Roger Brown – an attorney at Labour protect. We were talking about a very interesting topic. When does an applicant become an employee? According to an article published on IOL, The courts have found that an employee is considered to be fully employed and therefore protected under labour law legislation from the moment the employment contract is concluded. Even if the employee has not yet actually started work. This applies even if nothing has been put into writing or signed, and the contract of employment has only been verbally agreed between the two parties. Mr Brown explained more how to define an employee and when one is considered an employee. For more information on Labour protect contact (021) 421 8631 or visit
We closed off the show with an interview I had with Luvuyo Rani – Managing Director of Silulo Ulutho Technologies. At Silulo they help you to better understand computers and how you can use them in order to be prepared for the job market. The courses last three or six months. For more information you can contact (021) 361 3212 / 072 267 2472 alternatively visit
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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

3 December - Gender

In today's show, we heard from commissioner Yvette Abrahams speaking to my producer Mishkah Anthony together with the National Parliament Deputy Speaker, Nozizwe Madlala_Routledge. Mishkah was part of the Women’s Place consultative meeting that was hosted by the Gender commission, Engender and other women-focused organisations in Parliament under the theme “Women’s spaces, women’s voices, women connecting”. The Women’s Place is a collaboration of various women-focused partners, including Parliament and legislatures, government, civil society, trade unions, academia and the corporate sector with the purpose of providing a platform for women to be acknowledged and honoured for their roles. For more information about the Women’s place contact Engender on (021) 447 6290 or visit alternatively contact the Commission on Gender Equality on (021) 426 4080.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

2 December - Human Rights

In today's show, we were joined by Nkosikhulule Nyembezi – Black Sash Advocacy Programme Manager. As part of its vision to "make human rights real", the Black Sash has launched a consumer protection campaign – called “Keep the Festive Season Festive! Know Your Credit Status, Know Your Rights!” - to help vulnerable South Africans who are struggling to cope in this tough economic climate of high interest rates and inflation, rising food, fuel and utility costs and harder-to-get credit. Mr Nyembezi explained more about the campaign. The campaign, which will run for the first two weeks of December - will coincide with the publishing of the second edition of their concise and easy-to-use book, ‘Debt and Credit: A reference guide for paralegals’. In partnership with the Credit Bureau Association, the Black Sash will be offering FREE rights education, advice and credit reports during the first two weeks of December. For more information contact (021) 461 7804 or go to

Monday, December 01, 2008

01 December - Health (WORLD AIDS DAY)

Today we were joined on the line by Dumisani Gabula - from the Provincial Department of Health’s AIDS Directorate. Today we commemorate World Aids Day and the theme for 2008 is “Leadership and Unity to stop HIV, AIDS and TB”. World AIDS Day is about increasing awareness, education and fighting prejudice. This Day is important in reminding people that HIV has not gone away, and that there are many things still to be done. Mr Gabula explained more about the programmes that the department is running in the fight against AIDS. For more information you can contact them on (021) 483 4071. That interview was brought to you by the National Department of Health and Funded by the European Union.

We also heard from Dr David Pienaar – ARV Coordinator from the department of health. We were talking about HIV/Aids and the prevention methods. If you want more information contact your nearest clinic or hospital.

And last but least we were joined by Phillipa Douglas – Executive Director for the Organ Donor Foundation. We were talking about organ donation. The Organ Donor Foundation is a non-profit charity, established to address the critical shortage of organ and tissue donors in South Africa through awareness and education campaigns. According to the foundation, currently there are over 3,500 South Africans waiting for organ and tissue transplants. Sadly, as a result of this critical shortage less than 1,000 of them will receive a transplant and the "Gift of Life" this year. Phillipa explained more on how one can go about in giving the “Gift of Life”. Remember there is no cost charged to register as an organ donor. To register or for more information contact the Organ Donor Foundation on (021) 426 0198 or visit