Friday, January 20, 2017


Today we spoke to Algiero Tony Minnie that goes by the stage name Tray V. He is originally from Kimberley, but resides in Hanover Park, where he discovered himself and develops a bigger passion for music.

Because he is from Kimberley, he came up with the word kimtonian to express himself. He discovered music through other people and that become his disconnection from the world, when his able to sing is when he evolve as a person. Tray V’s dream was to become an actor, be music draw him more.

His inspiration when writing is that he always has a story to tell that is based on his own life situation, as he grow up in poverty, but yet he didn’t use that as an excuse not to excel as a person.

His song Ramnant Soldier is one of his songs, which means fight for what you want and never give up or let anyone scatter your dreams.

For more information contact:

Tel: 061 489 6257
Facebook: Algiero Tony Minnie   

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