Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Stereotypical beliefs can be rigid, but they do and have changed over time, that is the Challenge and Opportunity…. #Sakhisizwe Building a Nation/Bou die Nasie

Stereotypes exist in all societies. How we perceive each other can be determined through oversimplified assumptions about people based on race,sex,age and body language ect. They are based on socially constructed norms. Practices and beliefs and are often cultural and religion based and fostered and reflect underlying power relations.  

Today we spoke to Glenton Liberty Matthyse He/ She/ They from Gender Dynamix which is a human’s rights organisation that seeks to advance the interests of the transgender and gender non conforming communities. This organisation uses various ways to implement this where by advocacy is the main tool. Government gets pulled on board, state actors to become more proactive in how they include and recognise these rights and interest of transgender and gender none conforming people. They work with service providers in the sense of health care providers and legal providers in the service they render.

The law states one should not discriminate against an individual based on the gender that they are identified as, and the law makes provision that you are not discriminated on your sex or body and that comes back to each one needs to be treated equal.
 Gender Dynamix has a workshop running today (18/01/2017) which is a provincial meeting where various civil societies organisations to discuss and engaged critically the current bill that is on the table at the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development towards the combating of hate crimes and speech bill. This form is open to the public you can just go on the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development website for more details.
Stereotype? Glenton states: “Group a whole bunch of people together and putting a label on them and say you are of this type, which means you should have these characteristics and that comes down to being put in a negative way by being stereotype.”  

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By: Jasnine Roberts

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