Friday, May 08, 2015

Friday - Arts and Culture - #enkosimama

Today I was joined in studio by the ever amazing spoken word artist Christy Van Zyl also known as FossilSoul member of  Radikal Xpressions. Radikal Xpression is a Cape Town based conscious arts (poetry, hip hop and music) movement that mobilizes young radical artists, organizes them (as its resident performers) and promotes their talent through art sessions, shows and productions. Our aim is to use art as a tool for personal development, education, socio-political commentary and building communities. The vision behind the existence of this movement is to ultimately become a registered international Arts Company that grooms, manages and administers young African artists. Thus, creating a progressive afro-centrism awareness in the international arts industry and facilitating artistic growth in the African continent. 

Today our conversations were around the show that’s coming up this weekend on the 10th May 2015 named #enkosimama.
Ziqu Pro-Found Ndabezitha
Christie van Zyl
Nompumelelo FoFa Mamqwathi
Sinazo Blaq-Chic Matyhopho Peter

“As the name of the show suggests (which, translated to English means #ThanksMom), my aim is for us to come together with mothers on this day and have a great time rekindling some lovely memories that people have had with their mothers. The artists I am working with have all experienced loss of their mothers, so have I, and I think it is a very interesting turn to look at, especially because they are people who still feel such a tight connection to their moms. A mother’s love is just something out of this world and it definitely transcends beyond this world. While we look at this, we also don’t forget that in some cases, our mothers are our aunts and grandmothers as well, and we are celebrating all of this love.” – says Ziphozakhe, who is producing the work. 

 See you there!!!!!!!
 See you there!!!!!!!

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