Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Tuesday - Human Rights - Forward with education!!!

I was also joined in studio by three learners Sade Jones , Pulane Mshaba and Nikkita Matthee accompanied by their mentor Mr Hudsonburg from Primrose Park Primary School. Primrose Park School are the previous winners (2014) of a educational competition called Growsmart.  

Two hundred participating schools are selected by the Western Cape Education Department. Each school is represented by a team of three learners in Grades 4, 5 and 6. They have to spell words, give definitions and construct sentences for points. Each year, different learners are chosen to represent their schools in the Growsmart competition. Learners who have already competed in Growsmart may not compete again in another year. The teams are seated on a stage, facing the quizmaster, judges, scorekeepers and an audience. Each team has a Mentor who guides them and helps them prepare for the competition.

There are three levels to the Growsmart competition. All schools compete in Level 1 and the winners of each round advance to Level 2. Eight winners of Level 2 advance to the Semi-Final, of which five will advance to the Final which will be held on the 5th of September, three days before the United Nations' International Literacy Day. We don't want to interrupt schooling, so all competition rounds are held on Saturdays. On a typical Saturday there will be five competition rounds, with five schools competing against each other in each round. 


The words used in the competition are selected from specially designed Growsmart newspapers. The content of the newspapers is aligned to the curriculum and is approved by the Western Cape Education Department. The participating schools receive Growsmart newspapers for each level of the competition (each learner in Grades 4, 5 and 6 receives the newspapers). Teachers use the newspapers in their daily reading sessions for reading practice and dictionary work, and to help contestants prepare for the competition.

All schools receive the first edition of the Growsmart newspaper to prepare for the first part of the competition: Level 1. This level runs over eight Saturdays. There are five competition rounds on a Saturday, with five schools competing in each round. The winner of each round advances to the next level.

All schools receive the second edition of the Growsmart newspaper. The forty teams remaining in the competition use the first and the second editions to prepare for Level 2. This level works similarly to the previous level, with the winning schools from each round advancing to the Semi-Final.

All schools receive the third edition of the Growsmart newspaper. The eight surviving teams have to study all three editions to prepare for the Final. The round is divided into Semi-final and Final rounds to determine the winning team, as well as the second and third places.

Five teams will compete to determine the winning team.

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