Tuesday, May 23, 2017

We spoke to Tineke Ganz Malan from Down Syndrome Association Western Cape, which is 40 years of age.

This organisation got started by a group of parents who realise that they need to do something to assist there children to develop. One of the fathers travelled a lot, and when he went on his trips he use to collect as much information as possible.

 Tineke explains: “Down Syndrome is not a disorder you suffer from, you get born with Down syndrome disorder meaning it is a genetic condition, that sits in your genes and not something passed down from parents, you are literally born with an extra piece of genetic material on the 21 chromosome and that extra material causes developmental delay and the features that goes with down syndrome, which means there development is more slower, they find things more difficult to handle and get tired more easily ect.”   

They do have programmes that they run which expanded over the years. As circumstance are not always easy, where by the disorder do not always become the biggest problem, but what you will be putting on the table, hence Down Syndrome Association Western Cape does outreach programmes and support groups in the communities to assist parents to start with their children from an early age.

Tineke explains further: “just because they are Down syndrome one should not feel sorry for them, and they can still have a healthy lifestyle, meaning they can work and do things for themselves, but only needs to be kept an eye on. The only sad part is they will always be depended the older they get, they can not live on there own.”

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 919 8233

BY: Jasnine Roberts

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