Thursday, May 18, 2017

We did an outside broadcast today at Verde Hotel, Cape Town from 12:00-15:00. Promoting co- operative governance and collaboration through a multi stakeholder’s service hub in Philippi, Cape Town end of project conference.

The conference was in partnership with Cordaid , Community Connections and the Philipp Community. Cesvi Foundation hosted a ground breaking multi-stakeholder engagement conference to mark the end of a European Union Funded project.

The conference seeks to bring together stakeholders, which include citizens, community action groups and local authorities who have vested interest in addressing issues of domestic violence against women, children and youth related interventions.

For the past two years, European Union funded Cesvi and its partners to implement a project whose specific and overall objectives are improving service delivery for women, children and youth in informal settlements in Cape Town through active citizenship co- ordination and multi- stakeholders engagement, as a contribution to the improvement of capacity and provision of social services and development oriented services for the poor at a wider level respectively.

The conference covered critical issues such as:
-         A best practice approach for a building a hub focused on the delivery of integrated domestic violence services, including lessons learnt and outcomes achieved.
-         Institutionalising cooperation and collaboration.
-         Multi-stakeholder meetings as a form of engagement among Civil Society Organisations, Community Action Groups, Citizens and Local Authorities.
-         Lessons learnt about the Domestic Violence strategy and the model of engagement conceived through these meetings.
-         Financial support to 3rd parties mechanism for building multi-stakeholders collaboration.

#Lets stop turning a blind eye to violence.

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