Thursday, May 11, 2017

We spoke to Pat Lindegren from Action on Elder Abuse. This organisation has been in existence from 1998, where it originally started as a helpline for older people or any member of society to call in to report elder abuse, it was then know as HEAL which stood for Help of Elder Abuse Line.
After all these years it still exist but, in 2002 they have expanded to include training on elder abuse, such as what it is and to be able to identify when they see it, hence the name Action on Elder Abuse was born.

They also do lobbing and advocacy, as well as provide information to people that want to know more about elderly persons.

Heal has a toll free number, but only if you are using a landline, if a cellphone is used leave your number and they’ll return your call. Heal is operational 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Pat gives examples of elder abuse and the effect drug abuse has on the older generation. Pat also explains the law that protect older persons and the amount of trouble you as an individual can get into if you turn a blind eye to abuse of a elderly person.  

Let’s stop abusing our older generation as they were after all the ones who fought for what we have today. Respect our elderly, think of it this way we all gone get old so put yourselves in there shoes. They are any thing but a burden and more of a blessing.

For more information contact:

Toll Free: 0800 00 30 81

By: Jasnine Roberts

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