Thursday, October 19, 2017

A moving and touching story of a rape victim

Today on our show we spoke with Sisanda Ncokazi from Khayelitsha, She recently self-published a book titled  Bunzima Ubomi which means (Life is Hard) the book reveals the trauma she suffered from the tender age of 10 years and the endless challenges she faced while growing up under the guidance of her grandmother and uncle, during our radio conversation she told us that the abuse occurred in Engcobo village in the Eastern Cape from 1992 until the end of 1996 and the motive she wrote the book was to find peace and healing and also encourage young women who goes through the same pain and loss to voice out about their unbearable situations.
The book talks about the girls who lives with their grandparents, but whose grandmother was also abusive to her.

For more info or maybe you would like to get the book contact her at.
Mobile: 061 398 3294
Whatsapp:071 8471 395

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