Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thuleka Duze the lady behind A&TG Ekasi from Gugulethu

On Sakhisizwe we spoke with Thuleka Duze from Gugulethu, she was telling us about A&TG EKASI, A&TG is a brand creation of handbags and apparel, it boast of an African print look and feel stylishly infused color and quality texture from around Africa, she also explained when she started to plot and plan what would sort to changing her life style completely, she did not forget to also tell us about Eyadini KK yard that was also born in May 2017 which is a father and daughter fuel business, it is based in Gugulethu NY10  no 32.

For more info contact Thuleka:
Mobile&Whatsapp: 083 515 44435
Twitter:A&TG EKASI
Instagram: A&TG EKASI

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