Friday, December 01, 2017

JP Robberts about his single Easy to love

It was such a delight to speak to JP Robberts which is a South African born, Namibian raised small town 27 year old. JP Robberts is a successful model, proud owner of a restaurant, currently still busy with pageants, done commercials and he will be launching his clothing line.   

After his 17 birthday he moved back to South Africa where he started building a brand for himself and few years of working on that he now have his first single out called Easy to love. The song was stimulated when he went through a heart break and felt that he will never be able to love again.

He is such a humble inspirational person that came from nothing and today he has it all by never giving up and being dedicated to striving towards success.

His biggest support structure would be his parents.

For more information check him on social media:

Facebook: JP Robberts
Twitter: @JP Robberts

                                                    By: Jasnine Roberts

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