Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Gender Dynamix for Gender Equality

We spoke to Lynda Ichumane from Gender DynamiX about being transgender, the challenges that are regularly faced and how she overcame them.

Gender Dynamix is the first African based organisation focusing solely on the transgender community. It is an Non governmental, Non-profit organisation, that aims to provide help, advice and information for those who seek to adjust their lives to live in the opposite gender role, as to that assigned to them at birth; or who are working to come to terms with their situation despite their genetic background. It provides resources, information and support to trans folks, their partners, family employers and the public.

She explains that she was born a male but had identified as a woman since the age of 4 and says the community in KZN where she grew up, was very helpful despite a family who disowned her. She also draws attention to working with Home Affairs to change the Act 49 of 2003 focuses on alternation of sex that allows for people to change their gender marker. She adds that the community often suffers discrimination and are not provided sufficient jobs and health care.

She appeals to all to be more sensitive and understand that transgenders and others alike are simply people with human rights too.  

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Written by: Tauhierah Salie

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