Monday, June 25, 2018

Healing Beyond Your Body

This edition of Sakhisiwe and for health Mondays, we were joined in studio by Dr Jefferson Kim Loong Lan; from the Kim Loong Wushu Center. The Center focuses on overall health and wellness, offering a variety of options.

We discussed how acupuncture is used to heal and enhance the body by using traditional and ancient methods just as traditional herbs, moxi-bustion, acupressure and cupping. Through it's unique combination of physiotherapy and chiropractic therapy, it not only treats physical injuries, but also diseases. The center has treated many- from infants to the elderly,of all demographics.

Dr Lan describes Acupuncture as the use of 0.5-2 inch needles to trigger over 300 acupuncture points (that are connected to energy meridians running through the body) to speed up and direct the natural healing mechanism within it.

He tells of his most remarkable experience being his very first patient who needed her baby to be bridged- and after one acupuncture treatment she managed to give birth safely. He jokely recalls his father telling him "not to get ahead of himself."  

He encourages everyone to expand and open their minds. "Do not walk around society with blinkers on- society wants to keep you shut down, like robots, to feed their indulgence and greed. Take off the blinkers”.

The center is based in 133 Bree Street, Cape Town, South Africa; and also offers philosophy sessions, Chinese Martial Arts among others. 

Contact details:
Website: www.kimloong
Facebook: Int. Kim-Loong Wushu Centre, 
Twitter: @shoalincafe
Center: +27 021 422 2193
Insta @jeffersonlan

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