Wednesday, March 14, 2018

CSVR & Unleashing Pain The Changing Gears

As we're halfway through the workweek we had two interesting interviews lined up for you on today's edition of Sakhisizwe.

First we spoke to Annah Moyo-Kupeta from the Centre For The Study Of Violence & Reconciliation. Which is a multi-disciplinary institute involved in research, policy formation, community interventions, service delivery and training on the prevention and reconciliation of violent incidents.
She told us about the work they are doing as an organisation and how they are currently collaborating with various organisations throughout the continent of Africa. This to further improve the state of transitional justice in Africa.

Contact Details:

Phone: 011 403 5650
Twitter: @_CSVR

At 1:30 we had a chat with Nonzukiso Dibela, author of the book 'Unleashing Pain The Changing Gears'. In this book she speaks about her experience with rape at the age of 8 and how this changed and shaped her life. Nonzukiso took us through the writing proces and how this helped her to cope with her past experiences. Finally she also stressed how important it is for people going through the same thing to talk about this and not just keep quiet.

People wanting to buy the book can contact her on the following number:

Phone/Whatsapp: 073 570 2014


By Laurens Driessen

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