Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Umtshayelo Foundation

In studio with today we had Andrew Lumour from The Umtshayelo Foundation speaking to us about their organisation and how it's helping to change the lives of 100's of children in Cape Town.
The Umtshayelo Foundation seeks to be a bridge between those who have something to offer and those who are in need.
By providing support to children and students in all aspects of life they strive to give them more opportunities and ways to seize those.

Their team of 14 people is currently looking for people to volunteer within their organisation and help make a difference in these youngsters' lives.

Contact details are:

Phone: 081 33 55 438

Email: info@tuf.org.za

Website: http://www.tuf.org.za/

By Laurens Driessen

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