Thursday, February 22, 2018

365 Ubuntu Climbs & Dry Bath

Today we interviewed two great initiatives on Sakhisizwe!

First we spoke to Andrew Patterson from 365 Ubuntu Climbs, who will be hiking up Table Mountain every single day in 2018 to help raise money for three great non-profit organisations.

These three organisations are:

Habitat for Humanity to build homes and give people a basic right to safety.

One Heart For Kids to help teach children to read and get our literacy rate up to 100%

The Sunflower Fund to help increase their donor registry and give people a second lease on life

Everyone who makes a donation on his page, which is, is very welcome to join Andrew on one of his hikes.

Contact details:


And at half past 1 we spoke to Lungelo Goomedte, entrepreneur and head of operations at Dry Bath. Which is a company that creates a gel which people can use to wash themselves without the use of much water. Making it easier for people to save water in these times.

They are currently looking for people and companies to join them in their journey.

Contact details:

Phone: 084 7758 384

By Laurens Driessen

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