Wednesday, December 07, 2016


Today we spoke to Naeemah Simons the Author of the book called I Am A Survivor.

Naeemah is a Social Auxiliary Worker that discovered the passion for writing in high school. She felt she need to debrief herself in some way and that’s how the idea to start writing I am a survivor came about. Naeemah bestow her writing as a gift, as it is exhaling to her, it is an opportunity to connect with people and tell their stories.

I am a survivor is a non fiction book, that speaks about real life situations such as abuse, rape, drug misuse, teenage pregnancy ect. The moral of the book is that everyone is a survivor regardless of your situation / circumstances.

The cover of the book symbolizes: black is the cocoon that everyone is in with all the challenges that you face, the negativity in your life. And the butterfly is the positivism in your life and the day you break free.

The book is an easy read.

For more information or to get in touch contact:

Tel: 074 195 4317
Facebook: I am a survivor

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