Friday, December 02, 2016

Support Local Talent- Sakhisizwe Building


We spoke to Yonelisa Wambi his is a Soul Artist from Gugulethu. Yonelisa’s passion for music grow at a young age in church, where he then took on the roll of playing a guitar as that was the first instrument that pulled his attention.

His motivation is his love for music that he doesn’t want to stop doing what he loves; nature plays a roll as well and the face that he get to meet new people everyday.

Yonelisa is very humble and open to new things and he just has that excitement with in that he release through his music. Yonelisa writes his own music where he bring out the diversity he is part of a rainbow nation. The biggest influence in his life would be the people he meets in his everyday day life.

Shorty was performed live for the first time on Bush Radio 89.5FM by Yonelisa Wambi and this songs is targeted at all age groups and talks to the soul indeed.

The message that Yonelisa portray though his music is hope and a new mind as we are so court up in our own problems, where there is people living with us and we should build communities through forgetting all the negativity and focusing on the positive side of things.

IKasi Festive Kick Start will be hosting there event tomorrow 3 December 2016, at 16:00pm in Gugulethu Tankiso Hall where a variety of artist will perform such as Hip Hop artist, Dancers, Singers, Rusk Coffee, Trompie ect including Yonelisa will also be performing. A ticket goes for R20.00

For more information contact:

FaceBook: Yonelisa Wambi
Tel: 063 525 4425

By: Jasnine Roberts 

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