Friday, December 09, 2016


Today we spoke to Franklin Esau aka Frank E a facilitator/ life coach at the Smiling One Foundation about his new single released called Chucks featuring with Toya G and Mack.

Frank E is a Hip Hop artist originally from Elsies River that has used music as something where he can express himself in, hence music has become apart of him, he has learned a lot of things through music as to what you are exposed to in the everyday life. Music has become a tool on to pull him back from all the challenges that have presented themselves through out his life.

The inspiration behind the song Chucks is how he used to grow up, as chucks will always trend, it is about the community and how you need to take it back to where you came from. He then asked Toya G and Mack that is part of the youth that he has been grooming to collaborate with him. The song was created in the CMD, where he found Rocks Delton from UCT who documented his life story and shot the music video of the song chucks, as it is featured in Michell’s Plain, Belhar, Elsies River and Ocean View.

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