Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Today we spoke to Boet Patrick from Sonké Gender Justice, about the Gender Based Violence research findings that were done in Diepsloot on Monday in partnership with Witwaterrand University.

“Wits-Sonke study reveals alarming levels of men’s violence against women in Diepsloot “The survey was conducted with 2600 men in Diepsloot, which are between the ages of 18-40 years, who lives in shacks or single rooms the survey was done as part of the Sonk√© Change Trail, 56% of the men that done the survey have reported that they have either raped or beaten a woman.

The research showed that men that has experience abuse in there childhood were likely to use violence against woman in there adulthood. Some of the contributing factors are signs of alcohol and gender roles.

Boet Patrick also speaks about the motions around manhood that are embanked around the norms that are a warring factor, and what was also picked up is the exposure of young people to violence.  

This issue is not only affecting Diepsloot, but is a nation wide problem. Let’s take a stand against violence #CountMeIn.  

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