Wednesday, November 23, 2016


We spoke to Hazel Bowen from SA Association of Women Graduates, speaking to us about the documentary of Alison Botha’s traumatic incident that occurred in 1994.

The South African Association of Women Graduates is an affiliate of the International Federation of University Women and is a non profit organisation that is devoted to empower women. SA Association of Women Graduates, empowering women and girls through lifelong education for leadership, decision making and peace making platforms.

The film speaks about the brutal attack that occurred on December in 1994, where Alison was abducted by two men then raped, stabbed in the abdomen several times, disembowelled and her throat cut.  She was left for death, but somehow managed to find her way back to the road where she collapsed, when a car came across her body.

The screening of the documentary will take place the 26 November 2016, at 14:00 @ the Labia Theatre, 68 Orange Street, Cape Town.

The proceeds raised through the documentary will be utilised for a project called gender for creative writing for school going girls, the theme is around human rights and gender equality.

Book your tickets on quicket and tickets go for R65.00.

For more information contact:

Twitter: @SAAWG_ORG
Facebook: SAAWG.ORG
Tel: 021 447 8989

       082 851 0835

By: Jasnine Roberts

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