Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Today we spoke with Patricia Christian, Yolanda George and Lynette Oliver from New world Organisation that works in Lavender Hill and in the surroundings communities near Cape Town, they were telling us about their wonderful works and The Prevention In Action Campaign that will happen on the 3nd of December 2016.

The organisation Facilitate development and supports the people and the communities in Lavender Hill, the Prevention In Action Campaign is about prevent Violence Against Women and to have a large day long awareness raising event on the Blode Street open field in Lavender Hill referred to as the Battle Field. On that day the battle field will be transformed into a safe entertainment spaces with a stage with (2) well known entertainers.

If you want to support the initiative you are more welcome

For more information contact:

Website: www.NewWorldFoundation.
Tel: 021 701 1150
Mobile: 082 860 8101

By Donald Puza

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