Monday, November 28, 2016



We spoke to Leigh Goldschmidt Event Consultant at St. Luke’s Hospice speaking to us more about the Annual Tree Lights Ceremony.

“St Luke’s is about people touching people in a way that will hold them for a life time. The first touch of calming hand, the second a finger wipes away those tears, that warm embrace, that special smile, the reassuring glance, and that nod to say that it’s over now but that everything is going to be okay. The Hospice is a non-profit organisation that has been committed to serving the needs of the community of the Greater Cape Town area for over 30 years. They provide palliative nursing and medical care for over 900 patients with life-threatening illnesses, and support for their families.”

Tree of Lights Ceremony is being held this year for the 27th time. In the gardens of St.Lukes there will be a 5 storey pine tree, it is also the 2nd highest in the world. It is an event where family and friends can come together to remember their love ones.

The tree will be lit at 20:00pm. There will be a pop up market, where you can purchase this. Jeremy Olivier will also be part of the event.
The money that is raised will be utilized towards improving things for the patients at St.Luke’s Hospice.

The ceremony will start at 17:00 pm to 20:00 pm on the 4 December 2016.

For more information contact Leigh Goldschmidst:

Tel: 021 797 5335

       072 447 1600

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