Tuesday, October 18, 2016



Today i spoke to Rose Mac Kinnon from Missing Children SA.
Missing Children SA started in 2007, when the board saw a need after two children went missing and end up death. Missing Children SA helps locate children and adults all over South Africa.

Once a child or person goes missing you need to go to your nearest police station, with the most recent picture, information about the missing person such as what they were wearing, and you will also need to fill out a SAPS 55 form (missing persons form), however there is no waiting period before reporting someone missing.  

Missing Children SA will be having an awareness campaign on Saturday the 22 October 2016 in Pinelands by the Juliana Field, starts at 9:00am -15:00pm and there is no cost involve it is for the whole family.

Safety Tips:

Always keep an updated picture of your child.
Make sure your aware of your child’s where about at all times.
Know what your child is wearing.
Teach your children to scream and shout if anything happens.
Create a safe word that only you and your child know.

For more information:

Facebook: Missing Children SA
Twitter: @072missing
Email: info@missingchildren.org.za


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