Monday, October 31, 2016

Strokes don’t ask for age or gender –Sakhisizwe Building the Nation/ Bou die Nasie


Gabriel Eksteen Registered Dietitian from Heart and Stroke Foundation speaking to us more on Strokes, as Strokes week is celebrated from the 28 October to 3 November.

A stroke is also known as a “brain attack” and can injure the brain like a heart attack can injure the heart. It happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted. When that happens, part of the brain doesn’t get the blood and oxygen it needs, causing damage and results in the person experiencing the symptoms of stroke.

Strokes don’t ask for age or genders, meaning it can happen to anyone, some of the common facts are blood pressure is to high, diabetes, unhealthy lifestyles, your weight and when your heart beats to fast or to slow.

You can have fatal strokes, mini strokes before you have a bigger one. Strokes are treatable, so Gabriel advice you to get to the hospital as soon you experience a stroke to better your chances.

The theme this year is Face the Fact, strokes is treatable to better awareness access and action.
Agronomy Fast to help you look out for signs. F- Face (if you see the one side of there eye is tweaking or mouth drools, A- Arm (one arm is weaker than the other), S-Speech (when you speak with a slurp) and T- Time (get to the hospital asap)  

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