Monday, October 17, 2016

Today we spoke to Las from Down Syndrome Inclusive Education Foundation.
Down Syndrome Inclusive Education Foundation was established 6 years ago.  The foundation was started by a group of people who has children with down syndrome and want to bring inclusive education to children with disabilities.  There aim is to offer a wide range of resources to help parents and professionals to promote the development of people with Down Syndrome. The Foundation is networking with local and international special needs institutions and Down Syndrome associations.

In 2011, DSIEF partnered with the pre-primary school Noah’s Ark in Cape Town to pilot a project for children with Down Syndrome based on a curriculum called the EARLY IMPACT programme. EARLY IMPACT models international best practice integrating children with Down syndrome in a mainstream class; and providing additional developmental and educational support through the use of special learn concepts, trained assistants and professional therapists. 
DSIEF will be having a cycle tour so if you want more information or to participate contact:

Facebook: DSIEF
Tel: 021 712 5552

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