Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday – Health Related


Today we spoke to Megan Pentz Kluyts a Dietician about National Nutrition Week, which runs from the 9-15 October.

National Nutrition Week forms part of a global initiative, the theme this year is love your beans. So much nutrition advice is centred on what we need to eat less of, but when it comes to pulses the message is about eating more! This year, theUnited Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) has declared that 2016 is the‘International Year of Pulses’, promoting pulses as nutritious seeds for a sustainable future.

Beans are important in your diet. Such as beans, peas, lentils, dry beans, split peas, and Soya. You can include beans in your diet up to four times a week. This initiative is also a way to save money and look after your health as well. Get involve on the twitter chat that will take place on Wednesday, go on the website for more details.

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