Monday, October 31, 2016

Know Your Body- Sakhisizwe Building the Nation/ Bou die Nasie.

Professor Michael C Herbst Health Specialist from Cancer Association South Africa (CANSA) spoke to us more about the importance of Cancer.

Know your body, so you know how to compare yourself over each week. Stand in front of a mirror and observe yourself. Red flags could be any change in colour, any rash in the skin, in the shape of the body, any change in your appearance of your breast and in the colour of your urine. Your first detection would be your own monthly examine, going for a mammogram from the age of 40 years regularly.

Reduce the risk of cancer by watching what you put in your body, eg: do not smoke, get the necessary help, whether it is the e-cigarette, hubble pipe and snuff ect, abstain from the use of alcohol and stay out of the sun from 10am to 3pm to avoid melanoma which is more common in people of colour and avoid process food/ meat, drink clean fresh water.  

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