Friday, October 14, 2016


#Local is lekker.

Today I spoke to Cordiel Nathan Witbooi a young talented 24 year old gentleman, from a small town Worcester about how his love for music started. He was so humble and inspiring to speak to, such a wise old soul on him.

He’s found the love for music at the age of 7 years. The person that made the biggest influence in his life would be his late mom that died when he was only nine years old.  

Cordiel has performed with Lukmaan Adams, done productions and was also one of SA’s Got Talent contestants.

After the talent show, that is when his journey only began, as he believe “There is a plan and purpose for everything when the time is right”  

Cordiel will have a show at the 18 November and December.

For more contact details contact him on:

Facebook: Cordiel Nathan Witbooi

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